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Hunting Coyotes With A Shotgun

(thunderous sound) (animal roar) – Hello and welcome
Flextone’s Tooth and Claw. We have another great show for you today and you’ve seen a lot of Jon’s hunts. He’s using his rifle but today it’s all about gettin’ that coyote in close and personal with the Flextone 1000
and seein’ if he can get it done with a shotgun. So let’s get right to the hunt. – We got time for one last
coyote stayin’ the night. We’re gonna go back on back this property. We’ve killed a few dogs
in here in the past. Hadn’t killed nothin’ in here this year. Hopefully tonight we’re
gonna make it happen. We got our shotgun and got the rifle. Stay tuned, hopefully
knock this coyote down. (upbeat guitar music) (bird cawing) Coyote, coyote, coyote. Right here in front of us. Comin’ right through. See it right there in
the grass right there? (bird cawing) (gun shot) (gun shot) (upbeat guitar music) (coyote whimpering) – I don’t know where he came from. I think he actually come from, I think he was just right on top of him. Did you get him? Coyote down baby. That’s the first shotgun
coyote of the year. Nice. (upbeat guitar music) White tip on his tail. Another big male. Nice. He’s such a pretty coyote, right there. As you can see we’ve had
another great successful hunt. You can see behind on
we got some hay bales, this is a cattle farm. They’ve been feeding cattle in here and land owners been seein’ coyotes. We come right out here
and got to huntin’ it. And maybe been callin’ for a minute, maybe a minute and a half. This big male come runnin’ up, just play a straight rabbit distress. I switched from the rifle to the shotgun and knocked him down about 20 steps away. Awesome hunt. – Congrats, Jon, what a hunt. And it was so cool to see
you switch out the rifle and get the shotgun and get it done. And as you know each show we like to hear from our friends and experts at the Kentucky Department of
Fish and Wildlife Resources on their management practices. So let’s get right to this
week’s Management Minute. (upbeat music) – Hi I’m Steven Dobie,
Furbearer Program Coordinator with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. And coyotes are in
interesting species here, in that we really didn’t
see them in any numbers until the late 70s. After that time they started
increasing in abundance. And now they’re our most
abundant and widespread large carnivore. So it offers some exciting
hunting opportunities, provide some benefits to
some of our cattle producers, and just provides great
opportunity to get out and enjoy Kentucky’s natural resources. – Congrats again, Jon, on a great hunt. And we wanna tell everybody out there you do not wanna miss our next shows. We have a couple great bobcat hunts coming as well as some coyote action. So once again, thank
you all for joining us on Flextone’s Tooth and Claw. – Man, ain’t nothin’ like a
successful coyote hunt, is it? We mowin’ ’em down this year. (upbeat rock music) (thunderous sound) (animal roar)

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