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HUGE Stationery Haul! (Bullet Journal Supplies, Markers & Pens!)

– I don’t wanna hear
anything in the comments about how extra I am with
my stationery storage. I already know. Y’all don’t need to tell me. (chuckles) (laid back music) Hey, everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel, the place where stationery addicts are welcome and embraced
with open arms. (chuckles) Today we’re gonna be feeding our addiction and doing a good
old-fashioned stationery haul. I actually haven’t done a
classical haul or stationery haul in quite a long time, which is weird to me because I’m always getting
new stationery products. I mean, you guys know me. I am an addict. So I have compiled a bunch of things over the past couple of months, some new things, some old favorites. And we’re just gonna be
going through them all today, talking about them. I’m also gonna be showing you guys some demos of the products as well. This is gonna be like
stationery addicts anonymous, and we’re just gonna fangirl
over some cool pens together. Also, there may or may not be
a couple of little giveaways at the end of this video because I wanted to
spread the stationery love back to my support group, you guys. So be sure to stick to
the end of the video if you wanna see the
prizes and how you can win and all that jazz. But don’t cheat and
skip through the video. You know, just stick to the
end and be be a real one. Anyways, I’m sure you guys
wanna get right into the haul so let’s get started. So we’re gonna start off
with my favorite thing that I got this month, and that is my new Archer
and Olive notebooks. Full disclosure, Archer and
Olive is sponsoring this video. But if you guys watched my
old video where I compared a bunch of different notebooks
for bullet journaling, then you will know that I’ve been a fan of Archer and Olive journal
notebooks for quite a while now. I think that they are some
of the best quality notebooks on the market right now. And this was before I was even
starting to work with them. I genuinely just loved their products. I love the look of their products. Like, they’re super cute. These are actually some new designs. This one has like a leather feel cover, and it has this cool floral blue and purple design all over it. These are kind of like the iconic Archer and Olive floral
designs that I love. I mean, it kind of matches my background. This one also actually matches my green background going on here. These are like the more classic old school Archer and Olive notebook material. It’s like that linen material. It’s not faux leather like the other one, but it has some gold foil on it with, again, this little
floral pattern on the front. And then this one’s my favorite. If you guys know me at all, then you know I love anything to do with the stars and the galaxy and moons. (suspenseful music) So this one is a black linen cover with a gold moon and
gold stars on the front. So if you haven’t watched my
notebook comparison video, I’ll actually link it down below so you can check that out as well. But in that video, I
was actually showcasing the older versions of the
Archer and Olive notebooks, which were a bit smaller. These ones I believe are, like
now, they’re full A5 size, which I prefer because the
older ones were a bit skinnier, and I like this size of notebook better. Just like the old Archer
and Olive notebooks, these pages are still super thick. They’re the best for painting. I know that she actually made
them with painting in mind. In my notebook comparison
video, you’ll see that these notebooks are the
only ones that can withstand like Sharpie and marker
and paints and everything. So if you’re the type of
person who likes to use all kinds of medias in your notebooks, then these notebooks
are definitely for you. The quality of these are just insane. Like I love how white the pages are. The dots aren’t too dark. There’s a pen loop, as
well as some bookmarks. And I actually might be switching over to these notebooks for 2019. I know it’s a little early to be planning my 2019 bullet journal, but
these just blew me away. I know that I shouldn’t
judge a book by the cover, but these covers are pretty dang cute, and the insides of them are great as well. By the way, the people
who run Archer and Olive are just complete sweethearts. I love that it’s just like a
small business run by a woman. So definitely go give
Archer and Olive some love. Check out their notebooks. They’re great. Their Instagram account is also awesome for some inspiration. And yeah, I just love them. And she also has the cutest
cat as well, so I’m obsessed. Alright, so now we’re gonna move on to some Tombow products
that I got recently. I got a new pack of Tombow
Fudenosuke brush pens. If you’ve watched any of my past bullet journaling
or calligraphy videos, you know that these are my ride or dies. I use these in pretty
much every single spread. I just love the quality and
thickness of these brush pens. This little pack is a three pack. There’s the hard tip one, the soft tip, and then the dual ended. I actually don’t use the
dual ended that much. I mostly just use the
hard tip and the soft tip. But my old ones were running out of ink since I use them every single day, so I thought I would treat
myself with a fresh new pen. And now, the ink won’t be dry
when I try to do calligraphy, so I’m excited to crack open into this. On the topic of brush pens, I got something kind of exciting. This is very overwhelming
and looks very intense, but this is a Tombow dual
brush pen carrying case. It’s a little empty now. I actually haven’t put all
of my brush pens in it, but it’s kinda cool. So as you can see, this
lid goes over like that, so if you wanna carry it, you can. But then, if you wanna
put it on your desk, it folds out like so. (chuckles) Whoa. It’s like magic. How satisfying is that? But yeah, there’s quite
a few little pen slots, and they’re meant for all of
your Tombow dual brush pens. I don’t even think I have
enough Tombow dual brush pens to fill this case, which
is kind of dangerous because now, I’m gonna just
give myself more of an excuse to go out and buy more
Tombow dual brush pens because I’m gonna be like, you
know, well, I got to fill up my handy dandy case, you know. (chuckles) So I thought this was pretty cool. Obviously, this isn’t meant
for on the go traveling because I don’t think I will ever need this many Tombow dual brush pens. I mean, you never know
what situations will arise, but this is probably better
suited for me for storage because then I can just have all of my excess colors in here, and you know they’re
just all in one place. Yes, this carrying case is
actually Tombow branded. It’s not like a no name brand. It’s meant for Tombow dual brush pens. So these colors that you see in here are actually some of my new shades. These came in a pack all together. I believe it was called the
bright pack or the vivid pack. I’m not sure of the exact name, but if I can find it,
I’ll link it down below. Since it came in a set, what I love about the
Tombow dual brush pen sets is that they always come with a blender. So if you buy a set, you’ll definitely get an
additional Blender as well. But these colors are kind of fun. They’re little tropical, summery bright. I know that summer is over, but you can never have
enough bright colors. This pink color is number 743. It’s like a medium pink. We also have number 703, which is a bit lighter and
more on the baby pink side. This bright yellow, it’s like
a true yellow, is number 055. We also have a paler yellow that’s a tiny, tiny bit on the green side. That’s number 062. This green shade is a tiny bit duller but still on the lime green side, almost skews more towards the
yellow end of the spectrum, and that’s number 133. This bright lime green
shade is number 173. We have this really, really beautiful, I actually really like this color. It’s like a bright turquoise
peacock color, and this is 373. This medium blue shade, it’s not as turquoisey as the last one. You can see that this one’s a
bit more blue than this one. And this is number 443. And then these two purple shades, I actually think I have these already because I bought them
individually before this set, like a while back. This darker purple shade is 603, and then this really
light lilac color is 620. And then of course, it
comes with the blender shade which is number NOO. So those are all of the colors in the set. They’re gonna go into my, (case falls) oop. They’re gonna go into my
handy dandy carrying case along with its other family members, and it’s gonna look really
beautiful and satisfying when it fills up the case. I’ll keep you guys updated on whether it actually
fills up the case though. I got a few other things from Tombow. The first are these Tombow
Irojiten colored pencils. I already know I’m mispronouncing that, but you can see the name on it. I thought these colored
pencils were really pretty. I like the little pastel neutral shades that they have going on. I feel like I don’t play around
with colored pencils enough. It’s one of those mediums
that I never really enjoyed, because in my mind, I associate it with growing up as a child. So I just feel like colored
pencils are really childish. But I know that’s wrong
because I’ve seen so many beautiful art pieces that are
made with coloring pencils. So I wanted to venture and experiment with colored pencils more, and maybe these pretty coloring pencils will encourage me to play
around with them more. And then the last thing
that I got from Tombow are these Tombow Mono Edge
dual-tip highlighters. It comes with a thinner tip on one end and then the more classic highlighter thicker chisel tip on the other end. It says that they don’t
bleed through study notes, and they’re safe to use with metal rulers because there’s a protected
tip, which is kind of cool. I don’t know if any of you
guys have experienced this, but in the past, I’ve used
highlighters with metal rulers. And since typically,
highlighters are made of like that felt tip
material, the metal rulers will kind of cut through
and chew through the tip. But I guess these are protected, so you can use it against a ruler. These would be great for
back to school, actually. And the colors are really nice as well, and it comes with six
different colors here. So we’ll see how those go. I haven’t actually tried those out yet, so excited to whip those open. Okay, so I was actually super curious about this whole protected tip thing, so I couldn’t wait and I cracked
open the package right now. And looking at it, this
is actually super cool. I’ve never seen a
highlighter that does this. I’ll have like closeup
clips, but you can see that there’s like this black
edge around the highlighter, and that is like a plastic covering. So that’s what protects the highlighter from any ruler or straight edge. Actually, the thin end has
that little black protection around it as well. So these are kind of a cool discovery. Alright, so the next couple of items are just me restocking
some of my old favorites, the first one being the Sakura of America Classic White GellyRoll gel pen. You guys know I use white pens a lot, especially when bullet journaling, whether to fix a mistake or
just for decorative elements. And I get a lot of
questions about white pens, so maybe I’ll do a whole video about like different white pens, but these ones have
been my recent favorite. This pack comes with three
different sizes, the 0508 and 10. I love using the 10 size because it’s just a fat white gel pen. It’s super smooth and milky, and it shows up on dark backgrounds, which is my main purpose
when I use white pens. So I’ve been using these a
lot in the past couple months and the ones that I have
had been running out of ink, so decided to restock those. And the other thing that I got that are also actually Sakura
are the Sakura Pigma Microns except these are the plastic nibs. I get a lot of questions
about what size fineliners I like to use, especially
for the Pigma Microns, because there are so many different sizes. And typically, with the
felt tip fineliners, I’ll go for 0.3 or 0.5. But something that I’ve noticed about the regular Pigma Microns is that they don’t last very long. I don’t know whether that’s
just because I use them every single day and
in every single video. That probably is the case. I find that the tip
flattens really easily. So I actually have been
loving more recently using the plastic nib Microns,
which is way more durable. They’re actually marketed
as durable plastic nibs, so it’s perfect for me since I use my fineliners
every single day. This pack comes in a pack
of eight different colors. And unfortunately, with the
plastic nibs, it’s all one size, which kinda sucks. I wish that Sakura would come out with plastic nibs of all different sizes because I would totally
buy every single size. These are just basically different colors of the same size plastic nib. And I would say that these plastic nibs are comparable to like 0.3. It’s a tiny bit thicker than 0.3 but not as thick as 0.5 for
the regular Sakura fineliners. As I was reading the packaging, I noticed that it does tell
you the thickness of the pen. It says 0.45, which it makes sense, because that’s in between 0.3 and 0.5. But anyways, yeah, the
black PN Micron from Sakura has been my current every day
bullet journaling fineliner. And I thought I would
get all of the colors because I’m just extra like that. I know we probably have
a couple of Muji stans watching this video. I’m included in that. I love Muji products. I’ve been using their products
for quite a long time now, probably since middle school. They’re like the OG back
to school product for me. I remember every single year, whenever I’d go back to school shopping, I would always go straight to Muji and wanna buy everything
just because they, their stuff is just so cute and minimal, and the aesthetic is on point. And not only that. Their products are actually
really great as well. Something that I was
particularly obsessed with in middle school were the gel pens. I remember, especially my Asian friends, would always have every single color, and it was almost like
a competition of like who would have the most
Muji gel pen colors. It was probably just me thinking
that it was a competition. My friends definitely
were not thinking that. But in my head I was like, I need to get the most colors of Muji pens
out of everyone because then, I’ll be the coolest back
to school kid, you know. I was damaged as a child. But anyways, I remember
loving those gel pens, and I would use like a different color for every single subject and line. And I, yeah, it was a lot. But again, I’ve been growing
this stationery addiction since I was a child, so
are we really surprised? I recently worked with Muji for their back to school campaign, and it rekindled my
love for their products, especially their gel pens. So I got this little gel ink pen set. This is the 0.5 thickness. I know that there are a
couple different thicknesses. And it comes with, I believe
these are all of the colors, but there’s like a red a
couple of pinks, an orange, green, turquoise, blue,
purple, and then the black one. The black one, I’ve been using a lot for writing tasks in my bullet journals. So not actually like creating the doodles, that’s what I use my fineliner for, but this is more for like actual
task writing on the daily. So yeah, these have been good, and again, just so cute for pictures. I just have fallen in
love with them again. So these guys have been a
staple on my desk recently. And then speaking of something
that’s been on my desk from Muji, I actually got
this new little pen organizer. I don’t know. I feel like this is very professional and could be like in a
storefront or something. The shelves slam downward, which is great because then your pens,
you can put your pens with the tip facing down so that the ink doesn’t
dry out as quickly. I have like a new desk
setup, and most of my pens are hidden away now for
like closed storage, which I do prefer because
it’s not like on the daily, I use every single pen. So I was thinking of using this
for just like my daily pens, and I’ll have this, you know,
just stationed on my desk. And then it’ll just be a
couple of pens and pencils on this guy over here. So if you guys have seen
any of my sketching videos, then you know that I have always used my Pentel Graph Gear 500 0.3 lead pencil. What I love about this lead
pencil is that it’s 0.3 lead. Typically, lead pencils, you’ll
see either 0.5 lead or 0.7, but 0.3 is the way to go,
especially for sketching because you can get into
the small little details. This baby has definitely
been through some stuff, and it’s looking a little worse for wear. The actual tip of the pencil is bending so it’s hard to get the lead out. You have to kind of stick
the lead in from the tip, rather than putting it in
from the top over here. So I was really excited
when I saw this in Muji. It’s essentially the exact same thing. You can see they look very
similar in terms of the body, and it’s also 0.3, which
I’m just so happy about. This will definitely be my go to now. I probably will never throw this out because, you know, it’s my baby. It’s like the old reliable,
but this is a good second. This is a good backup, you know. Alright, so I think this is the last thing in the pen and marker
portion of this video. This is the VersaChalk wet
erase chalkboard marker. It’s actually meant for drawing
on glass, plastic and metal, and I’ve been using this around the house. So I got these cute refillable
mason jar dispensers for my kitchen because I like to bulk buy my soap and dish soap, because
I’m an old lady like that. These are from HomeSense
if anyone’s curious. But since they are exactly the same, I thought I would differentiate which one’s soap and
which one’s dish soap. So you can see I wrote
in some calligraphy. This one says dish soap,
and then this one says soap, and I thought it looks really cute. And what’s really awesome is
that since it’s dry erase, if I messed up, I was just able
to wipe it off super easily and rewrite it on, and I think
they turned out really cute. If I ever decide to change the font or the actual contents of this jar, I can just easily change it
up, which is so so great. I actually also have these in my bathroom, which I put like soap and lotion on, so I used this marker for that as well. And it’s come in handy, this guy. And you can just get these on Amazon, and I’ll link that down below
if you guys are curious. Okay, I lied. I actually have one more
notebook/pen situation, but they’re a bit different. So this is a little desk
pad from Baron & Fig. They are also like an
independent notebook company. They do notebooks, pens, and
I got this little desk pad. I forgot what the name
of this desk pad is. What’s really cool about this
is since it’s a desk pad, it’s just like a bunch of papers. And you can jot down your ideas and then just rip off the
page once you’re done with it. There’s actually dots on it, so it mimics like a bullet journal style, which I love because for me,
whenever I have to plan out my bullet journal
videos, this can be good. It’s like scrap paper but
with the dot grids on it. And then this is their Scribe pen. It’s very, very like
minimal and futuristic. Like it has a good weight to it as well. I just, I don’t know, I feel
like this is very fancy. You twist it and it just comes out. It’s a regular ballpoint pen, but something about this anchor
makes writing so satisfying. It’s like inkier than a ballpoint, but then it’s not like a gel pen. It’s so strange, but I love it. It’s a bit too inky for me
to use in my bullet journal because it does bleed through. But for this little desk pad
and like for me jotting down any ideas or sketching out stuff, these have been really, really great. Alright, so these are the
last items in the haul. I know there’s quite a
lot, but this is the one I like to call this sticky
portion of the video because we have some washi
tapes and some sticky notes. And all of these are from the
website, and they’re just so pretty. Okay, so these sticky notes
are so, so cute and gorgeous. They’re like these
watercolor geometric shapes. This one is a blue watercolor triangle. This one is kind of like a, I don’t know, there’s
multiple colors in there but it’s a semi circle. You have a hexagon and
then the classic square. But the, like, pastel
watercolors are so dreamy. These sticky notes are
almost like too pretty to use but I just love them. And then finally, we
have some washi tapes. Actually, not some washi tapes,
quite a lot of washi tapes. These dispensers are
from Amazon, by the way. I really like them
because the edge gives you a nice, clean, jagged line instead of just ripping your washi tapes. It gives you like that zigzag pattern. You guys know I love anything to do with stationery organization, and Amazon is so great for that. So I’m gonna link these down
below in case any of you guys need some washi tape storage solutions. They’re pretty affordable. And what’s really cool is
that you can change out the washi tapes once you put them in. So it really worked out for me perfectly. I have four of these
dispensers, and I actually got four different washi tapes
sets from, and they all have
different color families. So this one you can see is like
the pink washi tape family. I have a green one, and
then the purple one, and then the yellow one. Each of these different
color family washi tape sets came with a pack of
four, which was perfect because it fits right on to one dispenser. And then these dispensers can
stack on top of each other. I just thought this was
a little nifty invention. The things people create
truly boggle my mind. Alright, everyone, so that was it for my enormous stationery haul. I hope you enjoyed this stationery addicts anonymous meeting. Shout out to you for making
it to the end this video because there was quite a lot of stuff, but we already established
at the beginning of this that I have problem and that this video was
gonna be kinda of long. But now it’s time for the
exciting part of this video. It’s giveaway time. I wanted to spread the
stationery love back to you, because I know stationery
can get a little bit pricey and some people don’t have
access to certain items. So I’m gonna have a couple of different little mini prize packs. Everything is going to be detailed in the description box below, so the rules, how it’s gonna work, and the different prizes and all of that. For the most part, it’ll be held over my Instagram at amandarachdoodles. So if you’re not following
me there, be sure to do that. I am going to wrap up this video because I have been
talking for way too long. So be sure to click that
bell button down below and turn on notifications
if you don’t wanna miss any more stationery-related
videos from me. Keep doodling, everyone, and I will talk to you in the next video. Bye, guys. (laid back music)

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