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How to Submit Documents Online for the Texas Concealed Handgun License CHL

Starting in September 2013. The Texas Department
of Public safety has allowed instructors and users to upload their information electronically.
Rather than having to make up a packet and mail it to DPS. This video is going to show
you how that works. Go to the Texas DPS website, and click on Concealed Handgun. Click on that
and if you have a form you need to upload such as a certificate of training or some
other attachment for your application. Click contact us. Select a program from the drop
down menu. You can see
they have all the DPS regulated programs here. You are going to select concealed handgun. You are going to scroll down you will notice all the mailing information but right after that is what we are interested in and that is the section to submit information electronically now you have to fill out all your information in regard to what it is you are going to be uploading or what you are contacting the department about so you can select new application or renewal process. there is also status questions, fees etc. select new application you are going to fill in all of this information drivers license, date of birth, etc. any information you are entering for a question if you are attaching a form you would type in here
“submitting form ________” down below you will attach the file(s) to attach a file is real simple, select “choose a file” go find the file on your computer locate the file, click on the file click on “open” it will attach the file here on the form click on the “upload” button which is going to attach it to the email form. click the button that says “submit form” if everything is filled out it will submit the form and file directly to DPS just as if you had mailed the form to them. once you click upload there is a green notice that tells you the file is attached. once you have clicked submit form you will see the “thank you” page. everything goes to the State of Texas, everyone is happy and your work is done. You will receive a confirmation email from Texas DPS stating that they have received your email. look for that in your inbox and you are all finished. if you have any other questions about the Texas CHL or firearms in general please leave a comment or question below or visit our website

15 thoughts on “How to Submit Documents Online for the Texas Concealed Handgun License CHL

  1. should I upload ea doc as I get it like the chl 100 then fingerprints etc.. or should I upload all docs at one time? dose I matter?

  2. whats going on, its 2016 now and I am having trouble with submitting/uploading my CHL 100 form, they say not to have special characters in the file but everytime I upload my pdf file they come up with the special characters and I don't know how to fix this issue, youre not a computer tech but any help would be great, thanks!

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