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HTI Sniper Rifle Overview 2000 + yards – Shortest hard target sniper

(zooming and beeping sounds) (gunfire and spark sounds) The Hard Target Interdiction sniper rifle was developed at the specific request
from military customers for use at extreme distances
and against hard targets. This multi-caliber platform
can accommodate mission-specific caliber requirements
switching between the .50 BMG, .416 Barrett, .408 CheyTac
and .375 CheyTac. All chamberings are capable
of 2000+ yard engagements and have phenomenal penetration. A sniper now has the option to fire high precision, low recoil
.375 CheyTac ammunition, then switch to .50 BMG
when armor piercing, tracer, or incendiary payload
ammunition is required. The HTI’s bullpup design makes it the most compact and portable
Hard Target rifle in the world. It is 12 inches shorter
and 12 pounds lighter than the US M107A3 currently in use. The short, lightweight design
allows operators to transport the rifle in and out
of critical positions with ease. Because a powerful, compact rifle
is only useful when accurate, the HTI was developed around
the core components of accuracy. When you combine the versatility,
compact size, exceptional accuracy, and rugged durability of the HTI, you get one of the most
sought-after rifles being made in America today.

12 thoughts on “HTI Sniper Rifle Overview 2000 + yards – Shortest hard target sniper

  1. There goes my dream of shipping your masterpiece of a gun to Russia. I'll have to settle for a used AWM or Sako TRG.

  2. Have Desert Tactical Arms bought the patent from the DSR-Precision GmbH, or was the design simply stolen?

  3. J'en veux une maintenant avec tout ses accessoires et quand je dit maintenant c'est maintenant et vive l'Amérique et vive la couronne britannique

  4. Так мужики, а ну сделайте что круче сумрака, удлинитель ствол на 408 ст или добавьте пороха.

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