17 thoughts on “How To Sight In Your Rifle

  1. Haven't taken it out in a while but my 458 Weatherby Mag is my favorite. Has a 4-15 Leopold on it that opens up my eye brow every time I shoot it but what a gun. Not much it won't stop!

  2. I am currently building my dream rifle right now… Building an AR 10/ .308 platform AR. It will be my new hunting rifle that I hope to use for hogs, bears, deer, or whatever else I need it too. I love all your videos btw, but my build is a 16" carbine extention gun and I looked at some of your previous videos where you and Sara were going over your rifles and thinking about getting some of the cheek welds for this gun. My optic will probably be a Vortex 1X8X32. Shooting a Hornady Ballistic tip 160grain.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. My 25-06 has been my grocery getter for over 30 years. In fact just this year I had to get a new scope. I had never had to adjust my scope ever for thirty plus years. And, I don't baby my rifle. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

  4. this is just how I sight in my rifles. only thing i do different is put a fowling shot at 25 before i start making corrections, just to heat up the barrel. I shoot a Tikka T3 6.5×55 with shitty factory ammo (bloody expensive in NZ) and im 2.5 inches high at 100m (do all my shooting in meters) 2.5 low at 200m and 14 inches low at 300, the farthest I am comfortable shooting an animal. I had a Howa in 243 when I was doing pest control for the local farmers. had the thing suppressed (over the counter in NZ) and it was an absolute beaut. sold it to put some new mud tyres on my truck! Also I do all of my sighting in with a bipod or over my pack, Im confident in my shooting and want to be sighting in with what I will be shooting off of in the field, and I dont have a lead sled!

  5. My go to is my AXIS II XP 243 Savage with AccuTrigger, set at 1.5lbs. with Federal Premium green tip ammo..

    And if i'm going after a larger boar, i use my Remington Model 700 308 WIN, with Federal Premium ammo..

    And for brush busting, I use my Remington 760 30-06 pump with an 18.1/2inch barrel.. It's loud and proud, and gets most any job done! lol..

  6. Concentrating on keeping your eye on the POA (even though scope moves) helps a lot. That is a good detail you brought attention to. It really tightens groups. Keeping a firm hand squeeze on the follow through helps also. Particularly for offhand shooting which is pretty much all I do these days. Being surprised for trigger pull I have found occurs with lighter triggers . I can't seem to achieve that with the 3 lb. trigger pull weights I set on my rifles. It worked with bench rest shots from a precision rifle with a light trigger. They were good groups at 200 yards(.75 inch 3 shot groups on average). The surprise factor does contribute to precision. Been wearing Carhart since the early 1980's(love their products-a little pricey)

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