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How to Use Heels as a Weapon | Self-Defense

So now I’m going to talk about how to use
everyday objects as weapons. In this case, I’m going to talk about heels,
Okay? So high heeled shoe. So we’re going to focus on stumps, Okay? So, the way we normally would do, you don’t
have to excite her or you don’t have to bring your knees up, you just have to go for it
and hit him with your heels, as simple as that, Okay? You’re going to calculate the middle of the
foot, again, exactly, go for it, exactly, one more time, exactly. That’s one way, that’s if you want to cause
a problem or you want to hit in the foot. If your target is not the foot, you want to
use it against, like let’s say, the knee, it’s the same thing as a front kick. You’re going to kick and you’re going to push,
exactly. You’re going to push with the heel. So again, the most important part is retracting
your toes so you can hit with the heel, Okay? So when you do that, I’m going to flex, Okay? Do it again, one more time, nice. You can also use it to the inside, for the
inside of the leg, but it’s very complicated but if you do it, it’s very effective because
it is very sensitive. By doing this, Okay, for the inside, do it
Okay, one more time, nice, Okay? And of course you can use that against the
groin, that’s the best way to do it, you just go for it from here directly, as a front kick
and you do it with a heel, Okay? Boom, exactly, one more time, boom, again
one more time, Okay. So, those are just a few ways that you can
use with high heels as a weapon.

16 thoughts on “How to Use Heels as a Weapon | Self-Defense

  1. heel attack is done by taking off your shoes one by kicking it off too a side and with second one in your hand you start hitting the enemy with hammer like knocking

  2. push down with your leg (the one grabbed) while pushing off the ground with your free leg. Your aim is to jump close enough to him so that you can get an arm around the back of his neck and pull it into your other hand (a fist) aim for the jaw in an uppercut fashion and coupled with your weight he will most likely fall over then just keep punching >=D jk
    This works because most people expect you to fall backwards not charge in, plus they only have 1 or no free hand for defense
    -Defense teacher

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