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Hyskore Six Gun Pistol Rack – Dynasty Preppers

Hi Guys, and welcome back to the channel! Today we are going to take a look at a product
to help you organize your gunsafe, Hyskore Six Gun Modular Pistol Rack, Stay Tuned! Alright guys, so this is how it comes in the
box here, pretty much it’s all put together and ready to go. And this is a product I saw at Shot Show this
year that I thought would be really useful for those people like me who need to have
things organized, and to help you make a little more room in your gun safe. So, I’ll show you this and I’ll show you how
the guns fit in here and everything, then I will show you my gun safe. Now like mine the stock gun safes where there
is just a shelf and there are no other organizers or anything like that, it just you know you
just have guns laying in there its just no efficient, you can’t fit very many things
in there on the shelf itself so. This will help make things a little bit easier
I think for everybody. Alright, so here is the product itself. It’s foam so nothing will hurt your guns,
there are dividers in between so they are not going to scratch each other up on either
side. It is basically the same type of foam you
would see in a gun case and it has cutouts for the actual barrels to rest on in here. You can actually take the end pieces out here
if you have more then one kit, say you want to make it an 8 gun rack or a 10 gun rack,
you can actually get threaded rods and put those through here and extend or shrink these
down to whatever size you want, so you could do a 3 gun rack or a 10 gun or 12 gun rack. It is very customization for how you want
it setup in your safe itself, which I think is really cool, I like that fact. Now the threaded rods don’t come with that
but you can easily get them at anytype of hardware store. Let me grab a couple of guns and show you
how they fit in here. Alright guys so I have kinda a different selection
of things out here showing what will actually fit in here. So I’ve got a couple of small 380s here, a
Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and a Glock 42. A Walther P2 up to my Springfield XDM and
a couple of the kids’ pellet gun and BB gun here. And as you can see everything fits really
well. You’ve got plenty of room, your revolvers
should fit in here fine because you have enough room in between these and I think this is
a really good solution. I actually might pick one up for the kids’
safe just for the pellet guns and things like that since they do fit in here really well. I like the fact that there are dividers inbetween
so that you are not going to get things scratched up on the firearms themselves. And it’s nice that there is, I mean a full
gamut of things will fit in here, so I do really like that. So let’s cuttover to the gun safe and take
a look, I will show you kinda the way I had it setup before, which was very inefficient,
and how things look with the new gun rack. So this is what the top shelf of my safe looks
like and this is one of the reasons I really wanted to get the modular pistol rack, because
there really is not alot of room for anything else. I’ve got what, four pistols up there? It’s a mess, it’s hard to get to. Sometimes I’ll have magazines around there,
you can see the magazines on the other side over here. I’ve got some magazines on that side just
laying up there. And it’s just really a mess and hard to get
to. So I really think the modular pistol rack
will help will help in this situation, because not only will I have six pistols that I can
stand up in the back, but I can also put things in front of it as well too. So here is how I have it setup after adding
the modular pistol rack. And the thing I really like about this is,
again all of them are easily at the top of the safe there, and then I have a lot of room
in front of them so I can put that at the very back of the safe and be able to access
everything. But I like the fact things are easy to get
in, get a pistol out, put it back and there is room to put you know magazines in front,
I could put holsters in there there is alot of room. And the main thing is it looks better, the
guns are better protected and they are not going to be scratched against each other,
I’m not going to pick one up and actually drop it on another gun or something like that,
and I just think its a really great addition to the gun safe. So I personally really love the modular rack,
it fits really well in my safe, it will keep my firearms from getting scratched up and
make them easily accessible and I have room to have another probably another six gun rack,
or another two or three pistols there. And I think its just great. Now I know you can get these online I think
Midway USA, theres some other places like that, Cabelas, look in your local gun shop
maybe they will carry them too. It only runs $24.99 so it’s a very cheap,
high quality solution to add some storage and organization to your gun safe. Alright guys, so tonight we took a look at
they Hyskore Six Gun Modular Pistol Rack, it’s a great product, we really enjoyed taking
a look at it today, and definitely gets a bit thumbs up in our book, so check them out
at Coming up later this week we also have some
magazine storage tips for your gun safe and another product from Hyskore, the Hyskore
Target Hound portable target stand which should make a big difference in your range trips. So you definitely don’t want to miss out on
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you don’t miss out, give us a big thumbs up, that helps out a lot, and don’t forget to
ask yourself, what have you done to secure your dynasty today? Thanks

7 thoughts on “Hyskore Six Gun Pistol Rack – Dynasty Preppers

  1. Nice review
    Been using wooden dowels through the trigger guard laying on their sides
    This is pretty neat
    Couldn't find your video on the magazine origination you mentioned in this video
    Could you post a link

  2. ok and cheap but I made my own exactly like that with scrap hobby redpine board and server packing foam for free, and the joy of seeing it every time I open my gun safe 🙂

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