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How To Shotgun A Beer | Raging Mammoth Sabertooth Review

Always remember to wear these safety glasses. (soft music, sound of food being chopped) So my name is Jimmy, and this is the Beer Tusk from Raging Mammoth. It’s one of the few things I’ve ever backed on Kickstarter. Nobody sent this to us, I backed this on Kickstarter God knows how long ago, and it’s a keychain-sized device that allows you to easily shotgun a standard can of beer. Now, one thing do I have to say, it’s not designed as a bottle opener, so do not be under that illusion. It’s just slightly the wrong size to open a standard bottle. But what it does open pretty well, you want to make sure you’re lined up kind of with the top of your can, and take it in from a little bit of an angle, and you punch a hole through the side of the can. And this is for shotgunning, which is a time-honored tradition. And it creates a very nice, uniform hole
(Phil in background: Wow!) through which you can drink all the beer pretty quick.
(Phil in background: That’s legitimately cool.) Yeah, so, like if you’re used to using a ballpoint pen, or your keys, you’ve stabbed your hand, you’ve embarrassed yourself in front of exchange students, and you’ve just felt generally like an ass, this thing is fantastic. And I don’t know what the hell these cost nowadays, but it was, it was a really great deal when I got it on Kickstarter. So you can just.. (music) (drops can on the ground) And that’s all you need to do! And you drink a beer!
(Phil in background:That was like five…) Because that’s America!
(Phil in background: That was like five seconds!) Yeah?
(Phil in background: Or less! That was amazing!) So, yeah. (Jimmy in background: So here, to the uninitiated.)
(Courtney in background: Wow, [unintelligible]) (Jimmy: Yep, so you..) Do you use a finger? Does it matter? (Jimmy: Um, no, it doesn’t really matter, it’s a…)
(Courtney in background: Good luck!) (Jimmy: You, you want it, so, you want, you want it to go…yeah.)
(Phil: There?) (Jimmy: Yep, straight up and down, so you don’t get any spillage.) (Courtney laughing)
Phil: Well, I don’t know what I expected. (Jimmy: These things happen to all guys.)
Courtney: (laughing) Phil: And then…
(Jimmy: And then you put it up to your mouth first.) Phil: First? And then pop…
(Jimmy: First, and then you put it up to your mouth first, and then you put the can upright… ( that the lid is at the top.)
Phil: And I bring the whole thing back? (Jimmy: Yes. So..)
Phil: Okay. (Jimmy: And now, now, yep..) (music) (unintelligible) Okay!
(Jimmy laughing in background) (John: What kind of rating would you give this?) Um…I’d give it a Natalie Portman out of Helen Mirren. It’s fantastic. I wouldn’t say it’s changed my life because if I wound up changing my life because of this I’d probably be in jail right now, but it really great if you enjoy shotgunning beers.
(outro music begins) It’s the only sport I’m good at. It’s the only athletic event I’m good at. So, uh, if you’re a fan of drinking beer really quickly from a can, the Raging Mammoth Beer Tusk, it’s your guy. (John: Say bye.)
Bye! (John: Say bye bye! Say bye bye!)
Uh buh-bye. (music)

18 thoughts on “How To Shotgun A Beer | Raging Mammoth Sabertooth Review

  1. I've come to the conclision that in prettygoodcookingHQ everyone is either perpetually drunk and/or high. Or at least one person at any given time.

  2. Hey man, just to let you and everyone else know this is the beer tusk model, not the saber tooth model. Still a good vid man! Happy shotgunning.

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