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How To Unlock Infinite Ammo Handgun In Resident Evil 2 Remake | S Ranking Starting Guide

How do you get infinite handgun in Resident
Evil 2 Remake? The answer, is to finish the game with an
S rank on any scenario. And you only have to do it on 1 playthrough. That will add an infinite ammo samurai edge
handgun to your item box with both characters in all their scenarios on any difficulty,
even the ones you didn’t beat. So how do you obtain this magical S rank and
what is the HUGE secret nobody is talking about? Let’s find out! In order to garner that S ranking, the only
thing that matters is your final game time. You can save the game 500 times, you can use
every first aid spray in the game, you can die a million deaths you CAN even use infinite
knife or ammo. I just tested it. And It works. The time requirements are stipulated in the
results menu and it depends if you select first run, 2nd run and the difficulty you
choose. But this video isn’t about how to pwn noobs
with hardcore S+ ranks, it is about the easiest way to get infinite ammo, so here are the
3 main things you need to do before you start. Number 1, select new game first run. First run is easier than 2nd run. Number 2, select the character who you are
most comfortable with and who’s path you know best. Many say Claire is easier. And Number 3, select standard difficulty. This gives you the max time, 3 hours and 30
minutes to complete the game and tons of checkpoints if you mess up. Now that you’ve started it is a race against
the clock. You can check your current game time by pausing. Just don’t trust other online guides. the INVENTORY SCREEN, ITEM BOXES AND MAP DO
NOT STOP THE TIMER! I just tested it. If you need to take a break, take a phone
call, use the new RPD bathorrom or follow wheresbarryb on twitter hit PAUSE. Don’t let time waste away in a puzzle screen
either while you’re looking for the solution. PAUSE, it is the only way to stop the clock. That being said, feel free to chill out during
cut scenes, they do not count. Here’s the big secret. When you die and hit continue, the timer does
NOT restart from your previous save. So if you fought a boss for 7 minutes, then
die and continue, you just lost 7 minutes. To fix this, instead of hitting continue,
just go down to load game, and load from your previous save or auto-save. But this poses a slight problem. this will make the game harder or more accurately
it will never get easier, as Resident Evil games include adaptive difficulty that changes
when you die. If you always reload saves, it means you never
died. the game knows this and will rub it in your
face with pain. The final key lies within you! You will need the skill, knowledge of key
items, practice and experience, or a good online guide, to get to the end in under 3
hours and 30 minutes. But you can do it! “You can do it all night long” Once you’ve unlocked the infinite Samurai
Edge once, it magically transports itself into your item box, on new games and on previous
saves for both characters and in all scenarios. You can use it to collect most trophies and
achievements quicker without penalty, but you can’t get S+ ranks using it. So get the job done and in no time, you’ll
be running around Raccoon City bustin up zombies with your infinite ammo Samurai Edge. The game also lest you unlock infinite knife,
machine gun, mini gun and rocket launcher, so stay tuned for future videos. Crimson Army, have you unlocked infinite ammo
yet? Are you having trouble? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
to like and subscriibbe!

100 thoughts on “How To Unlock Infinite Ammo Handgun In Resident Evil 2 Remake | S Ranking Starting Guide

  1. You have a guide or tips to get an S rank such as the puzzles, combinations, and tricks or shortcuts on avoiding certain monsters or suprisies.

  2. Hi am haven problem whith mr X he won’t let me do a thing trying to get some where bang here he is punching me or leading me right to a other monster

  3. I played as Claire ,When I made it out of the Police station, I never got the smg cuz I didn’t know how. I have over 4 stacks of smg ammo. I was so stupid. I can’t go back for it anymore

  4. Is it me or at 2:22 there a part missing between "does not restart your previous save…" & "and load your previous save…"?

  5. Question: If I do a Hardcore S+ run, will I unlock the infinite samurai edge along with the infinite launcher/minigun?

    I’m wondering if I can save time by unlocking 2 weapons in one run instead of doing a separate run for each.

  6. Man no matter what i do or which character i do on the first run i always go over by an hour or half hour i just cant get it

  7. I was stressing so bad thought I couldn’t do this.. lol beat it in 2:41:39 first time and got my infinite handgun 🙂

  8. In my 2nd run with Claire, I spent less time in the sewers and lab than the police station/parking lot area

  9. Getting infinite handgun is a piece of cake. Now getting infinite rocket launcher is ugh..
    Also, Fighting a locker with a handgun, lol

  10. Can you get the unlimited ammo gun on assisted difficulty in anytime? You said it can be achieved on any difficulty does that include assisted?

  11. So you have to do multiples campaigns to try to unlock infinite ammo only to replay the exact campaign again? You can only do so much with a ps1 game remake.

  12. I miss having an infinite L.Hawk so to cope with it I reinstalled re5 remastered and there it was my beautiful infinite RPG and L.Hawk 🤧

  13. A Youtuber named Darkness has the best guides. Hes not a speed runner, but he will get you through the game on hardcore S+ rank with ease. If you want to beat the game on all scenarios and acquire S+ rank, go watch Darkness.

  14. if you try to do hardcore s+ rank in claire scenario, are you then allowed to juse the samurai edge (albert model), and then still unlock minigun and submachine gun?

  15. Watched this video today, got infinite handgun just yesterday. Didn't know how my noob ass managed to do it, but I'm proud of myself. So the cutscenes doesn't affect the total playthrough time?? Kidding me, I skipped almost all of them cause I thought so. But anyways thank you for an informative video Barry 🙂

  16. better to play it with getting ammos than infinite, it makes the game too easy with infinite ammo I like it more challenging, that's why its survival horror I rather face them than ran away,, I didn't care about the infinite ammo, infinite knife will be good enough and as long as I finish the game that's it just my opinion

  17. An s rank is difficult. How can i finish in 3:30 hours if i am slow at getting ammo or fighting all the monsters, and even getting the items for puzzles passwords and doors? All these need time. And every player has his own rythm

  18. First play through I spend almost 15 hours with leon and 10 hours with Claire. Second play through with leon (after watching a speed run video) it took me 2h42min. Looking to get under 2 hours on my next run!

  19. What’s the point of getting infinite ammo when you finish the game? It’s like getting infinite money in the grave.

  20. Why work for getting all infinite ammo types when you can buy it. I have tried working to get everything and God dam it is stressful… i just wanna enjoy the game and take my time

  21. So if I bought the samurai edge gun in the PlayStation store, it would not come with infinite ammo. I thought it would

  22. Practice or just buy the $5 dlc 🙂 I honestly only finally got this game cause of that, I just want the story and don’t wana conserve ammo 🙈🤗 happy they catered to noobs like me

  23. To get S rank in Hardcore Mode for either character: you need to beat the game in 2 hours and thirty minutes or less.

  24. I was so stupid to conserve all of my item, i have 6 rgb herbs, 6 large gunpowder, 1 tank, 60 ammo pistol, 14 magnum, 6 knives. Then i just finished the both scenarios and 2nd runs. It doesnt carry over item my effort to save all of those items where pointless goddamn.

  25. lol. RE7 didn't have a time limit to unlocking infinite ammo. It's madhouse difficulty almost made me lose my mind over trying to unlock it. THAT was super hard enough.

  26. DO NOT SMOKE POT WHILE PLAYING THIS GAME!!! You will forget where everything is. You will bump into zombies. You will try to pet the dogs. The tyrant will give you panic attacks. And you will get a D score. Or atleast i did.

  27. I played each characters A and B scenarios on standard so 4 runs 2 each character first just to enjoy the game and get collectibles, this has made me familiar with the layouts so I tried Leon A standard and got S rank and I've just got Claire A standard S rank! 🙂 now I need 2 runs 1 each character on hardcore mode! 😬

  28. I thought there was a trophy for picking every item/doing everything possible to do in a single playthrough. So I spent 21 hours, 37 minutes, and 13 seconds of my life leaving no stone unturned, just to find out there is no trophy for it.
    That night I sat in the shower rethinking my life, because that's some serious f*cking dedication for something that doesn't even exist.

    F*ck my life

  29. I can’t play this game without unlimited ammo! I just can’t. I can do Fromsoftware’s difficulty, but i can’t do Resident Evil’s scarce ammo count. But boy, what a game, until you played it. Unlimited ammo makes killing zombies fun.

  30. I hate this game simply cuz i cant unlock inf ammo for other guns and i cant beat hardcore standard was hard enough inf ammo shoulda just been a DLC 😉

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