73 thoughts on “How to Use a Pen as a Weapon | Self-Defense

  1. *someone *down *with *. *Thanks *so *much

    So many spelling errors… The Grammar Nazi inside can't take this much abuse of the auto correct feature!

  2. Sure when Im watching videos Im like "imma gonna be a peninja!" But when someone really wants to stab me Im gonna run hell out of there.

  3. Is it just me or isn't it a terrible idea to continue defending if you're in the situation where you have a pen and they have a knife?

    On top of this, I'm pretty sure you want to distance yourself from the knife, not "meet" it.

  4. yeah its help full to because this kid he randomly pushed me I  pushed him back I upercuted him in the face and then did a right hook then left hook and he was out cold.

  5. xD This is hilarious–I always attack people with art supplies, especially sharp pencils and pens….My friend drank my only water source and ate my Hershey Kiss, so on the bus (she sits next to me), I had a pencil and kept stabbing her…xD I raged so much that I even stabbed through the seat xP. Whenever I am holding a sharp art supply, people just back away…xD

  6. all my friends stab themselves in the ribs or even back for no reason whit sharpen pencils and they call it the pencil fight and I got stabbed in the ribs so hard that I used 3 bandages to cover up the deep wound.

  7. Why don't you get a more suitable sparring partner? You're male, taller, bigger, and you're using a pretty woman as a theoretical aggressor. Cat fight at the office?

  8. Thanks. So when I'm in school and when someone keeps annoying me.. and I snapped.. this might be useful.. Just kidding, in case bad stuff happen. c:

  9. Parrying/deflecting a knife attack across your body isn't a good idea. I recommend learning escrima (kali knife fighting) to defend against such attacks.

  10. .
    — Good video, and very good explanation. Thank you ! It is very important to know basic self defense tactics, it could be quite useful nowadays, you never know …

  11. Idk, just the fact of stabbing someone disturbs me. Ugh, im getting chills while thinking of the little ball in your neck getting stabbed. Now I gotta go puke.

  12. On holiday, sitting in the grass on a cliff top, a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier came and stood in front of me. I rubbed its ears, and it took first one forearm into its mouth and then the other. I called out "call it off" but realised I could not reach for my bunch of keys in that situation, and I was very vulnerable. Eventually the ill-disciplined animal heeded the shouts of its owner. It all happened in a few seconds. If I had had a pen in my top pocket, I would have been a lot safer.

  13. Using a pen is as good a self defense weapon as anything you can use. Its legal to have legal to use. And with the right techniques It could save your life. I used to teach a women's self defense class and I taught using a pen as a main defense tool. Now a days with Tactical pens even better .

  14. I'd like to give a synopsis of this video for those who just don't have the time: Basically, you can stab a human with a pen anywhere, and it hurts them.

  15. Atackers never act slow.they r so quick and even you can't catch their hands or feets in a second i mean you can't even feel if someone gonna attack u by the sudden …
    Also plastic pens never hurt anyone if they wear jeans like her..pen could break easily

  16. Leftist, like me ( 😉 ) say: Ban those cruel weapons of mass destruction. Those pens are everywhere. Even kids have easy accsseess to them. Pens are evil. I needd to contact Huffpost…

  17. I carry mine with style I have a pocket protector with black vinyl. Carry about 6 at a time for when they break

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