45 thoughts on “How to Stop Your Low Back Pain at Home “Shotgun Approach”

  1. I can feel knots in my back, when I move slightly I can hear and feel pops and snaps. It often sends spikes through my fingers, toes and/or head. Can you please direct me towards more information? Has been going on for months now

  2. Thank you most sincerely for the excellent therapy sessions & Wishing you both great success ib all your business projects in the coming year ** Merry X-Mass and happy new year

  3. I just found out this year that I had bilateral sciatica. I'm in physical therapy 1 A week now. And I'm in constant pain in my lower back and legs. Your videos always helped me when I was first diagnosis

  4. I have a titanium protesis on my back, because i had a herniated disc, now i started to feel pain in my legs, so motivated by the fear i started to search about exercises, and i found your videos, and i dicovered the McKenzie method thanks to you, my therapist weren't good as you, i tested your exercices and now i feel better. Of all doctors i had, no one teach me the McKenzie method, i dont know i they were bad or they just want some money, becuase the operations are very expensive. Thanks guys for your job.

  5. Trust me there is nothing better than medical marijuana for your back! Relief in 10 minutes or less. And also it's great for sciatica . All those pills aren't good for your stomach!

  6. You guys are great !! My son in law just herniated a disk and is in pain . These excersise s are going to help with the pain , thank you

  7. I take my pain killers then get out my yoga mat and do what my body tells me. Windshield wipers is a great exercise, I actually take it a stage further and let my legs fall to one side. Then, if they're over to the left, I'll rest my left foot on my right knee which creates a lumbar twist and stretches the hip and quad, then repeat on the other side. That works wonders for me, it's a nice gentle way to do a twist and if you put your foot on the knee it adds in the hip and quad stretch.

  8. So important! My acute phase lasted about two weeks, despite taking high dosage naproxen as well as muscle relaxers. Finally I was able to get to the doctor and they gave me a pain shot in my arm. I've gotten a lot better over two months but I still have the basic pain from SI and up and over. Some days it flares up after sitting, so it's back to bed and back on meds. I've seen a few chiropractors and am seeing a PT. I wonder if I'll ever be normal again…

  9. I have 3 large herniated discs L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1 which caused spinal stenosis and sciatica. Any suggestions on what to do?

  10. hi, I'm suffering of mild osteophytes L4,L5, my questions are, Is there a possibility will back to normal my  lumbar area? is there any possibility I can do yoga now or after my treatment? please help me I'm worried.

  11. Where are you guys located I need to see you. I’ve been having low back pain that goes from my glute and wraps around my pelvis to the front.
    Years of aggravating treatments that don’t work. They tried giving me pain pills witch I won’t take because I’m only 38 years old and I think that will ruin my life.

  12. How much walking, swimming can I do after third day of back strain? My life enjoyment mostly comes from being active and the Doctor I saw told me not to exercise for three days.

  13. Sir I am facing back problem from last year It has been A long time and I am continuously facing that pain plz Help me what to do This pain was due to wait lifting at gym!

  14. Did you guys ever do a piece on car seats and the best way to have them adjusted for proper support and taking pressure off low back?

  15. are these safe to do if the back pain radiates to the lower tummy area too? mine doesn't affect my legs but goes around my waist.

  16. Can I sleep with the leg support every night, all night? Someone told me, that it would shorten the hamstrings and that would be bad. Please let us know.

  17. So very painful can’t take anymore anti inflammatorys because thay raised my blood pressure 4bulging discs in lumbar spine 1bulging disc in neck

  18. I found the car lumbar products aren’t thick enough. I use a medium size pillow and works better and doesn’t sink into where the car seat folds

  19. I have 3 bulging disc. I got it when I was in my early 20s. Now Im im my early 40s it attack me again. And the pain is so excruciating. Im going to try the exercise. Ty so much

  20. As a physiotherapist and McKenzie practitioner, I find this video a gross oversimplification of the McKenzie concept that is as likely to hurt people as it is to help. You tube people, if you can't see a therapist and want to know more about the method touched on here look up the book "Treat your own back" by Robin McKenzie.

  21. I take 600 mg 3 times and methadone and muscle relaxer I can’t work my bed raises my feet nothing works I’ve had all the injections you can have yearly for the past 8 years haven’t worked in 4 years ugh 😑 every pm dr says they can do better than the last lies lies lies

  22. Thanks guys. The warning about stopping Ibuprofen (and other NSAIDs like Voltaren etc.) is very important. Continued use of Ibuprofen can damage the stomach lining, leading to Gastritis, in turn leading to possible stomach cancers. Not good. I used NSAIDs for years to deal with muscle pain, migraines, and it was a bad idea.

  23. I have found it so useful tip for my back pain also scoliosis with right shoulder and hip higher than the left side which causes me back, neck pain and micraine. Thank you from Thailand for your great advice.

  24. Hello, Brad had mentioned the push up movement is not good for spinal stenosis, what movement is best for spinal stenosis and herniated disk both in L3-L4.

  25. Thank you so much for making these videos! I’ve been dealing with lower back pain for a few months and have had lots of trouble finding ways to help it and your channel is the first thing that has really helped me 🙂

  26. Someone please help me !! My L1 and S1 are both bulging. My s1 injury happened 4 days ago and I was supposed to start a new job in 2 more days. I have exactly 9 days to get me as strong and healthy as possible. What can I do and is this possible. My job is a full time pool service technician the most lifting I have to do is loading my truck with 16+ gallons of chemicals and the thought out the day I have to kneel down to test the pools, then I use a 7ft net to clean the pools. With a total 12 days of recovery and physical therapy could I start work ????

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