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Hundred Dollar Bill Finish ($100) Hi-Point C-MONEY 9mm

oh man you guys gonna enjoy this video
it’s a little bit different than the usual I want to say big shout out I
thank you to all the patrons over at my patreon page it helps a ton with
supporting these videos and helping us make more like this if you enjoy it
please consider going over to links in
the description also shoutout to
they are the ones that sponsored this video mainly because they wanted to see
a video about the High Point C 29 this is their product this is a Kydex key
holder they made a custom C money grip key go over to my Instagram page we’re
giving this away vids c money grip-key giveaway contest
the guys over at grip-key cracked me up they contacted me they said they’re
sending out this C money 9 so they bought it sent it to me and they wanted
me to do a review on it and make it a little bit different and that’s what
we’re doing today so appreciate that High Point C money 9 worst gun ever or
is it???…. do a man for me you know in a row yeah
all right seriously a knife you’re planning to go to prison sooner what are
you doing man just practicing everything I can you know anything man being a
a star at this baby Twinkle Twinkle baby twinkle twinkle come on man where’s your GAT at, Man you know I got that GAT, not that Nina either this is that Four Five, Oh break yourself shit
I gettin better yeah Aaron you really improved bro start shooting better you
got to get that C-MONEY yo got to get me one of those still got two though… how many times have you been out and
about and you know robbing a convenience store or head to the bank to make a
withdrawal and everyone’s like oh oh he got gun you know that’s the problem with
people they don’t have any respect for other people’s feelings I mean you’re
not robbing them you’re robbing the place you go to you don’t want to always
walk around with the holster on this little holster your pants fall down
around your ankles because they’re already halfway there
yeah I had anything else my pants would fall off I had something in mind I figured it out
got on eBay though cause gotta save dat money my new chain dawg no one’s gonna realize
anything anybody’s a dope ass chain that’s the thing
you walk around being yourself and no one’s gonna know the difference that way
no one’s feelings get hurt That’s usually you’re fault I always put myself away your
mom ain’t gonna be getting calls you’re not gonna have to worry about talking to
your grandma about why exactly you’re walking around with your pants down
around your ankles and a gun in your pants you know Aunt May always telling me I
shouldn’t go outside all the time right with my pants down around your ankles this allows
you to actually just have something on you how do you look fly obviously but
you also have something else and you and I
we’re gonna be you know I’m gonna have it you just come to me and I’d be like
okay but think of all the applications some fly honey walks by and says ” hey you got the time?” matter of fact I do! Someone says “break yourself!” I
don’t think so there’s a lot of applications of this walk around someone
calls you out and it’s already at crotch level it’s right there you know were used to
it huh this is why you got to upgrade you shit
oh we hit yeah yeah you know money that’s all
people say worst gun ever made I say best gun ever made… depends upon the
applications babe Depends upon the applications

100 thoughts on “Hundred Dollar Bill Finish ($100) Hi-Point C-MONEY 9mm

  1. Sometimes you got to sit back and learn how to laugh….This was a blast to film, and even more fun to see all your reactions in the comments…even the ones with NO SENSE OF HUMORπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #WhySoSerious

  2. Kinda offensive….being that even black people are ashamed of high points.
    Blacks ….even those from the hood like springfields, glocks, FN's, smith n wessons; you know….quality.

    But regaurdless…..high point should pay you for this.
    You a funny dude

  3. Anyone who is hating on this can't take a joke, this was hilarious. We all know what a Hi point is this ones simply being made fun of for the look. get a sense of humor people.

  4. The dislikes were from retards who think this is somehow 'racist'. Most of them are probably cuckservatives.

  5. just the way u came out looking like a rapper……………………… no, just no. Never do that again, please

  6. This is HILARIOUS!! I simply cannot believe how many snowflakes are watching a gun vid. You thin-skinned idiots need to go to your safe place with cookies and milk, and leave the comedy to adults!

  7. that shit wack stereotype as usual not funny at all just review the fuckin gun just cause it has money on the gun I guess the brothers want it lol an he right people don't have respect dumb shir

  8. You're too underrated man.. how you dont have 10+ million subscribers is beyond me. You're way too entertaining and obviously you make amazing very educating and again (enternating) vids man. Hope I get to meet you one day please dont ever keep the vids from coming! Btw just ones humble opinion you should do more videos like this. Just where you're playing a role and talking to yourself playing another role it's just too great! Lol. Much love from Florida mah man.

  9. For the best night shooting, tape on some of that glow in the dark tape on the right (ejection port) side of the c-note slide. Fire.

  10. Went to my local gun shop and they accidentally ordered some lcp380’s with money print on them and they almost had to give them away.

  11. I liked the video because of you not the Hi-point and its funny as hell to me.. I would never shoot another Hi-point after i had one double fired on me.

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