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How to Shoot More Accurate | Proper Sight Alignment | Tactical Rifleman

all right this week we want to talk
about how to read shot groups we want to talk about some of the mistakes people
make when zeroing more specifically we want to focus on site alignment all
right now this this first shot group here all right three bullets like to
circle them all right now see how the height wise height wise that’s a good
shot group these rifles are capable of you know you should be able to cover
that shot group with a dime height wise that’s that’s a tight shot group that
shooter did good on their elevation however this bullets way out here now
according to what the drill sergeants put out in basic training if you have a
wide shot group like that obviously that’s your trigger squeeze
you jerk that bullet you jerk that gun off to the side with your trigger
squeeze they would say if it was up and down it was your breathing if it was
side to side that was your trigger squeeze I honestly that 99% of times
that’s not the case at all what the what the problem is is that front sight of
the of the rifle they’re not centering it perfect in that rear sight aperture
when they look through it this front sight has got to be perfect in the
center of it that’s proper sight alignment
what they’re doing is are getting a proper sight picture same thing drill
sergeant said they’re lining up the sights half-ass but then they’re putting that front sight
post perfect in the center of the target any movement of the head left to right
they don’t see it because they’re focused more on the target they’re focused
more on having that front sight in the middle of the target and what happens is
they’re sliding their head left and right and their windage is off so 99%
chance this isn’t the shooter jerking their trigger left or right it’s they
don’t have their head perfectly aligning that rear sight aperture with that front
sight post it’s the left or to the right and that’s what’s giving us our targets
with a spread left-to-right that’s what the mistake is site alignment if you
then take the shooter and say hey this time I want you to focus on having that
front sight post perfectly centered in that circle left to right I guarantee
you this shot group will tighten up all right now let’s go to the next target all
right so this shooter here has made a different mistake but very very similar
reasons if you look width of this shot group it’s only about as wide as a dime
little wider than a dime but height wise this thing’s atrocious I mean that the
things big as a house so is does he have a shot out barrel no according to
according to my drill sergeant that’s his breathing raising and
lowering the gun so they the shooter needs to hold his breath I guarantee you
that shooter was not breathing enough to make that thing jump up and down that
much again what he’s doing wrong is sight
alignment he’s taking that rear sight and he doesn’t have the front sight
perfectly centered he’s got it either too low or too high too low or too high
and that’s getting that spread that that’s what that is if you go back and
then have the shooter focus on centering that sight post I guarantee you we can
tighten up that shot group I’m going to show you how right over here all right
so this shooter had the same problem you’ll notice a shot group vertically
right with my drill sergeant would tell you that’s his breathing all right now we
can roughly tell where the center of that shot group is so we gave them the
corrections down five left twelve we had them shoot another shot group but this
time I asked the shooter actually squatted down there I might say look
this time instead of focusing so much on the target I want you to focus on lining
up your sights first line them up make sure that that front sight is right in
the middle of that rear sight aperture focus on that look how much this shot
group tightened up you can’t I can’t shoot that today my eyes are so bad I
couldn’t shoot that good that’s an awesome shot group and all it
took was getting with the shooter and saying hey this time I want you to focus
on proper sight alignment that how important proper site alignment is
you the instructor you come down in the range they’ve been zeroing for an hour
and a half already they still don’t have the weapons zeroed we’ve all seen it
shot groups all over the place first correction right nine down five down to
right nine they’ve got all the corrections and this guy has just been
jumping all over the place all over the place but if you look at
the actual size of the shot groups some of them that’s actually not a bad shot
group that’s not a bad shot group so why is it this guy keeps jumping all over
the paper are they moving their sights in the wrong direction
not necessarily that’s what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this same
shooter and we’re going to have them we’re going to put up a clean target
form so we don’t have all this chaos here so we can easily see bullets and
we’re going to have them shoot three more shot groups except this time I’m
going to have them actually get their head off the gun get up come back down
shoot that second shot group get up not go anywhere then we have him get back
down and shoot that third shot group and we’re not going to change the sights at
all not at all alright so what we did was we had the shooter get back behind
their gun we had him shoot a shot group we got
don’t touch the site we came down we marked it we had him shoot another shot
group don’t touch the site came down and
marked it had him shoot a third shot group we came down and marked it why did
they move why did they move their shooting good shot groups those great
shot groups why did those shot groups move even though we didn’t touch any
sites on the gun it’s because the shooter every time they took that their
head off that cheek wall of that gun they got up when they got down behind it
again they didn’t finalize and make sure they had perfect sight
alignment if you can beat that into their head that is the importance of
sight alignment and it applies to pistols
it applies to shotguns it applies the sniper rifles if you have to have the
sights aligned if you are going to be able to hit any targets at distance if
you just view have your sights perfectly aligned perfectly aligned and you put
them anywhere on the target you’re going to hit the target but if your sights
aren’t aligned and you’d put one of those sites
perfect in the middle of the target who knows where that bullets got to go
primary focus needs to be on site alignment and that’s the focus and why I
want it beat home with this video make your shooters focus on site
alignment and you will make them a better precision shooter if you have any
questions or comments or ideas for other videos be sure to leave them below

100 thoughts on “How to Shoot More Accurate | Proper Sight Alignment | Tactical Rifleman

  1. God points. I find a big issue is the cheek weld. The stock m4 style stock is difficult to create a good consistent cheek weld.

  2. Whenever I see a troop with a shot group all over the place and 6+ adjustments on their zero, I pull them aside to practice proper sight picture, dry fire drills (with a dime), and to properly and comfortably get behind their assigned weapons. This video is BRM Gold. This is the answer to a lot of the frustration from both shooters and range NCO's. Often times the focus is place on breathing and trigger squeeze, when in reality the shooter is doing those things right. I also advice to the troops to find that place on your rifle stock and place a mark on it and always reference to it every time you raise the weapon until they don't need that point of reference anymore. Great video, thank you for taking your time to do this.

  3. I love shooting with iron sights. So much so, that I have a question. How do you feel about flip ups on something like a Remington 700 with the Mod X chassis? If you had a recommendation for some iron sight for long range to put on it, what would that be? Thank You for another great video. I am new to your channel, and so far, I am hooked.

  4. Thanks for the broad spectrum of info on your channel, it's awesome resource.

    Selfishly, I'd be interested in a video about effects of parallax in 1-4x variables.

  5. Great video for new shooters. Love to see elite meat eaters sharing information and tactics with the same civilians that have always supported our bravery service members.

  6. Teaching iron sight fundamentals I thought was a lost skill. Didn't the Marines & Army start teaching new recruits only to shoot with an Acog a few years back? Awesome work Karl! Keeping real skills alive.

  7. That last target is what we commonly refer to as rat shit in a dresser drawer. I've also seen guys shooting spread out groups and then realize they were using the large aperture. Flip over to the small one and problem solved. Great video.

  8. Another referal from TGC. Great videos, excellent info. I'm really impressed with what you guys are doing! Keep up the good work.

  9. Another from TGC…
    The clip they showed, I though a couple early "GI Joe's" jumped out of the box.
    First thing through my brain was "I had that one"

    Well done!

    Guess what I'm doing the rest of the night?

  10. Great video. Always good to get back to the fundamentals. I'm a firm believer that accurate shooting is a perishable skill. Keep up the good work Karl.

  11. No idea who tsc is, but video ideas? I've been really interested in a lead mitigation system. Can't afford to run green ammo much and would like to know what kind of steps and practices can help me reduce or eliminate the lead from entering my system during practice. Thanks for the super high quality content!

  12. TGC sent me. Great video. I will be trying this method out the next chance I get to go to the range to see if this helps. I know new glasses will help but this will be the first step. And cheaper too.

  13. solid highlight boss!

    Reminds me of the demo given by the coach of the winning service rifle team.
    Extent arm, put thumb to far object, then focus on the tip of the thumb, then focus on the object, then tip, then object, back and forth.
    You'd observe the student inadvertently moves his arm up and down ever so sightly with each chance.
    And there you have it. Vertical stringing shot group explained.

    It ain't breathing.

    I zeroed with 4 rounds in basic. Removed the sand bag. Placed mag on ground. 1st shot. Called it a good break, adjust, 2nd shot, adjust, 3rd, near mid 25m silhouette, 4th to confirm it POI stays the same within mechanical accuracy of the worn A4 using the same POA. Done. This way, for both supported and unsupported I got the exact head position and nothing touching the non-free floated barrel/heat guard

  14. Thank you to all the guys for your service and sharing of this info.
    heard about you from ( TGC )The Gun Collective .

  15. This is great, so true. Shows people the real reasons behind their group and zero. I have seen all of these before.

  16. ''Truth is an arrow and the gate is narrow that it passes through.''-Bob Dylan
    ''Please forgive… some good shit just happens to stick with the other!''-me 121317

  17. We use to say if you could hit within 4 inches the guy you are hitting is dead and when the site hits the fan enemy dead your guys all come home that is a win and can still hit a 2 inch target at 100 yards

  18. Excellent video! So your suggested fix is to have joes focus on sight alignment, but how does that translate to a more tactical situation, ie reflexive fire? Is it just muscle memory (vision memory?)

  19. Talking about sight alignment, looking through rear sight (circle) do you need to see just the front post (stick) centered or need also to use the sides of the front post- centered?

  20. Maybe older DS’s preached that, I don’t. Besides sight alignment, I think shot anticipation is the biggest cause for a miss. Good video.

  21. Really great video Karl. I’m big on proper sight alignment. It’s critical. If a man can’t hit the enemy he’s only a target, not a fighter.

  22. This sounds like an insight you should somehow get the drill sergeants to catch on. Seems it’d make our troops more effective.

  23. took this to the rifle range , shot awesome groups with iron sights and in every three shot group -two holes were touching and the third was dam close. i can tell you first hand this information works. it will make you a better shooter. thanks carl.

  24. Thanks for this video, i saw this once this morning, took some tips and my shooting accuracy improved by 25%. I know its not much, but still an improvement.

  25. I used to practice shooting an shot with a retired army sniper in WW2 he had an 8 inch group at 800 yards with m1 grand with a battle peep sight .he was out shooting me with my modern scope .he bust my balls (you couldn’t hit broad side of a barn while u in it ) he say .an he had his hog tooth he had a sniper duel with a jap sniper an got him of course.he was on the i can’t remember what air craft carrier but it was in a famous news footage of a kamikaze slammed into the bow an it shows all the crew running for the stern he said that he was one of the guys running in it .he retired as a Colonel an still worked with National Guard units on some of the sniper rifles .this was long time ago mid to late 90s .great video Carl 👍👍

  26. Hey Karl!Awesome video…I have a question….If you operate (clearing a room etc) with your carbine only with iron sights,no scope,no red dot,when you have to shoot you keep both eyes open or not??Thanks

  27. Army BRM a little over a decade ago, our DS constantly preached proper sight alignment. Had us spend time in the evening in the barracks dry firing and practicing trigger squeeze and sight alignment. Then again all of our cadre were sappers, SF, rangers, snipers, and one oddball 88M who had been blown up 11 times.

  28. yes ty. i find that my sight alignment moves a lot aiming down sights. i try to stay still however i still get inconsistency. ill work on it. ruger 1022 EAB M1 upgrade, Techsight 200just learning to be a proper and efficient shooter

  29. Dunno if you'll still see this but I can get good sight alignment with irons, but when I switch to just my eotech I tend to wander around like shooter #3 here. What can I do to address this?

  30. On the last target,it wasnt sight alignment it was sight picture. The shooter wasnt placing his cheek on the exact same spot on the rifle stock for each group.

  31. My phone sent this to me after asking a friend (who was 14d) to teach this shit to me.
    So as much as I am focused on what hes saying..i can't help but think….

    That his hat needs a larger bill.

  32. I Anchor my the front sight guards ( bunny ears) to the ghost ring for consistency if I'm able to do so. Not possible with all iron sight set ups, but on a rifle that I'm able to do this I will get consistent sight alignment every time.

    What do you think about anchoring of the front sight guards in this matter to the ghost ring as a teaching tool ?

  33. When I was in Basic Training, I could barely qualify as a Marksman. Which is the lowest rifle qualification.
    I didn't find out until I finished basic, that my problem was that I am cross dominant. Meaning I am right handed, but my left eye is dominant.
    Luckily, I found out that I am ambidextrous, and can shoot fine left handed. I always shot Expert after I switched. Don't know how my Drill Sergeants missed doing the simple eye dominance test with me.
    So if you are having issues with zeroing do the eye dominance test. There are plenty of videos to watch about it.

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