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Ilias Kanchan’s Pistol at Airport নায়ক ইলিয়াস কাঞ্চনের পিস্টল

Geoffrey Chaucer says, “If gold rusts, what
shall iron do?” Similarly, if airport arms detection fails,
what shall other securities in Bangladesh do? To search the problem, a probe body has been
formed over the incident of Ilias Kanchan whose luggage containing a licensed pistol
passed undetected at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. However, the committee will scrutinise CCTV
footages and other relevant materials to ascertain how the former film star passed through the
scanner undetected. Ilias has been a champion of road safety issues. He said he was flying from Dhaka to Chittagong
last evening. The first checkpoint failed to detect his
gun. He said, “I realised I had a gun in my laptop
bag at the body checking point. I surrendered it following due procedures
before flight”. Ilias had a licensed 9mm pistol with nine
live rounds. He produced legal documents of possession
and received back the firearm at Chittagong. He said again “I forgot about my pistol. When I came to the body checking point, I
remembered about it and informed the authorities about it myself”. However, Deputy Director Beni Madhab said
the gun was “detected at the second checkpoint”. He added “I have heard that he passed the
first checkpoint undetected. His gun was detected at the second point—the
anti-hijacking point”. Just on 24 February, a youth was killed in
commando action after he attempted to hijack a plane at Shah Amanat International with
“a toy gun”. Later, 5 staff of Civil Aviation Authority
of Bangladesh were suspended when issue of a toy gun passing through the airport raised
a major debate. Thanks for watching.

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