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If Zimmerman Didn’t Have a Gun Would Trayvon Martin Be Alive?

in the stores and retrieve landmark case you know the jury will decide if their
men is guilty of second-degree murder or not the jury is literally out on that we
don’t know but i’ve been in yet but made when the
trial starts will find out but there’s one thing that i’m sure and one thing that i know is that and that’s the dot gun owners a gun rights advocates will
flip out and they will skip that stupid stupid old-line about guns don’t kill people people kill
people now i think is actually a great case
that totally this proves that number one based on everything we know about
tourism if he didn’t have died on the back them
up when he achieves separate ray brown
martin all witness testimony appears to
indicate this in a minute was not a particularly brave soul and so he so scared all my god these
black people are always here at several knees along so wins or whatever you said
although i got only but he’s got a god he’s got a gun is gonna charge ahead
casinos i got a guy could kill let’s put that aside for a sec let’s say that was our man is a
confessing sins tradeline is uh… dangerous possible criminal etcetera and he’s the greatest an oral and he’s
going to chase after mister but he doesn’t have it you know what happens their asl back-and-forth they get a couple scratches as they have soon may have some scratches and
tradevman apparently had that you know an injury to his hand and they both go and breaks it up ally it definitely does it and with
someone dying big doesn’t and was someone dying unless
there’s a gun but there’s a gun so treadwell pulls out
the guy i’m sorry sir im pulls out the gun interest-rate monday there would’ve been nobody did tray one
what would be alive today if it weren’t for the got there aren’t right by stabbings guns make a difference they make killing
people much much he’s even that’s part of their point now i know gun rights items again will
forget what you were understood i’d have to squelch hahaha derived until the year first light on the lead i don’t buy believe a ten percent
governors are on thurs of another other ninety percent never go
hungry at all these issues as as an excuse several let’s say you’re right let’s say
a hundred percent of the gun owners are are probably simmons about hunting deer
so with ms uh… okay if my hobby killed people have a fantasy
football ninety that’s my favorite hobby if uh… because i’ve lol tennessee football kids dot all over the country i’d say hey you know what maybe i should
reconsider principal pple but there’s a global doesn’t kill people
guns five-year bullets that killed people mckay either i get that through your state
head blooming between the two of those
melanie kill people all the time all right so they do kill people all the
time and i know that there are people within our own audience that haiti
really talk about these high no was sad day for us so that sucks but it’s not
let’s give you a little bit of evidence to make our case men so and that’s understands these control
prevention and had an idea of uh… agood survey to get an idea of how
the people died because of guns are every year the lack of last year they did this was
in two thousand ninety here’s what they found in two thousand i’m there were eleven
thousand four hundred ninety three homicides uh… and these are all
gun-related deaths ok uh… eighteen thousand seven hundred thirty-five
suicides five hundred fifty-four accidental deaths but total of thirty
one thousand three hundred forty-seven gun deaths but guns don’t kill people you know i’m sure all those who want to
die anyway if they were attacked with uh… staplers or pillows they should go on spire bullets they’re
going to people and kill them if you just sent back so that depends
upon the ball killed five hundred fifty-four people a day accident
accident army year accidentally i say hey maybe we should get control of
this thing it’s out of control k if that was the only deaths let alone the thirty one thousand other
sprayed but no no no no no no because bc canada political argument where it is
an outsider down so that i get that i i don’t want to be in your hunt
the ac seven idea about the night he should be able up the rent guns and go
on a hot what the down side is house of people behind every year
because of your heart so icy upside downside i’m not sure but
it’s worth it buddy in you know in the rest of the world there
can be no compromise every issues black-and-white so what gun rights
advocates will say is farrar don’t cause problems ad all those accidents they back up it’s a conflict i don’t know i don’t
know what insane raising the may company well he’ll see will put this video might
be what you don’t understand contemplated not big on the colorado and
i plan thirty four people dead that deadpool because also because i think
that there are way down the street boats that
ill people that’s their job do you want to do something unusual
according to individuals and joe exploring every year saying that you
know how i am when it comes to and control three people still have the
ability to uh… go hunting i don’t know if we should make them a
rent the guns right there should be got ownership in the country and not against
that but i think that there should be more
regulation because guns have run amok in this country and americans are addicted
to it it’s like become part of our culture and just to give you an idea of
that i was reading about that the united
states and you know how the united states compares to other countries when
it comes to guide ownership and i read somewhere that the u_s_ it comes in
number two after yemen those lights ease roberts who after yemen that’s
crazy wanted more research now might know u_s_a_ is number one on t_v_ the numbers uh… in the united states that ninety
god’s per one hundred people in yemen sixty-one guns per one hundred people
clawing empty yemen’s as to how many people get murdered prime things just
because we have so many companies propose that we would have gotten so all
these thousands of people back again sometime yes one of them i provide more evidence in the united
states that people by four point five million gallons out of the eight million
that are manufactured each year chases cracks that and if that was enough evidence for you
know uh… when it comes to american children there are eleven times more
likely to die in it dot accident that and other developed countries the
eleven times more likely look this is a cousin and on this and and and and they
had this factory in okay but give me in all the last defense of
the gun owners as you’d understand liberty and i need to protect my family okay what if a robber comes in this
place now only have a machete a bad and several sharp not what it birthday so i need to have a gun or newsy center
no no you are so much more likely accidentally header case i would i go then some missed mythical robert coming
into your going to be a hero and you’re going to be a ira men you’re gonna shoot him immunity so often
called a reason a lot of univie john wayne or you’re not okay it is far more likely that you’re
going to be a jackass believes has gone out there an excuse gonna pick it up and while your kids to be a shot in fact it is the court of those numbers in eleven times more likely bennett
other developed countries for your case the died because you dumbass had a gun in the house now go ahead get really really angry and coming out on the stand when i have
will the numbers behind

100 thoughts on “If Zimmerman Didn’t Have a Gun Would Trayvon Martin Be Alive?

  1. Yes he would because he wouldn't act like a vigilante and put both of him and Trayvon in a life or death situation.

  2. doubt it. he carrys a pistol. one thing youll never see is asians in rehabs or a black in a gun store. your black panther thug white hating threats will be adressed. you are anti america, anti white, anti 1st and 2nd amendment, and you want nothing more than to have you thugs run everything like the law of the jungle. WAKE UP.


  4. You need to wake up it's clear you have no life and no friends and feel that trolling is the only way you'll earn anything in life as well as spreading ignorance that America needs to get rid of, you are just an example.

  5. dont look like a car thief in a neighborhood where cars have been robbed alot and run away with a hoodie up and you wont get the cops called. any idiot would assault the guy too to make it worse. then finally get shot for being stupid. idk why this case is even such a big deal honestly.

  6. this guy clearly just wants guns banned. cuz hes not allowed to buy one. probably has felonies. he sais zimman just pulled out the gun and shot him dead for no reason. bullshit. on all levels. bullshit. fuck TYT he also thinks most people think that bullets only kill animals. and not humans. this guy has no concept of reality.

  7. wait wait waitttt a minute. did you see the injuries to the back of zimmermans head? one or two more hits and he could have died. it doesnt take alot to kill someone by hitting there head.



  10. Why did Zimmerman refuse a hospital moron. Why are there no open abrasion? How could Zimmerman pull his gun out if he was beaten down so bad?

    Have you been into a fight before your entire life because if you are knocked to the ground then the struggle is over there is no way you can still have your head in the right place to remember your gun was in your holster and you wouldn't have the strength to stop your attacker from getting it.

  11. If you were in Trayvon's shoes in the same situation you would be just as scared. It is not the responsibility of the suspect to dress up in clothes that needs to be more normal it's the responsibility of the watchman who is about to take action, you weren't there to know who threw the first punch so saying Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman without Trayvon speaking in his defense is biased and stupid.

  12. I'm wondering why the black on black gun murders in Chicago don't get the kind of press that this one particular killing did. I differentiate murder and killing because unlike this Trayvon Martin killing, we actually know many innocent victims in Chicago, were murdered (hence innocent). But no, because of this special black sympathy political correctness thing, that gets no press.

    And to answer the title question, yes because Zimmerman could've had a knife, a night stick, or a taser. The end.

  13. people kill people. A gun is just an object or a tool. Someone has to actually pick it up, load it and pull the trigger with their finger to fire it. So Cenk let me get this straight, George gun just jumped out of his holster and shot Trayvon? Yes I agree a gun sole purpose is to facilitate deadly force but in the end its still a tool.

  14. Cenk, you can mock all you want on people do not think like you, that's your right enshrined in the constitution. In the same constitution is enshrined the right to bear arms, SO! i don't have to be a "hunter", an "sportman" or what any other reason you invent to execise that right. Is a RIGHT under the ACTUAL constitution.
    Under you "logic" the cars should be banned, you know how many people dies in the roads?.

  15. White Americans and White Canadians have the same gun crime rate. White people can live well with guns perfectly fine.

  16. So Cenk wants the American government, who murdered 600,000+ people in the past decade alone, to be the only ones with guns?

  17. Cenk, why not mention that young Black men are 3% of the American population and commit 51% of all gun murders. Oh, it doesn't fit your agenda.

  18. He would possibly be dead or seriously hurt. He had every right to defend himself as the jury also acknowledged.

  19. You have to be stupid to think Zimmerman would've actually died. How many people die from guns compared to fists that's a question you should be looking at.

  20. If the beating was so one sided then Zimmerman couldn't have pulled his gun outanyone who took the same amount of beating Zimmerman claimed he did would've been knocked out or nearly knocked out and he couldn't have been conscious enough to keep Trayvon from grabbing his gun. I've watched fights and practice martial arts Zimmerman is no fighter there is no way he could've been able to grab his gun.

  21. If he didn't then the whole incident wouldn't have happened. He caused the situation to happen because he wanted to catch Trayvon if you were in the same situation as Trayvon you would act the same way.

  22. I can assure you if someone was following me I would not sucker punch him nor would I then beat the piss out of him while he cried for help.

  23. He only need one arm free to grab his gun. The beating is corroborated by physical evidence and eye witness testimony. Just the facts. And I'm a big mma fan myself.

  24. What if he didn't identify himself and tried to grab you, btw Zimmerman couldn't have called for help since he said it himself Trayvon covered his nose and mouth.

  25. Then why in Zimmermans words did Trayvon only use one arm to try and grab the gun. Physical evidence doesn't show Zimmerman having open abrasions and there was no dna on Trayvons hands from Zimmermans blood. If you watch MMa you would know that fighters who get knocked down and beaten up always have their faces covered, Zimmerman never mentioned he covered his face which means he didn't try to stop the hitting which also means he wouldn't have been conscious enough to get his gun.

  26. He covered his mouth after Zimmerman got his head behind grass. Zimmerman grabbed his gun when Trayvon lifted one had off his mouth because he thought Trayvon was reaching for it, which he very well may have been.

  27. As a fight fan, you probably know that:
    -Having a broken nose can make it hard to breathe because blood can flow down your throat
    -some people can absorb dozens of punches without showing visible damage, visible damage doesn't necessarily reflect how severe a beating was
    -Trayvon was dominating from a dominant position
    -the back of the head is banned from being stuck to prevent brain injuries
    -athleticism and skill matter way more than weight
    -screaming something like 'help' = tapping out

  28. My big issue with Cenk is that he knows nothing of fighting yet he acts like he does. When the story broke he actually claimed that no way could Trayvon have been winning because Zimmerman weighed so much more.

  29. You have no experience in fighting what's soever unlike you I don't just watch the fights I also have practiced them.

    -If what you say is true then my point exactly he can't call for help if he can't breath well and he would've unlikely had the strength to be able to wrestle the gun away from Trayvon.

    -Zimmerman is not a fighter and is not physically fit like one to stay conscious after getting punched and head bashed.

    -Everything you've said proved my point.

  30. Zimmerman claims he pinched it off him when he tried to grab it with one hand why would Trayvon use just one hand and not the other to get the gun and why would Trayvon who was winning the fight not knocked out Zimmerman first before taking his gun. A witness claimed Trayvon was doing MMA which means if Trayvon was dominating then Zimmerman would've been knocked out in the losing side of the fight like more professional fighters do.

  31. My dude, you're grasping at straws here. A witness corroborated zimmerman's account of the assault. He also corroborated that zimmerman called for help multiple times and there's audio of it. Sorry but that trumps the shit out of your pet theories that zimmerman couldn't have stayed conscious/ called for help/ grabbed his gun. Think logically, don't be like cenk.

  32. You are the one who is not thinking logically since you absolutely don't know what happens when you get knocked down in a fight have you ever even been into a fight.

    You even brought up some shit that supports the fact Zimmerman couldn't have called for help. There was no dna traces of Zimemrmans blood on Trayvons hands and in those photos there was no open abrasions on the back of his head and there was no medic present at the time. His story has too many holes.

  33. or Zimmeran could be dead. The complex had over 40 break ins in one month. his cell phone had pictures of jewels on his bed cash watches and nude underage girls.

  34. drug gangs first the night Trayvon was killed ten deaths occurred in Chicago the night by July 4th 2013 Chicago downtown not one word about the 750,000 street run drug gangs. Yemen uses exsplosives. check your facts the per captia death rate in England Australia and Canada. for guns deaths. It doesn't stop crimininals. The background system in place now checked 770,000 guns purchases turned down about 1700 caught 440 felons charged 17 only 4 went to jail and got early release.

  35. This guy is an asshole.

    If Zimmerman didn't have a gun, then Zimmerman would be dead.

    trayvon 'skittles' martin would be convicted for murder.

  36. Guns kill people.
    Knives kill people.
    Rope kills people.
    Cars kill people.
    Chemicals kill people.
    Drugs kill people.
    Alcohol kills people.
    Sticks kill people.
    Almost anything can be used as a weapon to kill people.
    Should we also ban scissors from schools and baseball bats from games? People can kill each other very easily without guns so should I be banned? It takes a person to bring a gun into the situation in which its used. If the gun did it, Zimmerman is innocent.

  37. Cenk, let's get it clear:

    If Zimmerman didn't have a gun, Trayvon would have killed him. One less deranged druggie and petty criminal in this world – that's Trayvon – should be a cause for happiness rather than sadness. No worries, eh?

  38. Well to be fair, you said that those people wouldn't get killed if there wasn't a gun involved. When the UK banned guns, gun violence went down but the rate of stabbings shot up. No pun intended.

  39. You also have to look at population, compare the US to other developed nation that have 50-60 million people max. The US is the 3rd most populous country in the world with 315,000,000 people not counting the 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in the country. So obviously the statistics are going to be higher since there is way more people here. Just a point, a few weeks ago in China (where guns are banned) a man went on a stabbing spree in a school. Also, the Nazi's banned guns, just saying.

  40. 18,735 suicides? They didn't want to live…You have the right to life just as you have the right to guns… but not everyone with the right to have guns owns any… and if you don't want to live it should be your right to end it… and without a gun they could've driven their car into a building to kill themselves (and cause more damage), jumped off a building, or overdosed on over-the-counter medications.

  41. So 11,997 homicides and accidents….well What about knife homicides and accidental deaths? What about drugs? Accidental car crash deaths? On and on… accidents happen so that shouldn't even be counted.
    Homicides? Well look at the Boston Bombing no guns started it…many improvised explosives have been used…we must ban fertilizer…and renting trucks… and pressure cookers. On and on

  42. oh god…. this is a good program but america needs its constitutional rights… so fuck yourselves.

  43. Which is probably why he emphasised the accidental deaths. Btw, you're wrong. about 4 – 5 years ago, if I'd had a gun (or access to one) I'd be dead right now. Having contemplated doing it quite extensively, there's a pretty huge difference between putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger than any other way I could think of. It's much much easier.

  44. Do you not understand how ratios work? When something is X out of Y or X in Y then the population numbers don't affect the statistics. Similarly, with "11 times more likely".

  45. No he wouldn't be alive. Look at the back of Zimmerman's head, bleeding from the back of his skull is not a fight, he could of gotten a concussion. I collect my firearms, I don't hunt which is irrelevant because it's no where in the constitution. I'm sure the squirrel I ran over last night was my cars fault for not wanting to swerve.

  46. Well, okay, fine. People can be killed by improvised weapons; where the original intent of the items were not what they were actually used for. The purpose of fertilizer is to help plants grow. Trucks provide transportation. Pressure cookers, well okay, we'll start regulating pressure cookers. America is safe now. My point is that the purpose of a gun, it's primary use, is to kill, period.

  47. The primary purpose of a gun is to kill? What about skeet shooting? Target shooting? So not a single gun designer ever had any intention of a gun being used as something else? Why call it killing rather than defending? You want to regulate how people cook? You think that people wanting to cook quickly is something in need of regulation? LOL!

  48. your argument is flawed, we can not change the outcome of it but if TM had not attacked Zimmerman he would be alive or Zimmerman would be in jail. stop trying to sway opinion its old news

  49. First, the comment on pressure cookers was sarcasm. Second, I doubt the gun was designed to be a means of perforating flying clay plates or assorted bottles and cans sitting on a fence. But don't get me wrong, guns are not bad. To me, they are in a neutral standing. The gun itself is not bad or good, it depends on who's pulling the trigger. A gun should be used as a neutralizer, a way of stopping hostilities, when no other method will work.

  50. If fatass never had his gun he wouldn't go around acting like a wannabe cop. George was never meant to be a cop you dumb fuck nobody on watch should be armed and starting shit plus he wouldn't be dead from getting an ass beating.

  51. So in your delusional and messed up world there would've been more deaths in the Colorado theater if the shooter uses his fists. So you think it's alright for someone who isn't a cop to go out and pick a fight he can't finish against someone who isn't doing anything wrong. Your question should be "Should Trayvon have self defense against an armed individual not doing his job properly?"

  52. If George didn't have a gun he would've follow watch rules and not confront a suspect who turned out not to do anything wrong idiot.

  53. I think you need to get your ass shot afterall you are unneeded and you're worthless fucking low life troll. You are worse than Trayvon actually lower George.

  54. Hankey bro, you cannot talk so opinionated about GUN Control if you havent figured out the solution to GUN SMUGGLING. And also if people have less guns the government has more, thats another topic you should include when talking about guns. The government can easily become anarchy if that happens. why else do you think the government wants to ban assault weapons? because assault weapons and hand guns do not compare.

  55. you guys always talk about " WELL WHAT IF THIS, WELL WHAT IF THAT" well what if zimmerman didnt have a gun, and martin had a little shanky shank. Once again a shank isnt a gun? But taking that into consideration, zimmerman would have been most likely dead. All in all this is a case of RACE, if they were both the same race, we would not be talking about this, or going to extremes. The issue comes down to race, even the president got a little mad/sad talking about a boy with skittles got shot.

  56. I always wonder exactly how to approach people like you. I think if you had the ability to appreciate the other side of the argument you wouldn't say some of the things you are saying. I suggest that instead of polarising yourself with one side of the argument, try to understand that even the white race has a history of murder, rape, torture, pillaging. White people aren't different in their actions and sometimes even worse. You're going to find evil no matter where your focus is directed.

  57. please explain why that statement is stupid? because i cant think of something. your a reporter stop making emotions from GZ and TM beaause your not either of them. an who are you to say GZ has a gun to kill people not hunting? your nobody your saying all these fake evidence.GZ was told to stop following which he had to of lissened to the the fact that the fight was on his way back to were he was standing which had to mean trayon came back. i have evidence from trials you make your own stuff up.the question isnt"whould travyon be alive" but would GZ be alive if he didnt have his gun on him. Tell me this mr.i hate guns. if you owned a store and put a no guns poilcy infront of your door you know whos gonna come into your store? deff a robber bevause they know you cant defend your self.dead. your dead and lets not be suprised if the case doesnt blow up because it was white on white or black on white. bad people with bad guns kill people. bad people with illegal guns kill people. just for themselves to have something wether its money or gold or silver. but good people with legal guns? you camt take that away from them because you have no reason to. so lets stop acting like a 7 year ol cause im 15 and i gave you more to really think about then any of your videos.

  58. and lady guns are our culture. we win wars for idiots like you with guns. we give you meat because of guns. you know why we buy guns to defend our selfs from people like you.and what! we dont kill someone who comes in our house to take something from us to become a hero? no to defend my family and house an everything i own. your rught sir im the dumbass i woul like to have a conversation with you

  59. YES… 
    Also the crime rate is low in singapore becausde they give death penalty even for listtle stupid stuff..

  60. More people are killed by bare hands than by all types of rifles each year. To say that everyone goes home at the end of the day doesn't know what they are talking about. A person is very much capable of murdering another unarmed especially if they are physically stronger. Weight isn't everything. I'm a very light person and I can do serious harm to people twice my weight.

  61. If their point didn't make sense to you, watch this… what he says at around 9 min 30 seconds should be shown to everyone.

  62. You know what would solve a lot of problems if someone were able to find a way so it couldn't be disabled… A tiny camera on the gun recording or sending the data somewhere.  It would only record if the gun is cocked.  I'm a fucking genius.

  63. 4:42 – 5:15 Resorting to strawman as usual, fuck I hate this genocide denying leftist. 

    5:47 Wow just assuming that because America is close to Yemen at something then that must be bad. You ofcourse know nothing if Yemen and just think that Yemen is a shithole and we must therefore be as far away from it as possible regardless of why it's a shithole (pro-tip: it's partly neo-imperialism)
    Getting down to facts, Yemen's homocide rate is 4.2
    Americas is 4.7
    Now let's compare that to Greenland, which is 19.2
    Mexico (heavy restrictions on firearms) which is 23.7
    Ukrain 5.2
    Estonia 5.2
    Eastern Europe in general is: 6.4

    Yemen doesnt sound that bad now does it?

  64. You're right, Trayvon wouldn't have died, but Zimmerman might have as you seemed to have completely forgotten that you don't need a gun to kill someone in a fight.

    You can suffocate them, break their neck, just plain beat them to death… the list, regrettably, goes on and on.

  65. I really liked that evidence they presented which convinced me that people have no control over guns and guns are somehow this corporeal work of God that have minds of their own and kill the closest human they can.
     Seriously though, if Zimmerman wasn't a coward, racist, loser, whatever, didn't make the effort to acquire a gun and use it on Trayvon, Trayvon wouldn't be dead. If he didn't have the gun, he likely wouldn't have killed Trayvon, true enough, but how does this retract from the idea that it was Zimmerman's fault, as opposed to the gun's fault? If people wish to bear arms, what's the more just course of action to control it? Monitor, bring to light and enforce firearm, violence and usage laws and perhaps deny or legislate the ownership of firearms by people we agree might not be trustworthy enough with them or simply take away the right to have guns? 
    Oh, I forgot, because I don't agree that we should take people's right to own firearms away, that obviously means I'm this knuckleheaded redneck douche and obviously I just get a big ol' boner from AR-15s. Disregard what I just said.

  66. It's not about hunting. The amendment is there because our nation had just finished fighting a war with what they considered an unjust system. Therefore I own a gun to protect myself from any corrupt system.

  67. hey Young Gimps you might be tired of hearing Guns don't kill people..people kill people well I can assure you I am SICK of hearing about how Trayvon was unarmed

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