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  2. Can anyone suggest a stretch i can do to get my legs straight during a L sit ..?? Im so close but can not straighten my legs

  3. Can someone please help me I know that it's probably very simple for lots of people. But every time I try to do just a normal squat I fall back. How do I fix this ? Squats should be so simple shouldn't they ?

  4. My 10 year-old daughter saw me watching the video and did 10 pistol squats just like that (she's into her 4th year in dancesport) while I still can't even do one. Man, oh man, sure makes you feel feeble… 😂😂

  5. I just started knee raises and i realize i have a weak core. I always swinging and cant even do 2 knee raises haha

  6. I love love these series! I am a beginner and I love the way you break down each move and show it how to do it in perfect form. As well as how many sets to do, and when to move up to a new move and how to do it to bring out the maximum of each workout. Like this, I not only have the vision of where I want to get but how to get there. It really keeps me motivated to keep on going because I see results. Thank you!

  7. One thing that kinda ruins this for me is I was born with very bad hamstrings so keeping my legs straight while bringing them up is impossible for now, I should probably stretch them everyday

  8. Buddy U r too good in training.. Hats Off.. I really follow u a lot.. It's my daily routine of watching 1 video before sleep.. it motivates a lot..

  9. I always thought holding weight in front of you made pistols easier. This alleviates the need to counterbalance, which keeps you from falling on your butt–the hardest part of the pistol.

  10. I am focusing on the workout program from your app. When can I fit these progressions in , do I do them on my rest days or?

  11. Pure beginners cant even do a pull up and you want them to do Pistol squats and L sits? Even some of my friend who have been training hard for over 9 months can only do 2 pull ups so far

  12. I don't have dip bars near me, but I have a pull up bar in my apartment that's mounted on a door(I can move it), can I use it for L-sit progressions?

  13. Thank you so very much Chris Heria! You keep teaching me every single day! Respect Bro! Best regards from Vancouver-Canada👍🏻

  14. Man I feel like you could have a much better content by decreasing the length, 18 minutes is a long time, I always come in here intrigued by the title to realize it’s really long

  15. Hey Chris. I’m trying to find a quick answer in this. I have slight knee pain in one knee from doing pistol squats incorrectly. Should I go back to doing assisted pistol squats to try and fix the form or wait for the pain to go away?

  16. Thank you! Yesterday I held L-sit for the first time.

    21/2/19: It was only 2 seconds but I’ll work on it 😀

    3/3/19: I held L-sit for 20 seconds thank you Chris !

  17. I did legs today… and I tried this routine.. Its great but I have a balance problem and my legs kept on shaking… I hope you do a video about how to get more balance.. .. 🔥💜🔥

  18. So, i have a question. For the leg raises, im not able to keep my leg straight. What should i do?

    Greetings from Canada btw

  19. How do I keep my legs straight? I could do knee raising but not the leg raises, I always seem to bend my knees when I try doing the leg raises

  20. My word that camera work! It's like the camerapersonage (don't want to trigger anyone) was trying to mount said camera on a fidgety ferret mid-video.

  21. Chris I've been pointing my legs straight when I pistol squat…that explains the clicking🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. Hey I'm late but like I have quad pain when doing leg raises and I think they are too right. So what do you suggest I do?

  23. Pistol squat negatives are also a good progression. & once you can do 10-15 on each leg you can try the shrimp squat which is alooot harder.

  24. One Question to the polymetric jumping squats, it looks like your knees surpass your feet when you absorb the impact. Is that correct? Because if i try to avoid that i just fall backwards?

  25. Hey, thx for the vids but How to learn L-sit without dips bar or any Equipement ? do you have some tips plz ?: p

  26. I don't know, Chris if you'll take this as a compliment but I got addicted to calisthenics since i subscribed to your channel! 😂 Props to you, bro! 😊

  27. The way Chris breaks down the progressions are superb. I came across his videos a few weeks ago and my workout routine has truly improved. So grateful to have found these videos.

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