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Hunting Rifle Made for Women | Mia’s Motivations

Hey, Guys! I am here today to show you this lady’s model
hunting rifle. A lot of you have asked, “What is the ideal
rifle for the lady hunter?” Well, this Savage model 11/111 Lady Hunter
is designed for women. It’s not a cut down model. It’s not a reduced aftermarket thing. It comes this way. This rifle weighs in at six pounds and that
is before optics and before you add a sling. It’s lightweight. It has a nice wood stock, which actually helps
with recoil. It also has this extended recoil pad on it,
so that will help if your lady is a little timid the recoil of the firearm. It also has a carbon steel barrel that is
20 inches. The overall length of this rifle is 39-1/2
inches, so it’s a little bugger. It’s suited for women as I mentioned. Ladies tend to have a little longer necks
than men, so the raised comb, right off the bat is going to help her fit a little better. It also has a grooved stock for better grip,
so you’re hand’s not going to slide around if you’re sweaty, or if there’s moisture. In looking at this, the safety features are
and excellent thing on this little rifle. With your thumb you can activate the three-position
safety. Simply throw it there. There’s also a trigger safety. The AccuTrigger is something that is patented
by Savage Arms. That’s another feature that’s a bonus. This firearm is chambered in .243. It comes in seven different calibers, so there
is going to be one suited what you’re going to hunt. This .243’s magazine is detachable. You simply pull it out. This one holds four rounds in the magazine. You can just pull it out and snap it right
back in really easy. The bolt is another thing that I really like. This bolt throws really nice. I mean you can just see it slides and glides,
and latches, really easy. So. Let’s take this little bugger to the range.

9 thoughts on “Hunting Rifle Made for Women | Mia’s Motivations

  1. Thats awesome! It might be a "ladies rifle" but I know a man that would love to try it out lol! That is also really neat all of the different calibers that you can get that rifle in! 🙂 beautiful gun

  2. Well, now I understand why the German catalog for the hunting store I checked out had "lady"s rifles. I kind of guess that it may be because of the average stature of a woman versus a man. As some of you commenters have said it could also be great for guys who are a lot smaller than 6 foot, as well.

  3. So sick of this crap! "ladyhunter"?! I mean come on… it's a lightweight rifle with a shorter barrel. Market it for what it is. There's nothing gender-specific about rifles.

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