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How to Use the Storm Scout Sniper in Fortnite – 5 Storm Scout Sniper Tips

yo what is up guys it is BenBGamer
here and in today’s video I’ll be giving you guys five tips on how to use the new
storm scout sniper effectively and efficiently now I’m recording this video
before the gun actually came out but we do have some good tips for you guys
because I was able to get this gun in creative
now finally four-night is adding something other than an SMG or shotgun
yeah if you guys learn anything from this video give it a like because it
will show that you guys want more of these tips and tricks videos yeah let’s
get right into it so our first tip is don’t replace walls with this weapon now
this weapon does not one-shot walls like the heavy sniper in order to break a
wood wall you would have to shoot this gun twice on the wall for a brick wall
it would take four attempts and for a metal wall you’ll have to shoot it six
times as I mentioned with the heavy sniper it’s fairly easy to replace walls
but with the storm Scout it’ll probably take you longer which means that your
enemy will also catch on on what you’re trying to do now this should be your
last resort if it’s impossible to replace an enemy’s wall if there’s no
other way to replace your enemy’s wall and you guys should hit the wall once
with a pickaxe and then use the gun to break through if
you do have other guns try those first because this should be the last thing
you use our second tip is do not aim fer to the body when shooting it now it
might seem hard to not aim for the body but the reason is that this gun only
does 85 damage to the body even if the enemy has no shield it still won’t kill
them so try and aim for the head just because you’re risking yourself being
seen if you’re hiding and sniping our third tip is do not use this gun for
close range now guys the whole point of a sniper is usually to snipe other
players from farther than 50 meters the gameplay on the screen right now will
show you that aiming with this gun in close range fights is probably not ideal
our fourth tip is make sure to always look at the small mini
that appears in the bottom left corner of the school’s mini-map shows the
direction from which the storm is coming this will also allow you guys to predict
your next rotation our fifth tip is do not be afraid to shoot this gun now this
gun does have a hundred percent accuracy when not scoped in now remember that you
do miss a hundred percent of the shots that you do not take so if you’re trying
to get easy picks off players do not be afraid now it remains to be seen whether
the a hundred percent accuracy were main once it officially goes live from the
info I have today it appears that epic has set a day of July 24th for this gun
to drop now when this gun does come out feel free to come back to this video to
refresh your memory on the tips now July 24th is a Wednesday and people are
predicting that July 24th is one of the V 9.5 patch wardrobe now guys for my
personal experience of using this gun I did have an opportunity to test it
before it actually came out now for and I made it so you guys can open a present
in creative and you will be able to get this gun before it actually came out I
did that and it was actually really fun testing out this gun but otherwise if
you guys learned anything from this video be sure to slap a like guys were
about a hit 1.5 k subscribers so if you guys aren’t subscribed make sure you
guys do and makes you guys are supporting my creator Ben me gamer
whitey in the item shop I’ll catch you guys in the next one
peace out too many cousin my mind I can’t sleep at
night so I just keep writing I don’t need no help but

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