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How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Using the Handgun Sights : Handgun Target Shooting

Hello! This is John from Expert Village. This
next segment is going to be on sight alignment and shooting the target. Most targets have
a black center, which is a 10 blank ring. You go from 9, 8, 7, 6 and a 5 usually. Shooting
a target is the easy part. The hard part is sight alignment. Most pistols you’re going
to have the three post sight; two in the back by the hammer, then one in front by the end
of the barrel. Basically with these two you have to line up the two in the back and one
in front and a straight line across. By doing that, you’ll shoot accurately. A little
demonstration here, I pick up the weapon. Again, check it and make sure there’s no
round in the chamber or in the magazine. Slide forward, off safe, hammer down, back on safe.
Now, you can see the sights from here. The two in the back and the one in front. You
see these little dots on the sight? That’s radium. It’s basically a radioactive material.
Harmless to humans but it glows at night. When you’re shooting in less than perfect
conditions, you can see the target; you can see your sights align and make sure you’re
shooting accurately. My name is John with Expert Village.

24 thoughts on “How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Using the Handgun Sights : Handgun Target Shooting

  1. You should explain that the eyes should focus on the front sight, and let the target be blurred. And the so-called night sights do not show up on your video.

  2. Obviously you have never shot a gun before.. Anyone who knows anything about shooting will tell you to focus exclusively on the front sight… dickbag

  3. 0:41. Again, NEVER put your fingers inside to clear your weapon as it is under SPRING TENSION. It is very easy to let the slide go forward by mistake and the last place you want your fingers is inside the weapon when the slide goes forward. Also you shouldn't have a magazine in the weapon when you're clearing it either. Obviously this "village" is populated by idiots.

  4. This individual should be charged with fraud. The description states he is a qualified marine marksman, and he teaches handguns classes. It is obvious that is not true. I hope that he gets caught in his lie, and has to pay for it.
    There is a possibility that some people's lives may be risked by listening to his mis-information.

  5. Prove it.

    I say he's a fraud. He's teaching things that are against the common knowledge of the firearms world. Even amateurs with little or no training can do better than that.

    I hope he gets called out for fraud and has to pay a fine for putting this mis-information on the internet.

  6. i agree this guy is a dip shit. but you want to hear some real bull.. in my glock manual QUOTE "instructions for use" on page 34, under figure2.. Unloading procedures 5. once slide is locked to the rear, both visually and physically (with your little finger) inspect both the chamber and mag well to be sure that no ammo remains in either place" this is verbatim, right out of glock manual. is that messed up or what?

  7. Absolutely incorrect. Sorry. No professional shooter will tell you to focus on the target. Rear sight and target should be blurry and the front sight should be in focus over your intended target.

  8. @glargnph I know this is a super old comment, but I agree. I've had my fingers accidentally caught by pistol slides two or three times and that shit HURTS. Even just pinching from that hurts like fuck. Similar reason is why I always try to make sure the pistols I use have enough tail to stop slide/hammer bite in the back. Iridium harmless to humans is a bit misinformation. If sights are damaged don't fuck with them, iridium can burn and cause sickness. Video removed for safety reasons.

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