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I Carried the HK VP9 in Tazderkastain….. | An Epic Review

All right, you ready to do this? Let’s hang on. My unit was Issued the VP9 on my deployment to Tazderkastain Kazakhstan was it Afghanistan. Fuck I don’t know Tulsa can sandbox to me My unit and I trained for months for this deployment Sometimes you got to kill the innocent person so that you can kill the bad guy so that you can you know save the innocent person. Pretty sure that uh Sun zu said that or the war You know, my psychiatrist says that I had PTSD from my time behind the wire. Wait, weren’t you in the Air Force? Hey you buddy I knew this was gotcha journalism. We ain’t gonna catch me Let me ask you a question. How did you sleep between April 2001 and May of 2007? That’s because I was defending freedom you fucking socialist. This is the HK VP9 It’s chambered in 9 millimeter and it is HK’s very first attempt at a striker fired polymer-framed pistol. It’s not HKS first attempt, but it is the first striker-fired pistol HK has produced since the 1980s Back then, I was just a lonely sperm cell H&K is very first striker fired polymer-framed pistol was the VP70 and it was developed in the mid 70s Now you guys know that I am a massive Glock fan I have always found it fascinating that gustan Glock Created the very first polymer frame striker-fired pistol In his garage or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe. Have you ever heard the phrase — if you say something long enough eventually people will believe it? Well, that’s the way that I was Really until I started preparing for this video, I truly thought Glocks were the very first polymer frame pistol ever. What an idiot! Turns out the VP70 predates the Glock by more than twelve years. so much for being a gun guy flash forward 40 years and the VP9 is born and boy, is it beautiful? You’re beautiful It’s got a full-size slide and a 15-round magazine capacity. Now the VP9 trigger is okay in my opinion now I’ve heard other youtubers describe the trigger in this gun as being Revolutionary some have even said that it is the best factory striker-fired trigger they have ever seen I don’t know if I really believe that now when you’re dry firing the gun when you’re taking up the slack you can feel two pieces of metal rubbing up against each other And when you disassemble the gun You can actually see right there that the top of the trigger bar is Dragging on top of the frame. Now when you’re shooting the gun, You really don’t notice that but you definitely notice it when you’re dry firing And now personally, I did not really like this trigger dry firing it but a few days ago We spent several hours at the range shooting this gun, and I kind of fell in love with that so we switched back and forth pretty frequently between a Glock 19 and the HK VP9 and the trigger in the VP9 is Definitely significantly better than it is on my Glock 19 but it just takes a little bit getting used to The grip on the VP9 is epic. It feels very natural and it really just feels like my hand belongs on the gun. Compared to a Glock which is my normal carry gun for less 10 years. You know, it just feels blocky. There’s lots of points where my hand just doesn’t really feel very natural. And that’s why as you guys know I typically end up reshaping and modifying the grip on all of my Glocks. There is no need to do that with the VP9. because it just feels perfect right out of the box and H&K includes two adjustable back straps and four adjustable side straps So it really is possible to create the perfect grip for any person. The HK VP9 is also completely Ambidextrous Listen here buddy. I was finally starting to enjoy Ryan’s class about the VP9 Until he started talking about things. They just ain’t real I mean dinosaurs have done been dead for like 75 years maybe a hundred everybody know ambidextrous aint around no more. The VP9 has a very large bolt catch on the left side of the frame and A small slide release on the right hand side now The magazine release is a paddle style magazine release that is completely ambidextrous. I’ve really never been a huge fan of this style of magazine release. I’ve really just felt that it’s too close to the trigger however on the VP9, It is pretty far and I kind of like it after I’ve been using it for a while. Now this style of magazine release is extremely popular in Europe. Enjoy the fact that your royal overlords are a frail old woman and a tiny baby. Now as I mentioned I have never really been a big fan of the European style magazine release Until I started playing with the VP9 now previously I’ve had this style magazine release on my Walther P22 It’s been okay But what I really dislike about this magazine release is how close it is to the trigger. As safe and responsible firearms owners, our goal is to keep our finger away from the trigger Unless we are ready to shoot and I’ve always felt like with the H with the Walther P22 Then my finger is way too close. I’ve never actually come close to pulling the trigger, but it does scare me a little bit. The VP9 kind of fixes that problem because The trigger is so far away from that magazine release paddle I find that it’s really cool And it works really well. Now recently H&K released the HK VP9 – B Which has a push button magazine release for all of us Loudmouth Americans that couldn’t adapt to the European style. The VP9 has really cool and aggressive front and rear slide serrations and they use HK’s patented rear charging supports. I find these charging supports to be pretty cool I don’t really use them I feel that just the notches and the slide are enough, but I do think it’s neat and it’s a pretty innovative idea I find that it’s pretty similar to what Smith & Wesson used on the 380 shield EZ just makes it a little bit simpler to kind of operate that slide. The barrel on the VP9 is made out of Canon steel and it’s been cold hammer-forged — Which what does that mean in layman’s terms? Nobody gives a **** Similar H&K barrels found on the P30 a.k.a. the John whit gun Have fired over 90 thousand rounds during testing in 2010 I don’t know about you, but ninety thousand rounds out of one barrel is epically bad So any ammunition sponsors out there that want to give me eight ninety thousand rounds of ammunition. I would love to test this I’ll text you my address. Just shoot me an email. The VP9 comes with Two 15 round magazines and an extended Picatinny rail. This Picatinny rail can be used to attach flashlights, lasers, a tactical knife, or any other device you may need in combat

28 thoughts on “I Carried the HK VP9 in Tazderkastain….. | An Epic Review

  1. Grats on your new smoke wagon! I was eyeballin one of them pretty hard my self a few years ago. It was down to the P320 , PPQ M2 and VP9. Ended up goin with the PPQ M2 NAVY but only by a asshair. Im still thinkin on a VP9SK or P30SK loves me some german engineering.

  2. I am truly shocked that none of you have commented on what I had attached to that gun. That tells me you guys did not watch the entire video. It was hilarious and you guys absolutely missed it…….

  3. What does chf mean? Nobody gives a shit.You are the best fine sir.Do you teach any classes? I have permit but I'm always up for some training from other sources.From St.Pete #BBCTactical

  4. If no one else appreciates your comedic genius just know I do. Glad I was with this channel from its early days and watched it grow in every way.

  5. HK should thank walther for the design… the vp9 was realised in the 90's qnd they called it the P99

  6. The last attachment was that for your personal use Mr. Ryan? I do not know how you are going to take this but Glock, HK, Colt, Ruger, S&W and all other expensive modern styled semi-pistols, are only glorified Hi-Points. That is why I carry the original bad boy a Hi point. So, can I please get a AMEN and a HALLELUJAH for GOD's gift to the gun world HI-POINT, Hi-point forever.

  7. I bet that your alter-ego Buck loves Hi-Point, made in america baby. I know it is hard to change the minds on you Glock fan boys, but, at least we are fighting for the same right (2nd amendment). Keep doing your thing even though you are a Glock fan boy, I still love you in the LORD and I will be praying for your continued prosperity in all your work. Stay Blessed.

  8. I’ve never heard of gooseton Glock… is he a relative of Gaston? 😂 love the vp9! Check out the vp9 long slide!!

  9. Great info here Thanks! Or and that last piece of tactical additions for that picatinny rail is perfect because if he's that close to take the asphalt temperature test he's screwed no point in giving him a royal once over before his lights go out lmao. 😉😂

  10. Lol dude, you're fakin hilarious 🤣 I'll sub just bc you have the team america theme song and you attached a black dildo to the veep. You dirty bastard.

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