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How to Size your Firearm to Fit your Body: Measuring Length of Pull

Hardwood Gunstocks Hi I’m Randy Boyd with Boyds gunstocks.
Watching a kid shoot for the first time is a great example of what happens when a firearm
doesn’t fit you properly. They struggle with balance, their head’s too far back on the stock
and they can’t even find the sighting plain. When they do shoot there is excessive muzzle
jump and recoil. In many cases they’re even unsafe. We did a test with a large group of
adult shooters and found that out of adults 62% didn’t fit the average length of gunstock
provided to them. This is referred to length of pull. Length of pull is the measurement
from the center of the trigger to the center of the recoil pad or buttplate. 62%! Length
of pull is so important when it comes to your shooting. Pointing should just come naturally.
The naked truth is that most guns are manufactured as a one size fits all, so we just learn to
adapt. Do you know how to tell if your stock fits you? I’d like you to try this. Using
your firearm place a piece of tape on the comb. Make a mark on the comb 5 3/4 inches
back from the center of the trigger. This distance on a Boyd design as well as most
other manufactures marks the ideal location for the tip of your nose.
Next you want to be in a proper shooting stance with your shoulders 45 degrees to your target.
To help with this, stand in a corner with your shoulders evenly touching the walls.
Pick a target parallel with the wall and don’t worry about sight acquisition. Place the gun
to your shoulder and just drop your head naturally, don’t stretch your neck. Keep your eyes on
the target, drop your head down on the comb and mark where your nose touches the comb.
If you need help, have someone help you with this and do it several times to ensure consistency.
And again, do what comes naturally. Now you have your 5 3/4 inch mark and where
your nose touched. Now, measure the length of pull on your firearm. Again that’s from
the center of the trigger to the center of the recoil pad or buttplate. In this case
I have 13 3/4 and I have a quarter inch difference between my marks. Now, any distance toward
the trigger, you’ll add it to the 13 3/4. Any distance towards the butt you’ll subtract
it from the 13 3/4. This will give you your length of pull. So shown here on a Boyds length of pull test gage, the further back your nose goes the
shorter your length of pull. The farther ahead it goes, the longer your length of pull. As
I stated previously, 62% of us should be shooting a different length stock. That’s big. A custom
length of pull feature has always been expensive with long waiting periods, putting it out of
reach for most of us. But it’s now affordable from Boyds and built in 5 days or less. I’m
Randy Boyd and that’s The Naked Truth. Thanks for watching.

57 thoughts on “How to Size your Firearm to Fit your Body: Measuring Length of Pull

  1. Like your vid, Kinda wish it would answer questions, would it be worth it to fit an inexpensive entry level shotgun and train with that so I dont get into bad habits if and when I get the more expensive guns..

  2. That was the first thing I noticed on my Remington 700 XCR. The length of pull is way too short for me. Can not wait till my platinum shows up!

  3. I did this technique on three different rifles and got the same result: LOP = 16.5". Which explains why no rifles ever fit me without adding spacers of my own. Interestingly, the old timey wisdom of measuring from elbow crook to tip of trigger finger is also 16.5" on me. Thanks for the video.

  4. wouldn't it make more sense to start a child with something that has a telescoping stock. or just a smaller gun

  5. Ok so if i understand this correctly, my stock was 13 3/4" but i had an extra 1/4 to add so i guess that means my stock is a touch too short and i need a 14" L.O.P. stock.

  6. Randy, Hello i have a marlin 336. Racking the lever throws my point of aim off because i have to cant the gun to complete level action,so second shots are really slow. How do you fit the butt or cast on a lever action?

  7. Great video and educational! I find most people just shrug their shoulders when I ask them how their stock fits them.
    (Also, very soothing voice. -No homo)

  8. I actually called Boyd's back in 2005 and asked if getting a LOP longer than their regular 13" was possible; unfortunately it was not at that time.
    It's great to see it is now an option.
    had to use an extended butt piece to give me the 14.5" I had become accustomed to.

  9. Can a proper LOP be different for different rifles on the same shooter?

    I did this test with two different rifles- one has a Monte Carlo style stock, the other was an AR15. In both cases, marked off 5.75" from the trigger as per video and shouldered the rifle.

    On the Monte Carlo, I ended up being right on, so apparently I am one of the 38% that fits a standard 13.75" LOP.

    On the AR however, I landed 1.5" behind the mark. This was with the stock fully extended, which gives about a 13" LOP. But according to the video, if I'm behind the mark 1.5", I should shorten the LOP 1.5". Doing that on a 6 position AR stock means collapsing it several notches. And it just doesn't feel right. When I first got an AR, I just assumed I'd use it fully extended, because I'm 6'4" (though most of that is in the lower half) and so that's what I've always done. It feels doable if I shorten it one, maybe two notches, but shorter than that just doesn't feel right.

    So this leaves me with two question- why on the Monte Carlo stock does this test say I should be in a 13.75" LOP, while the same test on the AR suggests an 11.5" LOP? A second, why does what this test says should be a proper LOP feel so wrong on the AR?

  10. Does this work with all rifles, and shotguns? I'm kinda new to the rifle stuff lol.. I am having most issues with my ak47.. I have the Zhukov adjustable stock but I can't figure out where I like it best.. I feel like when I have it collapsed all the way I can't hold it tighter to my body and control recoil a little better but feels more comfortable when I have it opened up all the way

  11. Very good video. At 6'7" I have to adjust length of pull on every firearm I own. This was helpful. thank you.

  12. Boyds Gun Stocks: I've purchased a few Boyds gun stocks for my Ruger 10/22's which fit great but when I ordered the stock for my Remington 700 the stock is too long for me, I have to stretch my neck forward to be able to see through the Scope correctly. Can you give me an idea how to cut down the stock if that's possible or would I be able to send the stock to you guys & have it done? It's a featherweight thumbhole, I don't recall having the option for different lengths of pull, it's been a couple of years since I bought it, but haven't been able to use it for that reason. Thanks

  13. I can not wait until next year. I am buying a Boyd for my 50th birthday to go on my birthday gift I am also buying Remmington 700 6.5creed…… Boyds Featherweight Thumbhole is going to loooook so sweet. Thanks Boyds for making such a great product cant wait to hold it 😍

  14. Odd that noses are used as a reference point since they come in varying shapes and sizes. But I'll give it a go nonetheless! Thanks.

  15. If I have a big nose and take a measurement and a person who has an identical build and arm length as me but has a shorter, flatter nose, this method would determine a vastly different length of pull for identically built people. The length of pull could change as much as 3/4 of an inch or more depending on the size of two individual’s noses. What am I missing?

  16. Every gun I tried this on the distance from the center of the trigger to my nose was between 6.75" and 8". So by this method I would shorten my stocks… The problem I's I'm 6'4" and they all feel to short as is. Even when I try this method on my mossberg plinkster .22LR the distance from the center of the trigger to my nose is 7.25" so I would have to shorten the 14.5" LoP to 13"

  17. With my Bettinsoli 12g shotgun, the tip of the top lever is in the same vertical plane as the finger rest on the trigger i.e. where you would measure the 5 3/4 " from. Is this a coincidence or a handy short cut for most o/u shotguns?

  18. Can’t be using blaser rifles for a demo and not make blaser stocks !

    In all seriousness love your products!
    Please start making stocks for the blaser r93

  19. I have a really long nose, how does that effect the measurement? should I subtract the extra 2 inches for the extra length of my nose.

  20. Geez, how did i miss this all my years?? I have super long arms and wide shoulders . Every rifle i have has always felt short and cramped to me.

  21. Thank you for the explanation. Just want to know in the configuration page of Boyd's, if you choose, let's say a 13 3/4 length of pull stock, then you have to add in the order the recoil pad. Let's say 1/2 pad., the question is: the final result of length would be 14 1/4" right?
    In this case, you have to consider as an extra the pad for the total length?

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