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I Carry: Brownells G19 Gen 4 in a Blackhawk Holster

Hey there! Jay Grazio with Shooting
Illustrated, here with another entry in our “I Carry” series bringing you guns and
gear for personal defense. Today we’re focusing on another micro red-dot option
and related gear for consideration let’s take a closer look at the setup we’ve
covered the Glock g19 gen for a bit here on I Carry and the reasons for choosing
Glocks compact semi-automatic pistol are pretty compelling good capacity full
grip lightweight and easy concealment are just a few of the reasons one might
opt for the Austrian striker-fired pistol aftermarket sport evidenced here
by the Brownells slide and custom threaded barrel is yet another reason
we’re also going to be covering the g 19 in depth in an upcoming I carry
spotlight so stay tuned for all the specs and info generally though there’s
a reason the g 19 is so popular it’s affordable reliable it really hits the
sweet spot for size allowing a full three finger grip while remaining easily
concealable capacity is only 2 rounds less than the full size g 17 and many
aftermarket and OEM magazine options are available for backup duty the 17-round g
17 magazines should all work just fine in the g 19 as well larger capacity
variants such as those offered by Magpul a quick note on the Brownells RDS cut
slide if you already own a G19 this is one of the less expensive ways to add a
red dot sight to your pistol yes sending your existing slide out to have
a cut is cheaper but it takes your pistol out of commission for however
long it takes the work to be done with the Brownells slide you can buy as many
components as your budget allows slide sights red dot and the slide finishing
kit all need to be factored in but can be ordered piecemeal also if you’re
adding a second barrel you wind up with two complete slides that could be
swapped out as easily as field-stripping your Glock. Trijicon released the SRO
micro red dot optic at shot show 2019 bringing a larger more round pistol
optic option to the growing market a nearly parallax free inch diameter
window makes finding a 1.0, 2.5 or 5 MOA dot significantly easier than in smaller
windows greatly diminishing fears of being able to find the dot upon
presentation of course as we’ve discussed previously if you are
concerned about how to pick up the dot on the draw
take a class with a red dot focus instructor like Scott Jedlinski of the
Modern Samurai Project or Steve Fisher of
Sentinel Concepts couple quick notes about the SRO first whilst design to use
the same footprint as the RMR it requires more real estate on the slide
the optic overhangs the front by a good three eighths of an inch if you’ve set
up your slide to have the rear sight in front of your RMR the SRO will impinge
this also interferes with a number of holster fits as well second as with
other red dot optics if you neglect basic maintenance that large sight
window will fill up with lint dust and other debris keep it clean and you won’t
have problems so as I mentioned a few moments ago the larger overall size of
the SRO necessitates more care and holster choices just because you have a
holster that’s set up to allow clearance for the RMR doesn’t mean it will fit
with the SRO so you might need to shop around one option that works just fine
is Blackhawk’s new T-Series L2C compact level 2 retention holster released mid
2019 and constructed of durable polymer the compact version of blackhawks
t-series offers both the two slot belt attachment as well as a QDR mount that
replaces the familiar paddle while outside the waistband only carry method
is harder to conceal than inside the waistband as we head into the cooler
months and cover garments become more prevalent this shouldn’t be an issue the
extra peace of mind brought by the level 2 retention makes this a solid choice
for active lifestyles and for those looking for a duty rate it can be had
with a retention strap for level 3 requirements since we’re safety focused
with the retention holster our knife option fits right in Buck’s Inertia
assisted opening knife features a simple mechanical block that locks the knife
closed to prevent inadvertent activation deactivate the block by flipping it down
and the blade opens cleanly held in place by a liner lock the three and one-eighths-inch
420hc steel drop point blade features an attractive stonewash finish the contrast
nicely with the black nylon hand at 3.8 ounces it’s light in the pocket as well
and the attached clip is set up for deep pocket carry keeping all this gear in
place requires a good belt Magpul’s excellent Tejas series of gun belts are
rugged and are set up to carry a lot of gear comfortable the El Burro variant is
a polymer only offering making it lighter more flexible and less expensive
and it isn’t to be nearly indestructible than the leather versions three color
options are available black, FDE and the gray shown and sizing ranges from 32 to
44 inch waists The El Burro is an excellent fit to this
robust EDC kit for more information on the products we’ve chosen for today’s I
carry kit as well as other everyday carry combinations visit Shooting
Illustrated dot com and as always stay tuned for more guns and gear on I Carry.

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