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I get SHOT by a SNIPER BB GUN | Challenge Pete

Hi I’m Pete and last week you guys voted for BB Gun Sniper so that means today I’m gonna be getting shot at with this beast videos I’ve done in the past where I’ve been shot at with a BB gun have only been with this little pistol so I think this one might hurt a fair bit more. Remember to vote on what you want to see me do next time by clicking the button that’s popping up at the top of the screen right now. So, I’m going to be playing a little game, there will be 6 cans lined up in a row and each can represents a different body part I then have 6 bullets, so 6 shots to take out as many cans as I can for every single one I miss then I will be shot in that body part which that can represents Lets get on with it. Here we go, I’ve got all 6 cans lined up I’ve got 6 bullets. Oh, I am nervous. Done it! Two, two! I’ve knocked down two! Lets see if I can get 2 with 1 bullet 2 bullets came out and I got 2 cans! That was insane! That was closer to the GoPro than the can PETE: Does that count as 2 bullets? I did say I only get 6 bullets.
SIMON: 6 shots. PETE: I said at the start I’ve only got 6 bullets as well Because I’ve done so well I’ll count this as my last shot. Shot number 5 but bullet number 6 Yes! Lets go find out which body parts I’m being hit in This is probably the first video where I’ve actually done quite well on the challenge These are really weird ones to get shot with Foot and arm. You better have good aim Si to shoot me in the foot and the arm Lets get shooting! SIMON: Duck a tiny bit… Bit lower… Bit lower… Bit to the right… Perfect! So now I’m getting hit in the arm. It’s starting to rain a bit so I want to get this over and done with as quick as possible before all the cameras break. That’s so quick! It’s so fast! You got me. SIMON: Another one?
PETE: No, not another one! That is powerful though. Now to do the same on my foot. I think the most painful thing is keeping my foot up. This is gonna hurt, good luck! Hit me first time I’ll give you a fiver. SIMON: Five pounds! That’s just gonna bruise loads I don;t know if you can see it, it’s like there, it’s just a dot. SIMON: That was a bit on an anticlimax. I feel like I’ve got off too lightly this video so I’m gonna take one on the belly. For good measure. I don;t know why I agreed to this… That hit my t-shirt. Yeah that hit me. That one was through my t-shirt and that one was just straight skin. I feel like I wanna do this video again but have a target on my belly. You know what, I wanna do one more thing before I end this video. I think it would be fun if I put a can on my head and you have to shoot the can off. Or an apple on my head, lets do an apple on my head. You think you’re accurate enough for that? Not gonna blind me? If you blind me I’m not giving you that fiver. You hit my thumb! One more to go! Ow! That was me again! You got it! It didn’t knock it off my head but… Thank you for watching BB Gun Sniper, I hope you enjoyed it I hope you enjoyed me getting shot and also Simon’s terrible aim if you did please give it a thumbs up and remember to vote on what you want to see me do next time subscribe for new videos like this every Thursday, thank you for watching, goodbye.

100 thoughts on “I get SHOT by a SNIPER BB GUN | Challenge Pete

  1. It is not called a bb gun because bb guns shot metal progectiles and what you have there is an airsoft gun that shots a plastic progectiles, and those progectiles are not called bullets they are called bb`s. But nice video

  2. I despise the people who say "bb guns" there NOT the same as "AIRSOFT GUNS" these "AIRSOFT GUNS" shoot plastic bb's that *don't GO THROUGH SOME WHEN THEY ARE SHOT* "BB GUNS" acts like you *KINDA GET SHOT WITH A REAL GUN BUT DOESN'T HURT AS MUCH BUT IT GO INSIDE YOUR BODY*

  3. Pete you are my hero if you would give me that orange sniper it would be a dream come true my birthday is on the 1 of March I would be so happy you 🤘

  4. as an air softer i can say that having a "sniper" does not mean more fps it does not hurt more all you did was clickbait the uninformed

  5. man, I thought only cringy little kids called airsoft guns "bb guns". Plus, I don't really believe the arm wound was really caused by that "bb gun":
    -so firstly, we only get a slow-motion clip of him getting shot in the foot, so we don't really know if the bb even HIT his arm.
    -And OBVIOUSLY, if a shot to the arm REALLY caused that wound, it should've had a similar effect on his foot. BUT, in case you didn't know, yes, the cape of skin underneath the foot is thicker than the one on the arm, BUT if the bb had that much effect on the arm, it should've definitely have had more effect on the foot.

    So, in conclusion:
    -The wound on his arm was created off camera.
    -Or that airsoft sniper is one the cheapest piece of shit replica I have ever seen.

  6. Hey dumbass why don't you take the 45 caliber Sam Yang 909 are going to get shot in the stomach with it or the arm or leg you're stupid I can clearly see you're using an airsoft gun which is dangerous to the kids will try this with a steel BB gun or a pellet gun and get killed or hurt really bad so you're just a dumbass I kick your ass if you're around here

  7. In Britain people tend to call guns that fire plastic balls "bb guns". But here is a little guide to help.
    BB stands for ball bearing.
    A true BB gun fires steel, copper coated steel or lead BB's which are traditionally .177/4.5mm caliber. Such guns are usually smooth bore as rifling has no/little effect on BB's. They are usually powered by a spring piston, C02 capsule or pnuematic multipump.

    Airsoft or softair guns almost always fire 6mm plastic balls. These guns are powered by spring, electric motors/pumps, C02 capsule or other gas. Some kids toy guns also fire 6mm plastic balls, but airsoft is a big hobby with cheap guns to expensive guns.

    A pellet gun/air rifle/air pistol fires a skirted pellet, usually a "diablo" shape but also conical or bullet shaped. The barrel in most air rifles or pistols is rifled. This rifling is the spiral shaped pattern you see when you look down the barrel. Rifling spins the pellet and makes it more stable and accurate. The pellet is usually made from lead, alloy, copper or partly plastic, fully plastic indoor training pellets are also available. Calibers are commonly .177, .22, .25 but also larger calibers are used for special big game air rifles.

    Air rifles, air pistols usually use a spring piston, nitro piston, gas ram, C02 capsule or bottle, Pre charged pnuematic (diving bottle air or pumped with a stirrup pump), multi pump pneumatic or self contained air cartridges (see brocock air cartridge system).

    Ofcourse you can get 4.5mm plastic balls to fit BB guns, you can get 6mm metal balls to fit airsoft guns, you can get air rifles and air pistols which also fire BB'S. Air shot guns also exist and use little plastic casings to hold several BB's or "shot" which are then propeled at once by air down a smooth bored barrel. See "Gamo air shot gun" for more info. And you can also get darts which fit air rifles/air pistols and some old fun air pistols also fired corks.

  8. Had that same AWM mod but in digital camo and it broke skin through hoodies. I was playing airsoft with a friend by my lake when we were like 12 and I curved a bb at him and watched it hit him right on the dick and it dropped him so fast

  9. Well it depends on the FPS of the BB guns, the pistol could hurt more than the sniper if it has a higher FPS. besides they don't look high FPS from the naked eye and they are cheap BB guns.

  10. i would say that gun maybe has max 435fps with a .20 BB, a cheap AEG can hit harder than that lol.

  11. a bb gun *can kill someone or even injure someone permanently just checkout Allison Russo one of eyes dont work don't play around and be careful

  12. Bloody hell For all the haters of his sniper rifle are you really that bothered if someone you dont even now has a cheaper less powerful gun than you? and there was me thinking airsoft was about having a laugh with mates and meeting new people when all this time it was actually just about whos got the fatter wallet

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