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How to Shoot Down Drones – MACHINE GUNS

How hard is it to shoot down RC target drones… with machine guns? rat a tat tat pew pew pew hee hee haw haw why you…. I oughta… whoosh! This is typically what you guys do to an airplane. . You shoot the motor out of it It dropped like a brick. We have not been able to shoot down this other one It runs out of gas each time. Come on, will you hit it? We’ll fly that again. You can see on the bottom a big scar. Crash it into them if they don’t shoot it down. How many planes did you bring this time? I built 30 for this shoot. We were able to salvage parts off damaged planes. and the one airplane that did the best
today it was this eight or nine passes. I was diving over their heads It ran out of fuel and it landed in a big
bush It’s got two holes in it, it’s perfect other than that. Flying the target drones at night da plane da plane! Plane down! Nice!

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