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I DESTROY a Hi-Point 9mm Pistol with Ghost Recon Wildlands Rifle

Today, we are gonna put the Hi Point C9 pistol through hell. We are going to epically destroy this pistol with five torture tests And then we’re gonna call Hi Point and complain about our gun and send it in for some much-needed repairs. Now, I think we can all agree that the Hi Point kind of looks like somebody took in a box and called it a gun. However, the Hi Point C9 is a beast. The slide is super thick, heavy, which begs the question I wonder what would it take to completely destroy a Hi Point pistol? So, I’ve seen a lot of different torture tests and one thing that’s always crossed My mind is why has nobody ever baked a gun inside of a turkey? I mean, let’s be honest — that pretty much is a standard for military testing of firearms. So let’s do it. So I got here my big turkey and thankfully There’s a lot of room in here. Alright can’t really get it all the way in but You can see that. Yeah, it’s in there. I got ourselves some Stovetop stuffing. I’m not a hundred percent on how to make stuffing. So we’re just gonna put that in there I’m just like I make sense to me. Put some stuffing in there. And then we’ll I guess do you put stuffing on the top? Okay. So that’s it. Now, we’re gonna put this turkey inside of our oven at 400 degrees for four hours and we’re gonna see if the Hi Point can survive. All right guys, it’s been four hours. Let’s see what this gun looks like baked in Turkey. Oh yeah, you can see my stuffing. Look at that. Eat your heart out, Rachael Ray. Now, my wife thinks that the Turk the gun is gonna be melted inside of here. I don’t know if it is. Oh, yeah Beautiful. Oh! It’s actually not melted. Look at this. All right, the gun actually looks pretty good. It doesn’t look like, besides all the big blobs of meat all over it. Let’s see if this thing, actually. Yeah, I mean slide works, sort of. See if the trigger works. I think but I also think it might have broke just now. The trigger might work. It might not work. It’s kind of weird, but when I pull it it’s like very delayed so, uh, let’s head out to the range and let’s see if this bad boy is still gonna work. All right, so I’ve got my Hi Point here. You can see it’s all crusty and congealed. We got our oven baked turkey over here. Let’s see if this bad boy is gonna work. I am really shocked. I thought for sure we wrecked this gun. Sweet! But I don’t think we caused enough damage to our turkey. So let’s really step things up a bit. I’ve got my Saiga 12-gauge double-up buckshot. Let’s mess some stuff up. Living the dream, baby. All right. So the Hi Point pistol survived getting cooked inside of a turkey at 400 degrees. Now, we’re gonna melt this bag of gummy bears. We’re gonna dip the Hi Point in and see if it can survive. Oh, yeah. Okay, as you can see our gummy bears are pretty molten. So, we’ve got the Hi Point pistol here I put a little piece of rope inside of the barrel so that I don’t kill myself when I then go to shoot this thing Got a rope tied on let’s dip it inside and see what huh What happens here? Look at it. It’s all molten. So now we’re gonna dip the Hi Point in. Oh Yeah. Frickin’ beautiful. Pretty sure Pretty sure this isn’t covered under the warranty. What do you think son? I think that’s funny. Oh yeah, look at that. Let it get all soaked up in there. Oh yeah, look at that bad boy. So Jax, do you think this is gonna work when daddy shoots it? Yeah, I don’t know that’s a lot of stuff on there, man. That’s a lot of stuff. These gummy bears are pretty thick. Once it gets cool, It’s gonna be tough. Okay, so we got the Hi Point out of the gummy bears and look at that. Oh man, that is nasty. Like it’s still a little bit warm, so I can’t touch it too much but Yeah, this is gonna be a real disaster. I don’t really know if it’s gonna work. Tell me in the poll, I guess, on what you think is gonna happen with this. But I think we’re gonna have to clean off just a little bit of the gummy bears before I head to the range. All right. So, I was just kind of thinking before we head to the range, we probably need to make sure that the Hi Point is a little bit clean So I got to hook that to the back of my truck Got it tied up right here. And let’s clean that bad boy off a little bit. Excuse me? I’m doing some research. This official business, sir. We got to get out of here. Okay, here we go, yep it’s back there. It’s dragging. Its dragging. 50 60 miles an hour. All right. All right, so we just went to sixty miles an hour at the Hi Point. Let’s see what it looks like. Oh my god, it is pretty jacked up. Okay, you see that clean it off just a little bit Some pretty decent gouges right there. A lot of, a lot of grass. You know what? Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be for sixty miles an hour, but let’s head out to the range Let’s see if it shoots. All right, so I’m at Fish Hawk Sporting Clays. We’ve got the Hi Point. Looks pretty rough. We’re gonna load it up and see what happens. Oh my gosh. Okay, so it chambered around. Let’s see what it does. Wow. So, it worked. I just can’t extract the that old casing. Gross. Okay, let’s try to get a little bit of this stuff off here. Look at all that. Okay, so I clean some stuff out on the inside a little bit. Let’s see if we can get this thing to cycle a little bit better. It works. It’s about as reliable as it was when I was shooting it when it was brand-new. Well, it doesn’t work great but the sucker still works. I think we need to see how the Hi Point is gonna work under extremely high temperatures. All right guys, I just got back to my house I got the Hi Point and I got my little bonfire going again out here. We’re going to see what the Hi Point does. Okay, so you can see the Hi Point a lot of the Gummy bears are melting off, but I guess we’ve definitely destroyed the trigger there. Yeah, you can see that the whole trigger guard is all melting. That’s pretty rough — barrels melting. I’d say we epically destroyed it. Okay, so there’s our Hi Point. Even though I turn the fire off, the suckers are still Burning pretty good. All right, let’s pull it out there. Really can’t get it the fire to go out. We’re gonna put a little dirt on it. Plastic is burning pretty good. I didn’t know plastic was that flammable. Oh, yeah. I will officially say guess and it’s totally jacked there. Doesn’t appear to be much of a trigger left. Yeah, I entirely doubt the magazine releases or the magazines even gonna fit into the gun. Yep, I’d say it’s pretty wrecked. Alright guys. So I’m back here at Fish Hawk Sporting Clays. We got our Hi Point pistol, which is completely destroyed. There’s not a chance in hell that this gun is gonna work. But instead of just calling it a day and ending the video. We’re gonna Jack this gun up just a little bit more. So I brought with me the honey badger from Ghost Recon Wildlands. We’re gonna shoot the gun a little bit and I’ve got a standard AR-15. Kind of what you’d find in Call of Duty. We’re gonna shoot the Hi Point. We’re gonna see how much we can wreck it. So I just shot the Hi Point with the honey badger from Ghost Recon. Shot it with an M4 from call of duty and this gun is Man, this gun did not survive getting shot with a 300 blackout from Ghost Recon Wildlands. Look at that. One of the rounds went inside. Looks like it got stuck inside of there. The whole gun split apart. But you know, we’re not done. We’re not done. We still need one more test before the review are the torture test of this night point is going to be complete. All right, so I’ve got the Hi Point pistol frozen in a block of ice. Look at that bad boy. There’s only one way to get it out. I’ve got a Remington 870 with some slugs and some buckshot. That was the coolest thing I’ve done in a very long time. Okay, let’s inspect the damage on our gun because I have a feeling that that it’s pretty rough here. Oh, yeah, look at that. Still see it all the ice frozen in it. The thing is pretty jacked up. And here’s our slide went flying way back. Look at that. Oh, yeah. I think we need a call Hi Point for some much-needed repairs. You know, I’m not happy about the way this gun is functioning. We’re gonna have to send it in for some warranty repair. Hi ma’am, I’ve got a Hi Point C9 pistol That’s just causing a lot of problems at the range. Jamming a lot. Thanks. Hey, sir, I’ve got a pistol that’s just causing me a ton of problems. It’s a C9 pistol and it’s just jamming a lot and The slide doesn’t seem to really be fitting properly anymore. It seems like the slide is a little bit loose. Like it just doesn’t seem to be on the gun, the way that it’s supposed to be on the gun. No, I mean I just bought it. I bought it in January. Probably a hundred. The slide not fitting properly on there. That’s weird. Florida. Yeah, is it normal that that kind of stuff would happen? Sure, this is definitely more than just a little bit of movement. I mean, it’s like it’s a it seems like it’s coming off almost. Haven’t taken that part yet, no. Okay, very good, thank you. No problem. Bye-bye. Okay, so, We’re gonna now send our Hi Point in for some much-needed repairs. I mean this is this should not happen on a brand new gun, right? So we’re gonna send it into Hi Point later on today and we’re gonna do a follow up video and see what they said afterwards Tell me in the comments below. Do you guys think they’re gonna repair this gun? Are they gonna tell me that Or are they just gonna laugh? If you guys like this video, check out my latest video about the Ghost Recon Honey Badger. and until next time, stay dangerous

33 thoughts on “I DESTROY a Hi-Point 9mm Pistol with Ghost Recon Wildlands Rifle

  1. This is a high point I think they get a lot of this stuff coming in. Probably alot more than people would think. I'd say 1 in every 300-400 sent into repairs

  2. Oh and thanks Ryan for helping me get my ccw about a year ago now. Your class is awesome!!!! Still recommend you and your classes to anyone who has not yet gotten their license.

  3. Interesting video, but why would anybody bake an unloaded gun in a turkey? There is no point in having it in there in an unloaded condition. You should have at least had a full magazine in there with it.

  4. Hopefully, HiPoint will just laugh it off and not give you a hard time about it. Keep in mind that what you are doing is technically a form of consumer fraud if you actually send that gun back to them for warranty repair or replacement. After all, the video itself makes it pretty clear. Am looking forward to your follow-up video on their response. Good luck!

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    @KrisMicheal_photography. Great content you have.

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  10. My question is would someone have to register a gun if it was bought threw a private seller? Google wasn’t much help, unless I call maybe the sheriffs department tomorrow, nice video 👍

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  12. stop this. You look like a fucking tool through the entire video. Just do the torturing of the gun, not the audience.

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