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Husan M71 .410 CALIBER (36 Gauge) Shotgun “Türkçe Altyazılı”

hello everyone we’re in Huson arms factory we actually had red carpet treatment today thank you very much for their Hospital hospitality and you probably know Huson arms is one of the well known manufacturer in Turkey and there are a lot of guns and products they have in different qualities and different standards on the other hand the one that I have in my hand which has m71 series you can have it from the market it’s really easy to use I’m gonna give you some little tips regarding that I know a lot of things you’re hearing from the market from you you should have concerns you should you maybe obtain one recently or you bought one recently so I’m gonna give you some tips regarding this little thing and well we’ll see how this things goes what the reason that we’re doing this video is we have decided that it will be beneficial to make videos in Turkish in English to get more information or to give more information about Huson arms products and Factory now what we’re gonna do as I said I’m gonna give you some shot and see how this little things goes let’s run em 71 standard Sousa okay maybe give you dis okay first of all I’m gonna tell you what I felt this is actually I love this I want one of these okay it’s really really comfortable I’m gonna give you some little tips regarding that as us to tell as I told you before it’s actually especially for women users it’s really compatible it’s only two point nine hundred and fifty grams it’s a 410 caliber a very nice but stack and gun stock riffle I mean the rail and/or handguard whatever you call it it’s really really nice and it’s very easy to carry especially as I said for a woman who cannot carry long and heavy guns because of the back and other problems so if you like we will be able to give you or do more videos for for your reference to get more information if you would like to get if you have any concerns you have comments or if you want to buy one of these get in contact with Huson arms and hopefully this video will be more helpful for people who pay more attention to Huson firearms a promise for now and before we leave I need to tell you that please make sure you keep your guns away from your kids and keep them in safe mode and unloads have a great day you

11 thoughts on “Husan M71 .410 CALIBER (36 Gauge) Shotgun “Türkçe Altyazılı”

  1. Guzel video olmuş. Devamının gelmesini özellikle de m71 in sokme takma temizleme videosunun da olmasını dilerim.

  2. I also have a Husan Shotgun. It is absolutely wonderful. Husan is the only shotgun manufacturer in Turkey that provides 10 years of warranty.

  3. Natural ,very useful and not complicated like some other videos with full of useless tech details , hope to see more of these for people who doesnt have enough Turkish or people who lives outside the country. Well Done Husanarms!

  4. I got Husan, haven't had the chance to practice on it yet but i don't think it will cause any problem since Husan is almost the most profound and preferable firm in Turkey right now. Surely can compete with modern world, keep it up !

  5. Вполне не плохое полуавтоматическое ружьё получилось. Однако та же Сайга-410К лучше. Она удобнее в ограниченном пространстве. А если возникнет необходимость, то на ствол можно присоединить удлинитель ствола.
    Извините, я очень плохо знаю английский язык, а переводчик Гугл при переводе делает большие смысловые ошибки, потому пишу на русском.

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