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How To Take A Data Log From Your Sniper EFI System

Some day you may find yourself in need of
taking a data log with your Sniper EFI system. It’s going to be simple to review data on
your own or to email a file to somebody else for review. There are two ways that you can take a dat
log and I’m going to discuss both options with you today. One method is to use the 3.5 inch LCD touch
screen and you can data log directly to the SD card. The other method we’re going to discuss is
using the PC based Sniper EFI software and data logging directly to your lap top. One of the things that you will need if your
data logging with the 3.5 inch LCD touch screen is going to be an SD card reader in order
to get that data out of it. If your PC does not have a built in SD card
reader, you can get a USB based add on SD card reader at a reasonable price. If you’re going to data log directly to the
PC, you will need to get the part number 558-443 USB that will plug in to your cam connection
in place of your 3.5 inch LCD. Let’s go take a look at our Camaro and we’ll
show you how to get these data logs taken care of. To take your data log using a 3.5 inch LCD
touch screen, you simply need to go to the home page, select logging, and to start the
data log simply select start log. Once you’ve recorded the data that you want
to log, you can simply select stop log to end the logging function. One thing to make note of if you select files,
you will not be able to view the actual data log files that are stored on the SD card. However if you want to delete that data log
or delete all of the logs that are stored on the SD card, you can do so by selecting
delete log, or erase all. From this point you’d want to shut your ignition
off, and remove the SD card from the 3.5 inch LCD touch screen. We’ll then go insert that into our SD card
reader and we’ll show you how to mange those files. Once you’ve completed taking your data log
with your 3.5 inch LCD touch screen, you’ve removed the SD card, in order to access those
files, you simply need to insert the SD card through a suitable SD card reader, and then
browse to the SD card on your lap top. When you open the SD card you’re going to
see a folder labeled save data logs. You can then copy and paste the log into an
email or you can save it through a different location of your choice to be accessed later. To take a PC based data log, you’ll need the
USB dongle part number 558-443. This will connect in place of your 3.5 inch
LCD touch screen. Care should be taken when disconnecting the
3.5 inch LCD, make sure that you completely depress the release and pull on the connectors. Be careful not to pull on the harness as you
could damage it. Once you’ve got it connected and you connect
into the back of your PC, your communication status at the top will change from off line
to USB link. With ignition in the run position, you can
select USB link to sync with your ECU. This screen will close out in about 5 seconds. Once it says that your online, you can now
take a data log. To start a data log with the PC based software
you would click on the clipboard, to start the log and you’ll notice the color changed
from brown to red. Once you’ve completed taking the data log,
you can click on the clipboard a second time, that will stop the logging process and allow
you to label the log. The default log will be by date as well as
time and you also have the ability to re-label it as you see fit and simply select save. We’ve completed taking our data log directly
to the laptop using our Sniper EFI software and our 558-443 USB dongle. Let’s take a look at how to access these files
and how to bring them up where we can view them in the data log viewer. Once you have completed taking the data log
with the Sniper EFI software, or you have downloaded a saved dat log from the SD card
that you had previously removed from your 3.5 inch LCD touch screen, you can open a
data log viewer by clicking on data log, and then open data log. You can then browse to the location that you
have saved the .dl or data log file to and open it by simply double clicking the file. Congratulations on successfully taking and
opening up a dat log in your data log viewer. Holley’s provided several tools to aid you
in utilizing this data to your advantage. For more details on utilizing these tools
in a data log viewer, you will want to read the instructions that are incorporated in
the software. You will want to go to help, contents, and
browse to the data logging section and read this thoroughly. For more helpful Sniper EFI videos and tech
tips, go to

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