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I’LL FIND MY OWN WAY! | Mystery Art Supplies | ArtSnacks+ Unboxing

Hi today, we’re gonna be diving into this month’s Art Snacks Plus Box Mm. We’re gonna open it up, find out what’s inside and try to make some art with the contents. Let’s take a look. ♪ Alright, so inside you have a little bubble wrap bag and inside that bubble wrap bag, we have these things. This is a menu listing the art supplies that are exclusive to the Art Snacks plus and then this is the menu that lists the art supplies that are in the regular Art Snacks Box for the month. So this is an Art Snacks Plus exclusive. The set of four Faber Castell Pitt artist pens. All in the color black and there are four different sizes. The four nibs, we have brush, soft brush, soft calligraphy and one five which is a bullet. The other exclusive item is this watercolor paper. It’s 8 by 8 inches and I really like this brand. It’s 100% cotton Oh and it’s actually a watercolor block, which means it is sealed on both sides, which is to help protect from warping while you use it directly inside of this pad and then when you’re done, you can remove it and you’ll have a new sheet underneath So it looks like we’re gonna be maybe working with water or watercolor. Although I’ve yet to see anything yet. [Laughs] besides the paper so maybe there’s something in here. Okay, what are these beasts? Faber Castell watercolor marker. Okay. I like how the marker flutes on both ends This is the color indanthrene blue. Is that how you say that? One side is a brush I’m guessing bullet. Yeah bullet on the other and then we also have one in the color India red. You can see Same nibs. There’s also a pencil inside this box. A water soluble one. Ooh, I don’t know if we’re gonna want to mix that in. It’s like a graph – It’s a water soluble graphite, and usually those are kind of muddy looking but maybe if we erase it first and then apply the watercolor on top, It’ll be less obtrusive [Laughs] What is this thing? But look at the end of it, can you see that? That looks so funny. Get outta here. So this is the Zig Clean Color Dot in the color platinum. So one side has a very small bullet nib and the other has this funny little ball. It’s like a… I’ve never seen a marker… With that on the end. It’s like a blob. I don’t know. So it looks like it’s for doing some kind of dot. So you can see like on this side, there’s a graphic that says it’s a 0.5mm bullet and then on this side There’s these big dots. We have the sticker. It’s not the cutest thing in the world. [Laughs] and finally! Like you can’t even – it’s like an invisible. Do you see it? Do you see it in there? It’s a [Swoosh] A paintbrush! So this is a No.2 round Princeton Glacier paintbrush. You can see how fine point that is! If it wasn’t made out of a brush, it could cut you. I bet that’s why it’s called glacier, ’cause it kind of looks like it’s made of ice and that’s everything in this month’s box. I’m kind of… hmm. Let me dive into the literature here. Oh, these are actually filled with India ink. I didn’t know that. Traditional India ink, pigmented, very light fast and can last over 25 years, waterproof so you can use those for like line art and then we can use the watercolor art supplies on top of that. Blend your strokes with water to create soft and vibrant watercolor washes. So apparently with a water soluble pencil, you can actually erase it after it dries. We’re gonna have to test that because I don’t think that’s always worked with some pencils I could be wrong but if that’s the case, that’d be kind of cool. Let’s go ahead and move into our watercolor block and really swatch the crap outta these supplies, since this is supposed to be heavy duty paper. Go ahead and use these first, so that we can test if when they dry, they don’t smudge. I didn’t know they had India ink in them because these might be really handy when InkTober comes around and I get out my inks. for like finer details and things like that. Oh, yep, that’s, that’s squishy. [Laughs] Able to have a lot more variation in your line width with that one. Then this is the soft calligraphy. So it’s got a bit of a chisel to it, but it’s soft so you can like vary it as you go. Gotta try out this funky dot thing. yeah, so I guess you just… Oh, you can – Oh it’s squishy! So you can do different sizes. That’s about as small as you can go and then… That’s about as big as you can go. That’s a lot of variation, I’d say. This fun. I don’t know how you would use it like like in practice. But look how many dots I did. Adding details to this. Okay. This is definitely water-based. Just you can tell by the way it’s layering and kind of scratchy with the paper. Doesn’t glide as much as like alcohol based inks. Okay, that’s interesting We’ll have to see how that interacts with like the water supplies, the watercolor markers because if these… [Tap,tap,tap] Lift that, even after it’s dry, I’m not entirely sure how I’m gonna use that. I also don’t really care for the color. Let’s see – Well, let’s swatch them first. Okay [Marker cap clicks on] It’s like a burnt red kind of color. Making it fine points too. [Marker cap clicks on] Then if we use some water on this with our new paintbrush. ♪ This is a dark blue. Now we’re really limited in our art supplies here. So I think it’s gonna take a little bit of creativity to figure out what to do with these. Well, that looks kind of cool. I was like spreading water down and then the color actually like would spread upwards to where there wasn’t any. let’s see what happens with the dark dot marker Okay, it doesn’t lift after it dries, good. What about these? Okay, that’s look like smudging a little but we might just have to wait for it to dry a little bit more ’cause it is India ink and India ink is a bit of a slow drying… Medium, but even after, what it’s been like two minutes maybe, maximum, it’s not spreading too much. Oh, I’d never mentioned that there was a snack in the art snacks box. It’s a little cherry dum dum pop. Kinda feel like eating is right now. Maybe it’ll fuel some creativity. What if I dip it in here and try to draw with it? [Laughs] Oh, yeah, I didn’t try this pencil! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Pencil. Throw some water on there. Ooooh. You know what? That might be the art supply we want to use the most of I do want to see what happens when it dries, if you can erase like it said but if we make an illustration that’s rendered with pencil We
can get different tones by the amount of water we add and then use the colors and maybe the dots as just like accents of some kind. So while that’s drying, I’m just gonna like test out the art supplies like in practice and just see what happens with that rendering idea We’ll just go in and throw something in here ♪ Maybe someone kinda scrunched. ♪ Something like this. Maybe bring this arm down. It’s so strange, lately I’ve been having small head syndrome and I’ve suffered from big head syndrome. Like for the last ten years, so I don’t know what happened but um, it’s, it’s, that’s what’s happening! It’s funny I actually get a lot of comments for like you never eat the candy! So this is for those guys, I guess. Let’s go ahead and try and make the head proportionate. ♪ Something doesn’t – Something seems really stiff about this. I think it’s with the back. I need to pull this knee more. Uh-huh. It does not erase very well when it’s dry so I don’t
know how much better you could get away with this Let me see. That doesn’t really erase, you lied to me! Brush your pencil marks with water and watch them melt onto the paper, once dry, you can use an eraser to add highlights. I mean maybe it’s not dry. Maybe this isn’t an eraser Hmm, maybe it’s not dry. Give it the benefit of the doubt, but it’s not even really erased when it is dry here So hmm. I’m gonna try a second sketch layer up on this. See if I can loosen it up. ♪ I think I had it in about the right spot. I’m using this reference here, Jean Seberg been showing up on my Pinterest feed a lot. I guess ‘ cause that movie’s coming out. Now I’m stealing her pose! Mwhahahah! Alright, I think that works out I don’t know if it’s any better than the first pass but it has more time in it [Laughs] This has got to be dry but, you know, will you erase? No. [Laughs] I’ve been lied to! Alright, so I’m not gonna be able to really do quite what I thought I was going to do. So luckily we tested that, otherwise I would have been really bummed when we like we’re actually doing the illustration. Put this hand here ish. Does this work on this? I mean it’s sort of erasing a little bit. But only where it’s super dark and that’s probably not where I’m going to need to erase, you know, ’cause I’m probably going to be thinking consciously to make it lighter where I want it to be light and then I would just need this for highlights, but it doesn’t quite pop in the way I want it to. Just throw the face in here. So basically my idea before this didn’t quite work out,. I’m gonna still go through it just to see if maybe it works better than I think it’s going to because maybe it just needs to be darker if I want it to erase. So just use a lot more of the pigment from this pencil. I also don’t know what happens if you use the watercolor marker directly on this pencil. Not much. [Laughs] Let’s
go ahead, drop this little paintbrush in a little bit of water and see what I can do with the face. So like if I’m out the lips darker we’ll smudge that around maybe the eyebrows. It’s kinda interesting, you can get like little strokes and it looks like pencil. (But I’m using a paintbrush) and then when that dries, you’re supposed to be able to erase for some highlights but we will see. Oh, you know what I haven’t used, I haven’t used these things Shoot totally forgot about these. Oh! That didn’t go into any of the planning. This is kind of cool for like these stripes. I can create almost like a checkerboard… Plaid pattern. There we go, I added some tone with the water. It’s crazy how well that kind of works, but It’s not really the vibe I usually go for. Then
I thought for these you could do some kind of accent But now I kind of lost my urge. Maybe just tone up some colors. Not sure. I’m not feeling entirely inspired by the colors, I guess and we also have this thing Like how am I supposed to use this? [Laughs] Then we have the watercolor block which makes me think we should be using a lot of water to really test it. Ooh, here we go. This is an interesting way to add more blue. Hmm what if we sketch something with this? It’s a bit too chunky, isn’t it? Then when we add water, it’ll stretch out the blue ♪ Kind of similar effect of what happened here except without muddy gray. I’m just not a huge fan of like graphite color. I think that’s what’s really turning me off about this whole thing. So.. Maybe we just need to focus more on the colors, and maybe the solid black of the liners. ♪ Herr, I bet if we add water before the brush dries, we can smudge that out a bit. I don’t know, this is all just kind of messy. Not really my preferred style. The way I would probably do it if I don’t want to be too creative – [Laughs] Would be to just sketch with the pencil and then erase that slightly Which is all you can do, really. [Laughs] Then use the artist pens for some a line art ♪ Then when that dries, I can go over it with some color and maybe even like just mix these straight with water, throw in some blue. That way I can sort of mix the color and just use it like straight up watercolor. ♪ That looks so good on this paper. The paper really handles the washes so beautifully even when there’s a lot of water mixed in. Maybe use straight blue for these earrings. Mm something like that. That would be my gut instinct and it’s what I would be most familiar with and I do think it works pretty well, but I feel like it’s not using – I don’t – I mean, I was gonna say it’s not using the full potential of the watercolor marker But like what is the full potential of a watercolor marker? Like how are you supposed to use it? Do the same thing again, but with the red. I wish the pencil erased a little bit more than that. Ooh, but we work with what we got! ♪ Look at that man. [Laughs] I gotta celebrate every time I draw a dude that it doesn’t look absolutely repulsive, because for a long time, that’s all I could muster, you know. It’s a small victories. You can also mix it to get purple And that way we have three colors. ♪ I do think this shows off the paper a little bit better because I’m mixing this with a decent amount of water and it’s… Handling it really nicely and the pigment sits on it. Huhuha use this for shading. Mm-hmm Interesting, interesting. Can layer it to as it dries. I forgot to give him clothes. So I just had to make do. She looks absolutely disgusted by him. Still haven’t used this thing. ♪ Works really well for patterns these are definitely the most my style and it’s because it’s kind of following most similarly to my process which makes a lot of sense I like the idea of one character being blue one character being red and maybe if they’re like interacting in some way you’ll see the blue on one side the red on the other side and then in another place, blue on one side red on the other So if I drew like a thumbnail, what if we had like two characters, make them kind of lovey dovey. [Laughs] That way like this is an arm coming around would be one color, then this character would be a different color. like a prom photo! Could follow the theme of this and make it sort of 1950’s inspired. Oh! Yeah, if it’s 1950s we could give her like a polka dot housewife dress situation and we could give him like polka dot pants or something and then we can do it in like this sort of style with the line art and the color washes Do we want the girl to be blue or red? So maybe if we – Oh, but I have red on here we’ll use red for now . [Laughs] #lazyartist And use the polka dots, I guess. Think I’d probably leave the girl blue just because this is a very cool gray color. If it was a warmer gray – Actually what we could try, is layer this only on the dots Use dots as a stencil and then fill them in [Laughs] She looks like she’s holding this giant head That’s really weird [Laughs] and then if I’m drawing the characters a lot bigger, I think we will have more… opportunity to use this. I’m like itching to start the next page but I like wanna take advantage of this before I pull it off the block. Like if there’s anything else they want to test out. What if we gave them a child that’s painted with this color? Would that be just too cute or I mean it’s a little gray for a child. [Laughs] Yeah, but the way they like mix together and create a new color. Aww! I mean, it’s kinda like a pretty little purple, like a very muted light purple. How do we… Get this off, it said it comes off easily. Probably supposed to wait for it to dry before removing it if we really want no buckle, but since it’s just a swatch page. Not too concerned. There we go. Got it off. Now we have a brand new sheet. It’s a really good opportunity to use this guy too. That’s not till the next step. Alright, let’s jump in. I’m going to use the pencil and I’m gonna try and be really light with this just because it doesn’t erase the most Ones looking down, ones looking more up. The feet would need to hit here. I don’t want them any lower than that. That’s the point of no-return! Not the tallest people on the planet, but neither am I. I guess we could have them holding hands like here. There’s space for that I think little heels would be cute. I think his head’s too big. Let me try shrinkin’ that down. He looks kinda angry. Shoot, shoot, shoot. There’s always that point of like un-comfort. Discomfort? Discomfort. There’s always that point of discomfort in a piece. Sometimes you just got pushed through it. Sometimes it means you need to make a change But I’m not seeing what I need to do. I think what I liked about these, was they’re all a little bit more simple and like this face is a little over rendered compared to these and I really like these. So maybe that’s the change I need to make. No, no, no. [Laughs] No, no no, no. Maybe bigger eyes? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, noooo! That’s more a similar vibe to these. Now she’s doing like a shy, look away sort of situation He looks a little too… No, I’m not gonna use that word. Angry. We’ll just stick with angry I’m gonna raise the eyebrows up a little to give it a more innocent look. There you go I don’t draw two characters interacting all that often. So, I’m really trying to make it make sense. [Laughs] Erase it. So we can add line-art. Try and keep it kind of simple I guess. Simple shapes. Not quite fine enough. I could try and use the brush if I want to get… Finer points, but at this point I kind of like the even look of all the line-art being kind of the same. So I think I’ll stick with it for now. Should I get this shoe to actually look like a shoe? Not just a blob! I think [Laughs] Now this hand back here, which looks something like this, would be a little bit thumb up there. Then Fingers. Ta-da! So basically they have to be hand-holding which is the hardest hands to draw. If I go back to the pencil. Think her hand should come down this way a little which means his is coming up like this. Does that make sense? [Short laugh] Do I want them like this? Like this, like this. Ooh, that’s awkward. I think that works. There you go. I think dis works. I could also even throw her hand up here ♪ Now I try erase as much of this as possible You don’t want it interacting with the colors. Next up is to mix some colors. The red really won me over here. So I’m thinking she might get to be red and he’s blue. Spray a little water in there. Mix it all up. This scarf does not match the dress I gave her. [Laughs] I wasn’t thinking. Like I gave her a scarf in her hair and a scarf around her neck like she’s dressed for school She’s wearing like a super fancy dress I’m living with those consequences [Chortle] and then I want the hair to be a darker red. [Marker squeaking on palette] I’m just gonna take a little bit of water from the already red and add it to this. It should hopefully be darker. Yes, it is! Ooh, look at that color, whoa! It;s kinda cute I really like the thick line-art with the flat color style. That’s exactly what I was going for. The more marker, like ink, that’s not desaturated with water, the more like grainy it looks. I don’t know if that’s obvious I can kind of feel it, especially when I’m trying to smoosh it around with a paintbrush Alright, should we switch over to the blue for now? Oh, I should’ve done blue first ’cause I’m right-handed. That was stupid. These are things you are supposed to think about, you know [Laughs] What do we want to be blue? Could follow like the same sort of theme with her. Color in like the tie and the hair. Might darken that up. Got to find a way to like maybe add a little bit more shading down here. Since there’s gonna be a lot less light. Whether that’s layering it again once it’s dry or maybe using the graphite from the pencil. Oh, wait his little fingers back here. Just add a little color. I think I want to color this collar section with a straight brush pen. I think that gets it a bit of a vintagey vibe. Maybe darken the bottom half of the hair. So it doesn’t look like such an old man and then we get try and darkened down here, too. The only regret was adding a little shading to his temple. Other than that, it’s looking pretty good. We do have to add the polka dots to her dress and I think I’m gonna do that thing where I layered it with the red on top just to warm up the gray. Okay, let’s grab our little dot tool. Blahblah, just try to keep them pretty separated I guess ♪ Try to keep them a cohesive size. It’s hard when he gets the edges. Soon we’ll have a nice pattern There we go. [Laughs] Next up is layering the red on the dots. This is gonna take a little while. ♪ Some are darker than others What I might be able to do is use like that purple color by mixing the two And use that for a little bit of shading down here. ♪ I think I’m gonna use this straight red for the shoe. Oh, yeah. I like that. It’s not quite enough contrast right here with that scarf. So maybe I will darken up this hair with this as well. Okay now kind of light some kind of background like a heart or maybe dots since we have dots in here but I was thinking if there’s like a circle behind them and then I colored this half of the circle red and this half of the circle blue and maybe it’ll be purple in the middle. I don’t know. I dunno. [Laughs] I’m gonna need a lot of this. Probably a bigger paintbrush too. For this to look it’s best or we could go with a really pastel color. I’m just freehand this though because I’m living on the edge. That should do it. That should do it. ♪ I guess I didn’t need as much as I thought I would [Laughs] Then add the blue. Twist this around. Picture a circle. Freehand that baby. ♪ This one’s a little bit more streaky, I think it’s because I didn’t use as much water Now what about this section right here. Should we go purple or just sort of mix them as we go? Instead of mixing the purple earlier. It’s a thing [Laughs] Oh, what if I used black for her waist, then it brings out the black in like his jacket thingy. I dunno, I feel like it just needs my black. That’s what I’m thinkin’. Maybe make this black. Front part gray. So that it’s not too – [Laughs] blendy in with the back piece. There we go! The circle symbolizes the clock with the lines and the dots telling them how much time they have before the date is over. Oooh, I dunno, I’m just making stuff up. It’s cute. Definitely limited by the art supplies with this one. So here’s what I came up with but I don’t think I’m gonna go out and buy more colors of this, not really something… Like I don’t know what the benefit really is for these versus regular watercolors because like, I kind of just turned them into regular watercolors Obviously you can do these sort of things but like Mmm, and you can like use the brush tip color in like the shoe that I did there. I want to thank you guys for watching. I’ll have more information about Art Snacks in the description. I want to thank Art Snacks are sending me this box to try out and share with you guys I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full waffles. Bye! ♪

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    My husband, ladies and gentlemen lol

  40. Wtf someone at art snacks doesnt know much about graphite. Once wet it stays. Kinda why watercolor artists use really hard graphite or not at all. Smh

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