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How to Wear and Adjust a Concealed Carry IWB Holster

Hi I’m Thomas and today we’ll be
learning how to wear and adjust an Alien Gear Holster So today I have with me a
Glock 23 along with and outside the waistband and a brand new inside the
waistband Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster. So we have an instruction sheet we have a
sticker a parts pack of spare hardware and a holster. So putting on the inside
the waistband holster is pretty easy I’m just going to give you a couple tips
here to might make it a little easier. First you need to decide where you’re
going to wear it. You can wear three o’clock right here or most people find
this position better right over the back pocket which is uh you know about four
o’clock or thirty something like that. And if you’re a bigger guy it’s easier
to wear it over here on the point of the hip but the skinnier guys need it back
here. You need that handgun handle the grip to lay flat against your body it’s
going to be hard to do that if it’s sticking out here. Now putting this on
you’ll want to start in the front and pull it around to the back and I like to
start with my thumb inside the shell and I’ll grab the bottom of the shell with a
couple of fingers I’ll slide it in pull it around. So just undo your belt loosen
your pants pull your zipper down all the way just most the way. Go ahead and grab
your holster just like that put it in the front and then once it’s in the
front just slide it around to where you want it. Now you can just grab a clip put
it on pull it up in the back here so this back clip is high enough. Now you
can go ahead and snap your pants leave your belt undone though. So with your
pistol now keep your finger off that… off the trigger.
Go ahead holster so you’ve got it where you need it. Go ahead and buckle your
belt at this point and make sure to cinch that nice and tight. Okay, you don’t
want this flopping around. Now that holds it nice and tight against
my body and it’s perfectly in position. It’s an easy draw, and easy reholster.
These are also talked about so if you want to wear your shirt tucked in, all
you have to do is pull your shirt up here, pull it back around the gun. You
will loosen your pants, loosen your belt under your top snap. If
you undo your zipper, just a little bit. If you’re wearing slacks or something
they’re going to fall down make sure to keep a hold on it with your left hand
and then you will just tuck your shirt around the gun, behind the clips. Button
everything back up and then when you’re done you’re going to want to blouse this
shirt a little bit okay so it doesn’t print. And just make sure that everything
looks normal. Look in the mirror and you’re good to go.
So to take the holster off the first thing you need to do is pull out your
pistol and make it safe. Then there’s a little lip on the bottom of the over the
belt clip. You just pull out on that and push up get it off over the belt same
thing on the back lift then you can grab the top of the holster and simply pull
up. It will disengage and be completely free. So that’s the over the belt clip.
It’s our standard nylon clip. We also have the steel version of that goes on
and off the exact same way. Functions the same. This is our leather loop if you put
this in place of the standard loops it will go on and off a little bit
differently. So the first thing you’ll do is without putting your belt on first
take your holster. Position it. Put it over your pants, the way you normally
would, but then you’ll run your belt around and through these loops. The
reason is it’s very difficult to snap these once you’re already wearing your
belt. You can quickly unsnap it to disengage it and remove your holster.
Once you’re wearing it but putting it on you’ll need to thread your belt through
this first and it sits just like that on your belt. Now this is a C-clip similar
to an over the belt but it goes just a little bit over and under the belt. This
goes on the same way as we standard over the belt clips. You will position your
belt. You’ll already have your belt on. You’ll position a holster back here the
difference is instead of going over your belt, you will go over your pants but
behind the belt first you’ll hook the little nub on the bottom and then you’ll
bring the top over like that and it will hold the
holster. It’ll hold the weight of the gun on the top and the bottom will not be
able to lift up because it’s hooked on the bottom of the belt. Now you can
unhook this by popping it off like that. Push the bottom out first and lift away
or you can just unthread your belt. Either way it works fine and finally we
have a J clip. The J clip will go on the same as a c-clip. You’ll put the holster
in position the clip will go over the pants behind the belt and it just hooks
on the bottom and you’re done. This shows very little clip, but puts the weight of
the gun on your pants not the belt. So all you see on the J clip is that tiny
little nub. Now if you have an outside the waistband holster it’s going to go
on a little bit different. There are two loops on the back and you need to decide
where you’re going to wear this if I’m going to wear this here, I need to look
at the last belt loop that this will go pass and I need to unthread to that
point. Now I can thread the first loop on the holster then go through my pants
belt loop and then the final loop on the holster. Finalize the position and finish
threading. Pull your belt snug and there you go. To take this off you can either
unthread your entire belt or you can just once again pull out of that loop
through your pants slide it off and then rethread your belt. Our holsters are
adjustable for a can’t ride height and retention. The included hardware pack has
an allen key that’s used to make the adjustments to adjust the can’t or the
angle that the holster faces, simply raise or lower one or both clips. There’s a spacer between the clip and
the backer just move that to the desired hole and reattach the clip. Make sure
it’s good and snug now that will cause the holster to cant more upwards. To
adjust the ride height you would move both clips at the same time, up or down.
Raising the clips lowers the ride height. And this is all personal preference and
your body shape will dictate this more than anything. Just find the position
that works best for you. Now the holster will ride lower in your pants. To adjust
the retention which is the grip that the holster has on your firearm
all you have to do is tighten or loosen these screws. If you get them too tight
you’re not going to be able to pull your gun out if you get it too loose it may
fall out when you’re running. So you need to find that happy medium. If you can’t
get the adjustments that you want with the included screws, then look to your
hardware pack. There’s some extra parts t-nuts and finishing washers. There’s
also different size spacers and screws. So if you want this looser than what you
can get with the stock screws, just get a longer screw out of the pack with the
longer spacer. Or if you want it to be tighter, just find one of the smaller
spacers and the smaller screws, and replace those. Don’t forget that your
Alien Gear Holster has free shell trades for life. The shell is universal
and removable so if you ever decide to carry a different gun just send us the
old shell and we’ll send you a new one for your holster. All you have to do is
unscrew these four screws, put this shell in its place and you have a new holster. And just like that our holster is now
perfectly fitted to the new gun. Thanks for watching if you’d like more
information on how to wear and adjust the holster, please visit and don’t forget to subscribe.

100 thoughts on “How to Wear and Adjust a Concealed Carry IWB Holster

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  4. I just got the Alien gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 and a Alien Gear Cloak Mod. With the Tuck one my Glock 19 seems to sit in the holster at an odd angle. Like the shell doesn't line up right. Plus I didn't get the green alien key fob thing. It was missing in the little pack.With the Mod one, the retention seems too tight for me. I looked at the spare spacers and the biggest ones seem the same size as the ones already on the holster. Maybe I just need to holster and re-holster it some?

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    I suppose I could wear a right hand holster like that if it canted the right way.
    The butt of the pistol would be canted forward (which would actually be a rearward canted position since it's a righthand holster.
    Does what I am saying make any sense to you? Do you guys offer anything in a crossdraw style holster?

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