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How to use the Juan Deag

Are you tired of your guns being too accurate? Do you like force-buying every round? Is your rank DMG? Then fear not! The Juan-Deag is for you! First, let’s learn some background history
of the weapon: The JuanDeag was researched and developed
in America as a tribute to their “bigger is better” attitude. So they took the largest bullet that they
could find and stuffed as many as they could in a magazine. But they wanted to be able to shoot one of
each in each hand in true American fashion, so they made it into a pistol. Now they just needed a place to manufacture
it. So, like true Americans, they shipped the
plans for the gun off to another country, and decided that Mexico should build the gun,
and that they should pay for it too. The Mexicans after Realizing Trump’s immenate
victory, didn’t want to build no fucking wall, and they definitely didn’t want to make the
Americans wet dream of a handgun, so they said “Fuck it! send it to Israel, the dumb Americans probably
won’t notice”. So they made a manufacturing plant in the
middle of the desert, and when the Americans showed up to inspect it, they thought they
were in Mexico. And thus, the JuanDeag was born. Now let’s learn some statistics of the weapon:
The JuanDeag is available on both the CT and T side for $700, and holds 7 rounds of 50
caliber Action Express that’s strong enough to 1-shot a helmet. Yet valve insists on a shitty $300 9mm pistol
being able to do the same. The rate of fire of the weapon doesn’t matter,
since your should be going for well aimed headshots anyways. Unless you’re silver. Then in that case: it shoots pretty quick
for a $700 shotgun. Speaking of spray and pray:
The accuracy of the weapon is quite pitifully, and always seems to hit near your target and
never right on it. Most of the time the accuracy just feels like
dumb luck, so it’s about as accurate as Keemstar’s news stories. (why am I still getting hate) Now let’s move on to some gameplay tactics
of the weapon: The JuanDeag is one of those things you buy
on an eco where you’re deciding: “should I full save?” or “you know what, fuck
it. Deagle armour let’s go baby!” But if you’re in DMG, there’s always going
to be that one guy on your team that insists on buying Dealg Armour every round and just
drops you guys rifles with all the money he has. “Don’t worry guys, just use me as an ATM
for drops, Im just going for 1 deags” While the other pistols are cheaper and get.more
consistent kills, I mean, more bullshit kills. The JueanDeag can get those round changing
kills that the normal can’t.(happy clip). But since you’re at the mercy of RNG when
using this weapon, and when RNG favors this hilarious meme, you’re better off with this. At times when when frustrated with its accuracy,
you almost wish, for a brief second, that you had an R8 with it’s perfect accuracy. That 100% accuracy where you can actually
hit something in the head. Then you snap back to reality and think “what
the fuck is wrong with me? Using an R8? Am I fucked up? Was I abused as a child? Should I go talk to someone? Yeah I know the accuracy can be bad at times,
and even a Nova can be more accurate at a range that it, but an R8? How can I stoop so low?” *Spraying* “You’re in silver you shit-head. Get gud”
*Spraying* *shot by AWP* The best bet to using the JuanDeag is to hold
tight angles where you know the T’s will be pushing. And if you miss your first shot, you’re
dead anyways, so don’t even bother going for a 2nd. If you’re on T-side, try jiggle peeking
common angles where you know the CT’s will be holding. Try and use the peekers advantage to get a
quick shot in. Try to get that quick headshot in with THIS
PIECE OF SHIT IS SO FUCKING GARBAGE. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. The JuanDeag is one of those guns where you’re
either going to miss every single shot, or get a 5 man ace with. There’s no inbetween. If you’re pushing a bombsite and you see
someone get JuanDeag’d: Just run away. He’s literally about to kill all of you
mother fuckers, I shit you not. As you can tell, the gun is very inconsistent
for the $700 you have to spent on it, so you’re much better off using something like the Five
Seven or Kek-9 for cheaper. It can get you those opening picks and round
changing kills, but that’s not going to matter when you’re teammates peak when the
bombs planted and you lose the round. Most of the time you’re just going to end
up spraying this thing like a pocket shotgun anyways. So, that’s all there is to using the JuanDeag! Tune in next time as I show you how to use
the “AWP: Made in China” , and remember: Stop force buying deale every round you damn

100 thoughts on “How to use the Juan Deag

  1. I just watched AWP Made in China and u told me to watch Juan Deag in the AWP video, and now i will watch AWP Made in China again.

  2. Who ealse hates when he calls us a silver because there global elite

    Jk I'm unranked but still have to carry my team and still lose

  3. fun fact the deagle 50 ae has the biggest bullet a pistol can have to be a pistol so it's literally the biggest pistol ever and will always be

  4. ישראלללללללללללללללללללללללללללללל israellll

  5. why are there always an awkward pause in every lines,if not for that this would be really entertaining also luv ur content

  6. "And if you miss a shot you are dead anyway so don't even bother going for a second shot"
    1 sec later
    Miss one shot headshot with a second shot.

  7. What I'm ur nova but only get put with mgs and dmgs because south African mm is broken but you are still amazing at them Juan Deags

  8. 3:21 "So if you miss your first shot, don't bother going for a second you are DEAD anyways", 3:28 misses point blank and goes for a second, AND SURVIVES

  9. The best place to use the deag is to hide in the vent on assault and destroy any one who enters vents

  10. Once you shoot 2 Bullets, the Deag just GETS FUCKING SO INACCURATE

  11. well i don't forcebuy deagle armor every round i forcebuy deagle armor and all the utility nades i'm not gonna use instead so it's fine'

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