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IDF Israeli Snipers | Full Movie NEW! – הצלפים של צה”ל | סרטון חדש

(SNIPERS) Infantry snipers – accurate sniping in short to medium ranges. Specializes in camouflage and in construction
of a battle positions in open and in built areas in day and night times. Infantry snipers – accurate sniping in short to medium ranges. Specializes in camouflage and in construction
of a battle positions in open and in built areas in day and night times. Gentlemen, there’s no way we let this guy escape from us for another time. General, I ask to update you about the op’ against Abdullah Abu-Nimer Now the snipers are in-position at the point. They are at the point for up to 24 hours already. Commander, there’s light in the
ground floor. Report me ‘on’.
-I’m on him, I’m on. Fire! Do we have a UAV in the air? Positive, the commander. And are your rescue forces prepared? Yes, – General… “‘Eye 12′ reporting: mission completed” Gentlemen, Mission Accomplished. Long range snipers – accurate sniping at long ranges Specialized at camouflage and
at building positions in open and built areas in day or night. Alright guys, we are called to Gaza to help locate and hit Qassam launchers. Such activity is done by Special Forces units on regular basis. I know it’s not a mission we are used to, but
when the Sniper Section are called in, we’re doing. So, today intel information has been recived about some crews of
Qassam rocket launchers that gonna shoot at Israel’s direction. How we gonna set up the ambush? we’re going to actually make a
stealth quiet and slow go toward the ridge of the mountain front. As if you identify the activists and the launchers, you will calibrate the
drums of your telescopes and then I’ll give you P’ for engaging. Is it clear untill now? OK. After the shooting
we’ll retreat quicly back to the rally point. Okay guys, we don’t have alot of time so go ahead, good luck. Well done, we’ve accomplished the mission as needed, we’ve seen that
the terrorist, the launcher was hit, I’m proud of you. CT snipers – Engage in scenarios that require rescue of hostages. (CODE LANGUAGE) Eagle force be advanced about a terrorist activity in the community
place of the city of Modi’in a ‘dirty’ is holding three hostages. Vertex Sidon from Slackers, be updated, my scope is
on the structure, effective on the ‘infected’. Slackers, do you have a clear identification? Thats a positive, a man in his 20’s (year old),
wearing a black shirt and a gray pants, armed with short (gun). Do you see ‘mates’? Vertex from Slackers, be advanced that the ‘dirty’ just shot a ‘mate’
we are NOT on him – the ‘dirty’ has disappeared. What do you mean your’e not on him? find him! Vertex be advanced that the ‘dirty’ got outside of the ‘infected’ with a ‘mate’. Vertex we are ON! Sidon stations from Vertex, slackers on, Ready, Ready! Terminate! terminate! Eagle stations report one ‘dirty’ ‘ Eagle stations report one ‘dirty’ ‘”
oleander” also ‘proper’ ‘mates’.

100 thoughts on “IDF Israeli Snipers | Full Movie NEW! – הצלפים של צה”ל | סרטון חדש

  1. The question is, that I don't know if I like or dislike the video, since I cannot understand what is being said. THAT is the reason for my comment.

  2. can you tell me where i can find this movie i wanna check it out dont speak a word of hebrew but looks like an interesting watch 🙂 peace.

  3. The talmud says nothing bad about Black People, It was Christianity that used "the curse of ham" as justification for enslaving Black People, Because Christianity is a religion made by plagiarism.
    And you can convert to Judaism, And there are many Black Jews so your comment is inane drivel of an uneducated simpleton.

  4. It shouldoted tht despite the Romans large numbers of Jews remained in various parts of the Holy Land, including Gaza and Bethlehem. There has always been a Jewish prescence in Israel.

  5. Lol, u say ,,not any religion" then ,,islam"… What an ignorant boy.
    Islam is good, Judaism is good, Christianity is good. Just people are FUCKING STUPID WHORES WHO CAN'T UNDERSTAND IDEA OF RELIGION

  6. صباح الفل ايه يا ولاد الا مالكم بى الاسلام انا مسلم انتو خيفين اوى ليه كده من المسلمين هههههههههههههههههههه
    تحية مصر

  7. .. These religion comments bashing other religions. I hope that one day people will realize that the concept of all religions is the same and it will and always will lead to one and same outcome – blood shall be spilled. I denounced my Christianity long time ago – at the moment when i realize that i didn't choose Christianity – it was though and basically becomes a habit. Like smoking – hard to quit. Look around you – religions don't give you humanity. Wan't peace? Find peace with yourself.

  8. Logic? Well that goes against the idea of religion which is solely based on faith or what I like to call a figment of your imagination. Proof. You only need to look in history books to see the damage done in the name of religion. It's an antiquated idea. They are all just massive cults that cause more division than bringing people together.

  9. all religions should be destroyed. im from turkey and now islamists are powerful in here again and they are destroying Ataturk's state vision and secularism. but its not only because of muslims, all religions have almost the same goals. religion is the key factor of almost all wars. without religion, there would be absolute world peace. we all should get together and unite against religious extremism and radicals.

  10. לצה"ל יש מיליון ג'ובניקים שחייבים להשאר תקועים במשרד מ-8 עד 17:30 בלי לעשות כלום. אי אפשר להשקיע קצת כוח אדם איכותי בהכנת חומרי תעמולה? למה לצבא ההגנה לישראל צריכים להיות סרטונים חובבניים ומביכים? חלמאות

  11. @MrIlanKudlis Hi man, is it possible for you to add subtitles to this movie? don't understand Hebrew 😡 anyway, do what you have been doing and cheers! Shalom!

  12. @MrIlanKudlis Privet! This is amazing what you are doing! Most people would be too afraid to post anything that puts Israel in a good light. Most people are afraid to even think that Israel is right although deep down in their hearts, they know Israel is. It's just too bad that all the Muslims, Arabs, and terrorists have got everyone too afraid to stand up for what they believe in or what is true. Thank you and Shalom!

  13. i want to tell you and to the people that afraid.
    there is nothing to be afraid off Islam is a cancer we dont need to accept it and let it effect our life.
    in sickness you fight with cure…
    being afraid wont let it go away being in silence doesnt help anyone.
    the world wont be destroyed by evil people… it will be destroyed by people" who see evil and does nothing"

  14. guys guys stop the hating……Love conquers all man.."love your neighbour as you love thy self… your enemies as you love yourself"…the greatest commadment of all….Pease my brothers….oh by the way love the vid…cool

  15. When a man desires a beauty, at once he will have intercourse with them as desired.t is estimated that about 10% of Muhammad's marauding troops were homosexuals. This hedonistic "Paradise" is the fantastic dream that is fed to Muslim boys from earliest childhood. You will remember, Satan promised Jesus things similar to these and more, when he tempted Jesus in the desert.

  16. תקשיב, קטלת את שני המפגרים האלה,
    הרגת אותי עם התשובות שלך אתה פשוט מלך !

  17. Thank you! Your video IDF Israeli Snipers is great! Sorry for the stupid question but why did the snipers count 7,4,2,1? These numbers exactly?

  18. lol that is good answer we are the best and i advise every Arab to view News and see how much they crying after we kicked there asses

  19. דגל ישראל הוא הסמל של המולדת.המורשת הרוחנית והגשמי שעוברות בירושה מאבותינו ולהעביר ליורשי עצמנו.הדגל מייצג את המדינה כאשר המדינה מוכרת בעולם .. merci de Santiago legioner שלום

  20. That's gonna be an interesting show to watch… can't wait… hope no civilians will be harmed. regardless of their political and religious affiliation.

  21. Israel needs to step up its propaganda campaign. The truth is being hidden by hordes of anti-Israeli delusional idiots.

    No need to remain clean in this war.

  22. We sometimes cry because we've got feelings regarding our chayalim and we've got blood in the veins, and we are not like you – PaleSHITian rats of the desert. The day I'll see hundreds of yours crying in Gaza or Samaria, I'll remember your words 🙂 … Be sure, you all will desappear from HEBRON… Since than, KËSSEMU FILISTIN :))) Kol ha'Cavod le Tzavah ve AM ISRAEL CHAI !

  23. These highly specialized soldiers are not there for a walk in the Rose garden at the WH. They are planning to protect Israel and her people. Make sure you don't get on their wrong side because they are deadly…………………..

  24. I am former sniper (pls check my video)….and I am quite sure that Israel are the best soldiers in the world….however the video I am a bit critic…are the guys in the movie real snipers??…because I am tought never to aim with one eye…but both eyes…but maybe Israel have a different way ….pls comment

  25. 2006?? lost time I checked Beirut was in ruin….Israel didnt even use 5% of her strenght and still Israel made Beirut to an parking lot…I dont understand some people that think they have won…won what?? Jerusalem is still in Israeli hands, Israel still excist and have a force that frighten the entire arab /muslim league…so what victory…arabs always think they have shot something they have won…Lebanon lost many people and a infrastructure that is still in nice victory

  26. Yes but the reason you aim with both eyes is because you will get tired to hold one eye closed…be advice a sniper can bee waiting for days..I had to wait 3 days for "a kill" in training…and had to have same energy in both my eyes….

  27. Eat your heart out. You fucking "loser". If you fought against Israel and you are still alive, then you were taking a shit and missed the battle. Otherwise you would be "DEAD". Viva "ISRAEL". from Mexico.

  28. you did nothing all of your life but handjob under the desk. but i am joining the army soon and if you are an arab who lives in gaza ill do my very best to locate you and if ill find you, ill take a knife and cut your ears than your nose than your tongue so you wont be able to speak and say such a bullshit again because there is no son of bitch on this earth that will say somthing against those amazing guys. i hope to find you and than you will prove how you "have a fight against idf soldier"

  29. you stole uranium from the USA and you get billions from them too. If it wasn't for the U.S you would be turned into bacon. hmmm yum yum!!

  30. בואנה תכתבו בעיברית צה"ל הוא הצבא הכי חזק כי הם חושבים לפני לתקוף סתם

  31. I hate it when Jews and Arabs argue and threaten each other over the internet, it really pisses me off and its Lashonhara which is against Torah and probably against the Quran, Seriously most people in the middle east (and the whole planet) should be carrying swords and some people should have firearms to protect themselves. Israeli soldiers shouldn't work on Shabbat but rather have a local militia that way Shabbat will only be broken the moment ones life is at risk

  32. Go Israel! HaShem is with you and will never leave your side!! as he promised Avraham,Isaac and Jacob!! The only reason why you haters hate is for lack of knowledge! if only ya knew what we Jews know you guys wouldn't be saying the things you say.

  33. Egyptian civilization, Roman empire, Babylonians, Nazis, Stalin.. they all tried,,
    but none of them are there here now… on the other hand jews were there 2000 years ago and will be here for the ages to come. they want to survive.. they are doing that well. while these morons try to annihilate them, instead they become some transcripts of history to be forgotten.
    love is > Hatred of all kind…

  34. Meanwile Allah ensures the Islamic nations get steamrolled 24/7 by Israel the US and UK 😀 😀 😀 gotta love Allah

  35. No soy Judío , pero no dejo de reconocer que hay mucho( pero mucho que aprender) de ustedes , miles de años como pueblo Judío , no es poca cosa !

  36. xeon, while I do agree with some of your comment, there is just a small flaw in that history lesson. Every bit of what you say isn't here (Egyptian Civ, R.E., Babylon, Nazis, etc.) is still alive and well in this world. Western Civilization is a conglomeration of all those prior civs. Other than that… good luck.

  37. The hatred, arrogance, & intolerance evident in these posts can only leave on feeling doomed to a future of hatred & conflict. None of the commenters seem to have understood Gandhi's observation that 'an eye for an eye' only leaves everybody blind'.

  38. These heroes are firing rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians shoot shoot when the army go into Gaza, they throw the weapon change clothes and run between all Palestinian citizens

  39. Biggest respect from Czech republic ! 🙂 … I admire your skills to deal with that terrorist scum ! Operation on Entebbe Airport is just one of many examples! Hooray for Israeli warriors .)


  41. Shalom. Very very proud of you brothers. You are the "HATIKVAH" of our people. what a wonderful girl in 4.40-…. Long live for Israel. G_d bless Israel

  42. חח איפה המחסניות של ה"שומרי ראש" של המטרה
    איך הם מתכוונים להגן עליו עם תקוות וחלומות ?????

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