How To Store Ammunition

how to store ammo ammunition organize ammo calibers hi it’s AlaskaGranny prepper I am preparing to go to the shooting range I’m getting my things
together and I thought I would share tips on how I store my ammo or ammunition I store ammo for shotguns in a big box all the same
gauge per box so whichever I am going to take I can grab the box choose the ammo I need when I come back I can put extra back in if I need to if I am going to be out for a long time I might take the whole box just depends today I am taking a 16 gauge shotgun and a 38 special handgun I keep ammo for shotguns in larger cases and ammo for rifles and revolvers in smaller boxes simply because the size of them and then I can’t carry them around here is one of the things I like about the big box it has a little spot on the top I can keep things in here I need like glasses chapstick nail file I have locks for these if the little guys are around these come with a spot you can put your lock on it and what I do is I have a little dental tool learned at a gun show when you take your box of ammo you don’t want to tear it all up you may not want to use it all so take the dental tool slide it in here and you can easily pop open the box without tearing it and you can take out
what you need put some backin and and slide it closed
you can do is over and over and it won’t tear your box I thought that was
really nifty so I enjoy using it for that I take left over hand and foot warmers when you are done with them they no longer heat still absorb moisture I take left over ones and drop them in the ammo boxes to absorb moisture keeps moisture away from ammo if you have lots of different calibers get a different organization for each one this is what I do
since I am going to the shooting range I make sure I have my eyes and ears I have my guns unloaded in their cases and I am ready to go organize your ammo please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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