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Hunting squirrels with a shotgun in Sussex

[Music] It’s never straight forward going out with
Roy. Today we are supposed to be going after squirrels before the leaves make the drays
and impossible runners difficult to see. Roy and his friend Jim are armed to the teeth
with air rifles, full boar rifles and shot guns. You can never be over gunned can you, so we’ve
got some air rifles this morning, some shot guns and a rifle as well. We have been asked
to come down and control the squirrels. It’s our yearly squirrel bashing so we’ve got to
try and keep the numbers down here as obviously they do a lot of damage, one to the woodland
and also to the nesting birds as well. So we just need to remove quite a few of those,
so we thought while we are down here and as we were getting up at some ungodly hour we
thought we would make the most of it and see what else we could account for. Before the grey we’re after reds, don’t panic
we are talking foxes. The shepherds been saying that a couple of
foxes have been coming in and the lambs are due out so we are going to tuck up down there
and what I want you to do, I’m going to be facing out this way I want you to look back
up the bank because one might come along from a standing briar further up so if you’re ready
when they come along there. For some reason a herd of deer are scooting
around us, but they don’t stay still enough for a shot. They are coming down here. I don’t know why but I am guessing a dog walker
has come in along the top and the dog has probably chased them and spooked them. Roy repositions just in case they cross the
bottom of the valley. Again they are not stopping for anyone, especially Roy. See I got into position but they weren’t going
to stop were they. Couple of young bucks in there. They were definitely spooked I don’t
know quite what has been going on up there, but something has come through and disturbed
everything in there. Now we’ve probably ruined the foxing, but you should never deviate from
the plan. Back to plan A and foxing, but for a change
the call doesn’t get a response. Roy wants to head to the other side of the estate for
another squeak before the dog walkers really start to get the wildlife on edge. This time
its the air rifle out of the slip, but it’s the pigeon giving Roy the slip. Eventually
he stays still long enough for a shot. Finally, there is something for our efforts. Now in woodlands the shotguns make an appearance.
We see at least half a dozen drays as we stalk through it. Now we have got to get on with the main job
which we came here for this morning which was having a go at the squirrels so it’s a
shame actually because we were going to try and do quite a few with the air rifle before
we started off with the shotguns, but as we were stalking through the woods this morning
you could see that the squirrels were just up and away, again they were just very very
jumpy this morning so we’re going to go and do some dray bashing and see how we go. You
can do it one of two ways you can either have a dray poking pole which if you are flushing
squirrels for birds, yeah, I mean you can fly female red tails and some fly harris hawks
on them if you are poking them out like that and it can provide really good sport, but
you do have to be incredibly careful if you are flying squirrels with a bird of prey as
they do bite quite badly, so this morning we’ve not brought the decoy with us because
all we’re going to do is put a shot through the dray, that either kills the squirrels
in the dray or at least flushes them and when they start
flushing and running through the trees we’ll pick them off so this is just purely a pest
control operation this morning. We have just got to try and get the numbers down before
the leaf gets up on the trees. No nobody home, nobody home, nobody home in
that one. That looked quite promising didn’t it, that was a nice fresh one. Roy allows Jim to have the first shot and
he is there to deal with any runners. Not all drays have anyone at home, but for some
there is a rude awakening. Jim is pretty tentative picking up the squirrels much to the amusement
of Roy. I can’t believe that you have been manned
out by David. I didn’t see it, David found it. Why are you holding it like that, honestly
it’s dead it’s not going to hurt you mate. Honestly look, see this squirrel won’t hurt
you. Yeah, lovely. But with these rodents, once bitten twice
and thrice shy and he has the scar to prove it. Are you traumatised by that, it must have
hurt a lot. You’ve no idea and next time you say a squirrel
won’t hurt you I’ll wince in pain cause I know he will, little whatsit! The other thing to remember when you are doing
this sort of work is that obviously if we left it any later then the birds would be
nesting and there’s a chance you could mistake a dray for a nest up in one of the trees or
something like that so really you want to do it before any of the birds have started
laying and just run through. So we are sort of pushing it now in another few weeks you
really wouldn’t want to be doing it. The most Roy has had out of the wood is 15
so for a short morning we haven’t done too badly, especially as Jim has all his fingers.

99 thoughts on “Hunting squirrels with a shotgun in Sussex

  1. i would take one on without a gun but the little gits are too fast to catch! no match for some fire power though for this invasive and destructive species!!

  2. there is very much a good reason as they have made the red squirrels endangered and are very destructive. anyone who knows anything about wildlife knows this. what you are is either an animal rights activist nutcase, or ( possibly aswell )someone who lives in the city and knows nothing at all about wildlife and the implications that non native and destructive species have. Also 'toy guns'? really, do you know anything about guns? I bet you feel bad putting a fork in your tofu sometimes don't you

  3. embarrassing, and being a slip knot fan isnt? a bad of men who like dressing up? like screaming down a mic? yeh thats real men your absolutely right. how could i think that men doing what has been done for hundreds of years be suddenly be wrong because the uk is now run by liberal pussys and nancy boys who hate anything remotely masculine, but like you enjoy men dressing up and bashing the masculine feminine differences, or just people who dont agree with them. hope you enjoyed your rant

  4. We're allowed them in the UK – and EU laws about noise in the workplace means France and other countries where they are banned are being slow to change their laws

  5. It is a wonderful enjoyable hobby! I love getting up early in the morning for a good walk around the woods Tree Rat bashing! Don't judge something you haven't tried. Grey Squirrels are not a native species and cause a huge amount of damage to woodlands. Why don't you go to the CLA show this weekend and actually talk to people in the sport, they won't bite and they will happily explain the role of pest control in the rural environment.

  6. There is nothing pathetic about it. It is a wonderful enjoyable hobby! I love getting up early in the morning for a good walk around the woods Tree Rat bashing! Don't judge something you haven't tried. Grey Squirrels are not a native species and cause a huge amount of damage to woodlands. Why don't you go to the CLA show this weekend and actually talk to people in the sport, they won't bite and they will happily explain the role of pest control in the rural environment.

  7. In that case, forgive me for speaking out of turn. I don't condone hunting in any of its forms, in fact I feed squirrels outside my home everyday. But a lot of people do hunt, and I reckon that this sport has some meaning to them although it is alien to me.
    In any case, I do understand your point of view.

  8. We all have our opinions. Mine happens to be it's disgusting. I know they are not native to Britain but that's no reason to kill them this way. Anyway enjoy you walks in the woods and I will to looking at the wildlife and shooting them with my camera, not a gun.

  9. I agree with much of what you say, but here's my question. Are you vegan? Do you refrain from eating meat? If so, great. But if not, then from a moral standpoint how is taking an animal's life while hunting different from having someone else take it (often in a very cruel manner) to satisfy one's taste buds?

  10. No I am not a vegan, I don't like most veg. I used to go ferreting and fishing but have stopped the ferreting now. Still have ferrets but only as pets. I enjoy feeding the squirrels in the park with my grandson. I agree that the red squirrel is a nicer animal an the grey has pushed them into small pockets but I just feel there must be a more humane way of dealing with the problem. And yes I enjoy a nice piece of meat or chicken.

  11. I got bitten by a squirrel in St James park, must've thought my finger was food.
    I wish we had squirrels in New Zealand, they're cool.

  12. So what other method do you propose. A single shot with an air rifle or shot gun and it is dead. Trapping might leave it in agony for hours! Shooting is the quickest most humane method we have. There is VERY MUCH reason to kill them. Have a talk to anybody who owns woodland and ask them about the damage Grey Squirrels cause. They are invasive non native species, frankly the animal rights brigade which I presume you support live in a fantasy world.

  13. We could go on for weeks like this, we both think different things and that's what it boils down to. I don't belong to any animal rights brigade I just have my own thoughts

  14. Hi Simon. Just watched a programme on BBC1 bout culling grey squirrels. Believe it or not it has changed my mind on the subject. We can't have the grey (even though I still like them) pushing out our native and beautiful reds. Bet you weren't expecting to here that from me lol.

  15. Whoever said "don't shoot at the nests there could be babies in them" They are there to kill the babies too dumbass -.-

  16. An honorable gentlemanly reply. You stuck to your guns (no pun intended) educated yourself on the issue, saw the other guys point and still maintained your values while doing so. That's how internet debating should go. Respect to you sir from a gun totting grey squirrel hater.

  17. They have always been legal under UK law. They are required by European law if you are using guns professionally, but the French and the Germans are slow to catch up

    / Charlie

  18. Did laugh at 4.02 when squirrel ran down the tree and they didn't see it, always pays to keep watch for a few seconds, lol.

  19. That just wastes the damn squirrels meat and yall ain't hunters you dont shoot them out of their nest you shoot them on branches or logs and give them a chance.

  20. I love squirrel hunts, I have 5 rimfires set up for it and love to hit the fall and winter woods for a hunt.  Very nice to combine with a trout fishing outing.  A good day for sure.

  21. better be eating those and not just leaving them to rot. If you really want to save bird eggs kill opposums. I have no problem with hunting squirrels, I did it growing up. But use it. Otherwise you fuck all the hunters trying to fight for the right to hunt- I'm sure England has much stricter regulations to hunt already. 

  22. are pigeons and deer also called squirrels in Britain? the video says hunting squirrels
    with a shot gun in sussex, am confused

  23. Lets shoot some squirrels guys. BAM! BAM! BAM! . . .Allright, looks like we got´em good. High-five. Lets shoot something else you guys. I´ve heard that there´s couple of foxes. We´re gonna sneak up on them and deal with those red bastards. But look, there are some deers, lets fucking get them . . . .  Fuuuck!!! Those fuckers are not standing still. But I´ll get You next time You horned no good assholes! Damn, I really wanted to blow their f-ing brain out. Aww man, I didn´t shot something for a while now 🙁 . . . Oh look, there is some f-ing pigeon. Shhh shhhhhh, don´t scare him away. I bet I can . . .  BAM!!!   Yes! YES!!! You´re dead You fucker! HaHaHaa! It feels so good to shoot something and end its live. Makes me feel like a god. Makes me forgot about preschool, when mean kids called me names. But now I can make it up on animals i can shoot, cuz I am fucking redneck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  24. I couldn't help coming here, I was watching video's of cute squirrels when your smug smiling face was there (on the left) because you were so proud holding a tiny dead squirrel… Made you feel all manly did it… A real man wouldn't do such a thing!! Shooting their nests where babies might be… I have not seen something this sick in a while.. reading some of the comments were unreal too, people are so Fucked We need a real thinning of our population, never mind thinning animal population down.

  25. Shooting a squirrel nest is considered unsportsmanlike here in the U.S. and will also get you arrested in most states.

  26. You have to understand that this isn't sport, as he said it's pest control. These are Grey Squirrel nests. These are not a native species in the UK and were introduced in the 1870's from North America. They have almost killed off our smaller native Red Squirrels through competing for territory and by carrying squirrel pox virus which they are immune to but which kills the reds. They also cause a lot of tree damage here as they are different species which they strip off the bark and kill the trees. There are roughly 3,000,000 greys in the UK now but only around 10,000 red squirrels left. It is illegal here to release a grey squirrel if you catch one, it must be destroyed. So it's not about sport, just conservation and different laws.

  27. To our American friends , please don't judge us all on these oiks , the voice over is enough to make you realise that he is a rich land owner who doesn't know what the word sporting means , I've never seen such arshole behaviour in the countryside as I have here , they are just kill crazy lunatics with no respect for any creature , they have all the usual excuses for wiping out any living thing that invades there pheasant shooting grounds , I bet the chief inspector gets invited to every pheasant shoot, that's why they have the sort of gun licences that are refused to working class people, it's ironic that the only people allowed to have rifles etc. Are the very people I would instantly refuse a firearms certificate to , they have probably never eaten squirrel in there lives, but they have a thousand reasons to kill them, these people make me sick , they have no reason at all to kill animals , they are usually disgustingly rich and could buy the best food money can buy , but they insist that squirrels and other creatures they don't eat have no right to live on their land , they call themselves country people, ha ha , they are just wealthy enough to afford a huge mansion in the country , they don't really understand the country ,they just use it and abuse it to make more money from pheasant shoots for other rich bastards , like judges ,chief constables , Arabs , rich Japanese ,etc, gun laws and hunting laws ,don't apply to them , they are disgusting bastards , they are also the cause of the British people being so hated in many places , incidentally ,I am a gun lover, I also believe in eating what I kill, that includes squirrel and wood pigeon, ,,,,🤗,,

  28. roy what u do about a shot befor feedin to birds are they any cartriges can us on game not have worry bout posaning me hawks

  29. OK EVERYONE. lets play a game called "don't talk about things you don't understand". for example. if you don't like people hunting, realise why they hunt before touching your keyboard. Then, just maybe, you'll find that even the RSPB support shooting for it's benefits. it's fun because you can see who doesn't understand the benefits and those who refuse to accept that there are benefits.

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