Do you hate wasting money on smokes? Are high recoil guns too hard for you? Did you come from call of duty? Then fear not! The Cod gun is for you! First, let’s go over some history of the
weapon: The AUG was originally developed in Austria. Since they had practically a non-existent
military, they needed a gun that was easy to use so that any idiot could use it. They even made it into a nice, smooth bullpup
design, unlike any other complex looking guns, so even an 8yr mic spammer can figure out
how to point and click with it. But back in February of 2014, the AUG received
a buff that made it have 0 recoil and the rate of fire of a P90, which made it hilariously
OverPowered. And that’s actually around the time I bought
the game. *COD noob confirmed* Thankfully though, a week later valve nerfed
the gun and made it into what we have today. *I survived AUG week shirt*
“Oh wow, that sure was a mess. At least valve learned from their mistakes
and won’t make another super overpowered gun like this again” *R8 flashbacks* Now let’s move on to some statistics of
the weapon: The cod gun costs $3300 and is only available
on the CT side. It holds 30 rounds of salt silver tears with
a rate of fire is 666 rounds per min, which confirms you are literally the devil if you
use this thing. The damage on it is higher than the M4, so
you can actually 1-shot a helmet at close range. The movement speed on it is slower than the
M4, but that doesn’t matter since it’s not an SMG and you shouldn’t be running
and gunning with it. “Oh but it will make retakes much harder!” Bitch they aren’t even going to be able
to plant in the first place if you have this thing. Now let’s move on to some gameplay tactics
of the weapon: The Cod gun has a fairly simple recoil pattern. And the recoil is half as much when you scope
it. So why do people hate it so much? The COD gun isn’t trash. Don’t listen to people. Who told you it was bad? Some gold nova scrub on reddit? What the fuck do they know? Who gives a shit what they think? “Using the AUG is a crutch!” “I’m only at my rank because my team is
bad” Yep, keep telling yourself that. You have my full permission to use this weapon
at any rank. It is good. People say it’s bad because pro’s don’t
use it. They’d rather have the extra money to buy
a smoke and M4 rather than an AUG. They’re more coordinated with their pushes
and smokes. And see, this is the slight detail everyone
keeps forgetting: They’re pros. You aren’t. You’re playing in MatchMaking. Nobody is coordinated. What’s the point of buying extra smokes
and flashes? You don’t even use them properly. You just throw those things away like they’re
tic- tacs. The only time you should be worried about
having nades is if you’re solo-holding B-site. Then yes, I’d rather have a famas and nades
over an AUG. If you’re on A site with the rest of your
team, just hold angles with the superior scope and take aim duels. You’re too uncoordinated coordinated for
nades. This is matchmaking. It’s just a giant 1v1 server anyways. I can comfortably say that you can use this
gun all the way to LEM without a problem. I will go in matchmaking myself and use nothing
but the AUG because nobody knows what they’re doing. And the best stat of the gun that can’t
be measured is: It tilts the fuck out of people. You die 5 rounds in a row to an AUG, you’re
going to be spewing some obscenities in chat. That is the best part of this gun. And if they shit talk you for using a “noob
gun” just shit talk them back: “Yo bro, you need a protractor to measure
that tilt?” Using the AUG is good and all, but you still
have to know how to rifle properly, so don’t scope in when you need to hip fire. Only scope in if you’re holding and angle
before you see them. See, that’s how you’re supposed to use
this weapon. But if you’re DMG, most gunfights look like
2 idiots crouch-spraying an entire magazine at each other. So if you’re in DMG you were to buy an AUG,
ironically enough, if you were to scope in before every kill, which you shouldn’t,
you’d probably will a good 80% of your gun fights because the other idiot is just going
to be crouch spraying you and missing. The only issue of using this gun is if you
die with it. It’s very expensive to keep rebuying. buying on CT side already costs more than
buying on T side, so you will be at a disadvantage if you use the AUG. Realistically, you should buy an M4 first,
and if you have a good lead over the other team and have enough money, then buy it. Just pad your rounds as much as you can with
it then. It’s extremely easy to build up a ton of
round on CT side when using this gun and managing your money properly. Now let’s see some high-level Global Elite
gameplay of the weapon: Alrighty, So, that’s all there is
to using the COD gun. Tune in next time as I show you how to use
the Dualies. And remember! *UAV ONLINE*

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