100 thoughts on “How to Shotgun a Beer | Drinking Games

  1. We do something like this in England that uses the same air flow principle, and it's called a strawpedo.
    Putting a straw into the open drink and then tipping it as you drink (drinking through the mouthpiece and not the straw) lets the air flow through and you can chug your drink quicker.

  2. Dude you gotta cover the hole and let the pressure from the carbonation in the can force it down you’re throat. You’re otherwise just chugging it

  3. In Australia I learned to do this by puncturing it on the same side as the mouthpiece and towards the bottom. That way you can lift it straight and slam it down fast. The bigger the hole the quicker it disappears.

  4. 你們老美會這樣喝啤酒一定是因為沒喝過台灣啤酒,台灣啤酒全世界第一最好喝,哪像美國啤酒那樣難喝到爆炸….

  5. i just shotgunned a beer right now and i’m 8 and size of a tomato while it’s tuesday night on a monday morning

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