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HS Produkt XD9 4.0 Mod 2 9mm Pistol (w/ENG and ITA subs)

Hi SBAM Friends! Today we’re at Poligono Orobico, near Bergamo and we are testing another gun offered from DTG, which is: This HS XD, a striker-fired polymeric pistol. It holds 15rds in the mag, it’s made in Croatia and distributed in the US by Springfield This one is a Mod.2, with redesigned slide and grip What else? Caliber? Right, its a 9mm pistol, limited to 15 rds here in Italy. This one has a 4 inches barrel, there’s also a compact version with the 3″ barrel and a shorter grip well, that’s enough talking, let’s light her up! You go first! Ok, in order to have a more fair test, as usual, we’re going to have multiple tests Max started first, now it’s my turn with this beauty. -Someone told me, Max won! Yup… In my opinion, it’s perfectly zeroed at 15m But, when shooting at 20m, probably for my fault, I couldn’t find the right point of aim. So my turn is over. Let’s see how you perform. Ok, it’s my turn for shooting, 3rd test for today… and I have to correct myself it’s an XD, not an XDm as said before I’ve been shooting a little too fast, but sights are on and very easy to acquire Trigger pull, for me, is better than the Glock one. And I’m saying it as a Glock fan. What else to say, it’s a very nice gun it deserves further testing. And I think that, after practicing a bit with trigger management and sight picture, It will become a fantastic gun to shoot with. Come here Max! Tell us your impressions about this gun. It’s nice, but I don’t like the grip safety here it is… I’m not a fan of it. And, it’s a pity it’s made out of polymers Yeah, I know you’re an Iron fan. In the end, the MSRP is around 700Euros. Here it is, the 4 inches, HS XD Pistol. Bye SBAM Friends, see ya!!

5 thoughts on “HS Produkt XD9 4.0 Mod 2 9mm Pistol (w/ENG and ITA subs)

  1. Salve. Ho una pregunta. Questa pistola solamente e' disponibile in Europa? La settimana fa ho comprato questa XD9 4" senza sights.

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