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How To Use A Hot Glue Gun the Right Way – Tutorial – DIY – Using a Glue Gun For the First Time

Hi! Lori again from Maker High. Hello
to all my fellow Makers. Today we’re going to talk about how to use a glue gun. So, the first thing you’re going to do is to protect your work surface. If you have a silicone mat, that is fantastic. Totally use that. But if not, you don’t have to invest in anything that fancy. If you have some newspaper or some
parchment paper or some tinfoil, even a piece of
cardboard … anything is fine so long as the nozzle from the glue gun isn’t resting on it. You want it to catch drips you don’t want it to catch fire. FIRE BAD! If this is your first time using a brand new glue gun, you are going to want to insert a glue stick before you plug it in Now, some glue guns have a little switch here on the side that you gonna
turn on and off. most of them don’t so if yours doesn’t have one do not panic and if the tip
starts smoking a little bit that’s okay. It’s to be
expected. They have put a little bit of a non-corrosive chemical on the tip. So, you know, if it continues to smoke
after the first minute or two then you might have a problem, but other than that, you should be okay. Now, we’re gonna wait for the internal
heating element to heat up For the small, mini glue guns, it’s
going to be about 2 minutes and for the larger glue guns, it’s going to take about 5. *off screen* What are you doing, Halford? Don’t force the trigger on your
glue gun. if you wanna check and see if it’s hot enough yet you can pull it very gently. If there is no give, wait another
minute or two but if it seems like it’s good to go, then you should be ready. You’re going to hold your glue gun close to the item. You’re going to press the trigger to advance the glue through the glue gun and out through the nozzle. And then when you have enough glue, release the trigger and pull it away. When your glue stick gets to be
about here in a glue gun you’re just going to want to add another one in through the
back and it’s going to finish feeding through
the one that you have and pull the other one in. As always
remember when you are done using a glue gun to turn off and unplug it even if it’s just leaving the room.
If you haven’t yet take a look at the top 10 things not to
do with a glue gun. It’s basically a safety video. and you should watch it before you use a glue gun for the first time. and that’s basically it! You know, it takes a
little bit of a learning curve, but it’s really not that hard to do its definitely an easy form of gluing things together. It’s pretty quick.
It’s pretty sturdy. If you have any questions ask them
in the comments below. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe,
because that would be awesome. and this is Lori signing off for Maker High, and I’ll see you next time. Bye! Glue gun constellation! Whooooooo If you have any questions ask them *ding sound” Woah, hello?

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