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Hunting gear – My rifle for driven hunt – Blaser straight pull caliber 9,3×62

[Music] hi and welcome to this video this is the first in a new playlist I will create here on my youtube channel it called hunting gear I will discuss everything about hunting gear that I can copy and please leave a comment if there is some special hunting years you want to know more about in this first three videos here I will discuss my rifle set up for driven hunts especially and in the first video I will discuss my rifle in the second my rifle scopes and sights and in the third silence on some why I use silencer my rifle is a blouse or r93 I have had this for around approximately 12 years and I’m very happy with it it’s old it’s pretty beaten up by wear and use I have hunted with this in both Europe North America Africa and also Asia and I think it’s a very very good rifle and one of the reason it’s very versatile that it’s very easy to change barrels and calibers it’s only loosen two bolts here lift off the barrel with the new barrel in and tighten the bolts again and because of this system I can use a target practicing with caliber 22lr I can use it for a small game callable like 6.5 55 or I can use it in this case with my 9.3 62 and 9.3 62 is my primary choice for 4 driven hunts I like it very much it’s a caliber that was introduced by a German gun maker with the book back in nineteen 105 and the reason that he introduced it was that in many many colonies especially in Africa the military calibers was banned for farmers and settlers so the neither other calibers and this caliber was developed for this purpose and have grown very popular in especially Europe and parts of Africa it shoot in the normal bullet weight is a eighteen point five grams bullets but I have seen bullets from 15 grams up to twenty one point something Ram so there is a pretty wide spectrum of bullets too for those one who reloads themselves other things I really like with this rifle is that is a straight pull rifle this means that the bolt-action will only need pull backwards and forwards to reload a new bullet into the barrel this make is very very fast shooting rifle and I think that’s especially important when it comes to driven hunts another thing that I really like with this rifle is the safety mechanism when it comes to uncocking and cocking the rifle when the rifle is safe I consider is rifle to be totally safe because when cocking this rifle I pretension to the firing spring so I can fire a bullet when I’m cocking the rifle and the rifle is safe you take away all the tension from the firing spring this means that if you fall or the rifle fall down from a high seat or something and then it got hit very hard there is no possible way that it can fire a bullet because there’s no tension on the firing spring many normal safety mechanism they will block either the trigger and or the firing pin this means if it got hit hard it can fire the bullet in case of a malfunction of the mechanism when you have loosened all the tension on the firing pin there is no way the rifle can fire I think I found that helps me a lot when comes to handling the bolt action is that have a put this kind of rubber bolt handle on the my mechanism I feel feel that it’s a little bit bigger it got a little more friction in the surface so if I wear gloves or no gloves I feel that they get a better grip on the bolt action it’s a small thing but I really like it another thing that I really want to have on a rifle for driven hunts is this kind of a quick release for the gun sling so when I come up to the stand on high seat I can unhooked their sling and put it aside so it doesn’t interfere with my shooting and when I shall break the stand and go down from the high seat I can just attach the sling and it should be very very fast when it comes to the stock I’ve made some adjustment from the original stock I have left a swedish company called cam put an adjustable cheek piece on my rifle and I think this is very very essential for shooting good when it comes to fast shots on the driven hunt because in the same way that you want to have a good fitting rifle when you are shooting with a shotgun for pheasants for example it’s essential to have a good fitting rifle when it comes to driven hunts the first you come up to the retro circle in your rifle scope to shoot the faster and more accurate you will be in your shooting this is why I have this adjustable cheek piece and when you can put this on my rifle they also shorten my stock because we’re normal a driven hunt season is late fall and winter time when I’m out in ribbon house I have thick clothes and I need a short rural stock to fit this this shooting because of normal length on the stock I will have to stretch myself in a way that will affect my shooting another thing I let them do that I have a shortened stock a little bit more in the lower part of the compared to the upper part I can’t say exactly how many millimeters but I should say around five millimeters or something like that because the way that my body is formed I need a a shorter part of the stock here compared to up on the shoulder this adjustment to the stock makes it fit my shoulder much better when it comes to a fiery and shooting and I think this is one of the most important features of my rifle for driven hunt another modification I have made to my rifle is the trigger the trigger I have changed to a vixen and a trigger mechanism it’s a mechanism that is far better than the original r93 mechanism if you ask me there is a lots of different adjustments you can do to it and it’s very very crisp and and good I know for example the there are 93 you can’t buy the new anymore so if you go to the hunting store today I want to buy a blouse or it’s an r8 then the new model you have to buy and I think the trigger mechanism on the on the new alright is much better and there is no need to to change it for an third part mechanism very short I also want to mention little bit about the quick release for the rifle scope for me it’s essential to be able to choose a rifle scope for different kind of revenants I come to I will talk more about rifle scope in the next video but here I want to show that the blosum mechanisms have there were a quick-release system that attached to the barrel you just attach it very very easy in this way and this means that I can exchange rifle scope for four different kind of hunts and attach attached to the barrel and this means that I have no movement if I change barrel caliber and stock the the riflescope attached to the barrel with many quick-release systems their rifle many quickly systems for rifle scope attached to the mechanism itself and this means when you exchange the barrel you have the the rifle scope attached a different part often this works very very well here you have one more failure point avoided so this is my rifle for driven hunt and it’s an old rifle it’s pretty banged up it’s where have lots of signs of wear and tear among other things my rubber padding’s have all been almost totally weird out and I’ve been offered by Blauser in there from 10 years ago to have them exchanged because my stock was one of the first Blauser or 93 professional and left factory and I know that the later models have much better rubber pads on it but I have not had the time to send it away so this is why it looks like this I really much want to know what you use for kind of rifle when you go on a trip on hunt and why you have made those choices so please make a comment down here on what rifle you use and some modifications and in the next video here I will discuss what kind of rifle sights and rifle scopes are used when I go on a River hunt you

46 thoughts on “Hunting gear – My rifle for driven hunt – Blaser straight pull caliber 9,3×62

  1. I use a sauer 404 syncro xt in cal. 300winmag, for me its the perfect caliber because i can use it for all my kinds of hunting here in bavaria/germany ,i really love it.
    Optic i my Swarovski Z6i

  2. I have a Blaser R8 in .243 and I love it for deer here in the UK. I might get a 6.5 x 55 barrel for it next… interested to take any thoughts on that. In addition, I have a Steyr Scout in .308. I think this is what I might take if I ever get to do driven boar. At the moment, just fantasy!

  3. Jag have a Blaser R8 proffesional in caliber 308w with a Trijicon 1-6×24 scope. I also have a 338 blaser magnum when i want some more power. But I use 308w for the most of the time.

  4. I use the Blaser R8 succes in cal 30.06 and what I realy Love about it is the Special Stock With the big whole and the mecanism to get anatother Bullet in the Barrel very quick

    And I have enjoyed the Video very much thx for uploading

  5. Bockbüchsflinte all the way! Brno 502.2
    12G/7x57R with a mounted Aimpoint 9000. This weapon is a simple Czech masterpiece. Works whatever weather it is outside! Perfect for deer, moose and wild boar.

    My second choice is my Carl Gustaf 3000 chambered in 7.62×51 with a mounted Zeiss Victory 3-12×56.

  6. Hej! För mig är det Blaser R8, .308. Aimpoint Micro H2 men har även med mig mitt Swarowski 2-16 50mm om passet erbjuder längre skottlängder. Om tillåtet sitter även en Stalon w110 på. Kommer troligen kika åt en ny pipa i lite grövre, blötare kaliber inom snar framtid 🙂 Valde .308 då mycket av jakten jag utför är vak och pyrsch och där är .308 magisk enl. mig. Tack för bra filmer!

  7. I Use Sauer 404 Syncro, in kaliber 6,5×55, I Need to shorten my stock and buy a driven Hunt scope becus now I’m using a Swarovski Z6i 2,5–5×56 but dont have the money yet. And I have a Husqvarna 1640 9,3×62 with a Aimpoint. I would buy a blaser but I dont like straightpull becus i dont feel comfortable with it and I’m allmost just as fast like a good straightpuller is.

    I use a 6,5×55 becus I a am littlebit frighten of the shoot and I like the straight bulletflight it have.
    The 9,3×62 I have becus it good to use with hard shooten animals and in tight stands and I have it becus it’s my grandfather old rifle.

  8. Brno 502.2 with an adjustble stock 12/7×57 with an Aimpoint 9000 for Deer/Fox hunts and Tikka T3 .308win with an adjustble stock and Trijicon Accupoint or Aimpoint Micro H2 scope for example Wildboar/Moose or terrain differences, i also find that rubber ball very useful to get a better grip when i reload. I also use the silencer from Stalon model: W110

  9. Väldigt bra filmer, fortsätt så!
    Ett förslag på film är tips på hur man ska öva för att bli bra på drevjaktsskytte. Jag hade ju långt ifrån ens träffat många av de djur du skjuter på. En sak med sävliga älgar och vakjakt. Är det skyttebio och gott om skott som gäller?

  10. Blaser R8 Professional i 8x57js. Just nu med en Docter unipoint 2,5-10×50 men funderar på en Aimpoint H-2. Blir spännande att se nästa film om optik! Jag bor i Tyskland, jagar mest rådjur och vildsvin. 
    Mvh och Waidmannsheil Roland

  11. Browning x bolt in 308, iron sights and zeiss v6 2-12×50 when on a stand and čz combi iron sights(504?) 12/7x65R when I am with my german spaniel.

  12. Hello, I am curious to know what you do apart from this YouTube channel. I see that hunting is a major aspect of your life and I really admire that.

  13. Thanks for the explanation of your weapon!

    I'm from Germany and my favorite weapon for the hunt is the Haenel-Jäger-10. I prefer the caliber .30-06 Spr.
    As optics I use a Leica Magnus 2.4-16×56. I'm always excited about this look! Excellent view at night!
    Razor sharp picture during the day, and the adjustment leaves nothing to be desired!

    Greetings from Saxony

    P.s .: This year there are tons of wild boar with me in the area, how does that look at you?

    Best regards

  14. Till drevjakt kör jag Tikka T3 med GRS berserk i kaliber 8×57. Ljuddämpare Triton 42. Har bara haft denna set-up under två år men det känns väldigt bra så här långt. Sedan vill jag säga att jag verkligen uppskattar det jobb du gör för att sprida jaktfilmer på nätet. Helt suveränt och ett stort tack!!!

  15. Blaser R8 Success , 9.3×62 with Aimpoint for Driven, 308 Barrel with Swarovski Z6I Gen 2 for woodland stalking and finally 6.5×55 barrel with Leica Magnus scope for red hinds in Scotland.

  16. Nice video mate . But whould u recomend to buy a r93 or a r8 ? I see u changed the trigger to a timney trigger any differences to the original one ?

  17. Nice video's!! Thumbs up! I hunt with blaser r8 succes. 308 match barrel & 9.3×62 barrel. Aimpoint micro for driven hunts. I am trying to step of the 9,3 and use the 308 win for all. But i am not totally convinced. Do you experience a big difference between 9,3 & other calibers specific on wild boar and red deer? Instand dead is all about bullet placement… or ?

  18. Hej Tobias! Vad använder du för linsskydd på din Trijicon? Håller på att letar efter ett till min.

    Mvh Martin.

  19. Hi! One question please¡. I am going to buy in my town a blaser r93 (7mmRm),second
    hand and I’ve been reading in internet that was some cases of malfunction and accidents with R93. In Madrid (Spain) there was a case of breaking up when he shooted and I don’t know if I trust. Do you trust the mechanism? Do you recomend me bying it.? Thanks

  20. blazer r8 med kkc kolv och aimpont, kal 8×57. detta funkar bra för mig i och med jag går mycket med mina hundar i planteringarna. en lika, en slovensk koppov och en gråhund. bössas får mycket stryk men jag tycker att den tål det bra. vad tycker du om min uppsättning? Något annat jag borde tänka på?

  21. Joru !! har en Husqvarna 146´a m98 i 9.3×57 med kort pipa till älg å gris och även rådjur, efter som det nästan uteslutande handlar om drevjakt, till det har jag ett Steiner 1-4×24 rödpunkt.

  22. Good video
    Could you do a video on the rifle and hunting gear you ues on Deer stalking and fox shooting..
    I have 2 Tikka's .222 and .243 for Roe Deer stalking and fox shooting

  23. Great video.
    I have a Blaser R8 success in 308 win.
    I use it in the mountains and on driven hunts in Germany.
    I am thinking about changing the stock to a professional stock as I grew up with a traditional stock as a kid.
    I also want my thump rest on the cocking device.

  24. Great insights.
    I'm currently using a Sauer 202 Forest XT with a softgrip plastic shaft and a semi-weight 51 cm barrel in 8×57 IS. I'm still trying to get a speedbolt for it which is not as easy cause these rifles aren't built anymore. The rifle I set up for my wife as her first is more interesting, I think – quite unusual for a lady. The base is a Sauer 101 Forest with a 51 cm heavy barrel in 8×57 IS. I got Sauer to make her a custom Artemis shaft for that barrel and put a 29 mm rubber bolt knob.

  25. Sako Bavarian Carbine .308 with Leupold vx3i 1,5-5 is my driven hunt rifle. For stalking Sako A7 .308 with Aseutra supressor, harris bipod and Burris Four x Long Range 3-12×56. Pretty traditional Finnish setup.

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