21 thoughts on “How to Use a Lock Pick Gun | Mr. Locksmith Video

  1. Maybe that is why I had no luck, I bought the cheapest one from China I could find.

    (To be clear, yes, China DOES sell high quality stuff, but China also ALLOWS you to buy far below retail price on things, with poor quality control and cheaper materials, which is perfectly fine for some things, especially if you aren't sure you want to own a quality item and pay a lot for it, because you may never use it. I like to think of "Cheap China Junk" as buying cheap working prototypes. I find using those type of products for that purpose, incredibly useful.).

  2. I have a fireproof consul safe I lost the combination and can't find any manufacturer contact is there anyway I can open it?

  3. If you were going to recommend a brand which one would you. Or should I say if your pick broke which one would you replace it with? One other question can you pick a abloy lock? Which tool you you suggest to do it?

  4. I have to be able to enter places quickly in an emergency. While i'm learning to pick locks, I purchased a pick gun for (leo based) entries because my local locksmith indicated to me it would be the quickest to learn to use on my own while taking his course on using picks. this video helped me learn to use it quickly, understand it's strengths and weaknesses, principles of operation, and start opening doors in my house for practice. much appreciated.

  5. Over three minutes in and actually no tutorial on how to use the gun, I'll be fair and watch the whole thing this so far it's ridiculous.

    Make a separate video about the differences between brands and your childhood if you like, but we aren't here for that.

    We're here to be educated on a specific topic.

  6. The pick gun you suggest in your Amazon link is it a cheap china knock ,if so have you used it with sucessful lock openings and is it built to last?

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