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How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Squeezing the Trigger : Handgun Target Shooting

Hello! This is John with Expert Village. This
next segment is going to be on trigger squeeze. I’m going to pick up the gun. Again, check
it and make sure it’s empty. No round or magazine. I’m going to put an empty magazine
in and around here. We’re going to use this bring the slide home. Now, the trigger’s
ready to go. Now, the trigger squeeze, because this hammer is already cocked, the trigger
is pulled back already, so basically you’re ready to go. You’re ready to fire. Finger
on the trigger and squeeze gently to the rear, easy and remember to breathe. Releases the
trigger, releases the hammer, fires a round. Now you’re ready to shoot again. Finger
back on the trigger, slow, steady squeeze to the rear. Now, this firearm has a half
cock, so you pull it and let go, the hammer stays partly cocked back here. Go back on
the trigger. And that’s how you pull a trigger. This
is John from Expert Village.

100 thoughts on “How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Squeezing the Trigger : Handgun Target Shooting

  1. Sorry – terrible grip. How do people get to post vid's under the so called "expert village" name when they know nothing?

  2. If anyone really wants to learn proper shooting techniques, look up Todd Jarrett. The guy in this vid looks like he learned to shoot from the movies. Amazing.. Expert???

  3. what is he an infant, "that's how you pull the trigger". Thanks Da Vinci, breaking some new ground there huh? This video embarrasses me and I didn't make it.

  4. @frontsightDG Did you just say a Marine Veteran that has been shooting firearms has a bad technique? I think YOU have the bad technique.

  5. Wow so that's to pull a trigger huh? Do you have any other informative videos like "how to open a door" or "how to put a hat on"?


  7. This is really really wrong. Do not hold a pistol like this. This is called the "Tea Cup" method (your bottom hand is like the saucer and the "strong hand" and pistol sit on the saucer like a tea cup).

    The proper way is to grip the pistol with your strong hand, then take your weak hand and get as much of your palm onto any empty space remaining on the grip of the pistol. Wrap your weak hand fingers around the fingers of your strong hand and point your thumbs forward toward the target.

  8. @frontsightDG agreed. He ought to be using the pad of his finger instead of putting his trigger finger all the way through the trigger guard.

  9. @calpoly12000 Oh and what everyone else was saying too. Cup and saucer form for holding a firearm is sooooo outdated.

  10. also.. are you related to Mr. Mackie, mmkay? "this is improper technique, mmkay? ..just wait a sec while i molest the slide release, mmkay? watch carefully as i put WAY too much finger on the trigger, mmkaayyy?"

  11. @atfyakuza1976 i know lol is over used on the internet and has completely lost its original intent and meaning…but when i read your post about "watching someone rape a puppy!!!" i LITTERALLY laughed out loud. ahhh thanks that was good. PS that guy is using WAAAY too much finger on his trigger pull and it will pull his impacts to the right (looks like he was a south paw)

  12. @Utube490 you arent supposed to shoot while breathing. you breathe….pause….breathe…..long pause shoot…..breathe. if you are inhaling or exhaling during the shot it will go WAAAY off. some people hold their breath. i prefer to exhale shoot then start breathing again.

  13. @Cartmanland98 LOL for the SECOND time i litterally laughed out loud reading these comments. this thread is GOLD. comedic GOLD "1970s streets of San Francisco episode" brilliant m8 brilliant.

  14. @amyhuk dont you know…he is an expert at missing the target… my son use to close his eyes when I was first teaching him to shoot his .22 when he was little— this is the video of the next step after keeping your eyes open.

  15. that was absolute amature technique, the grip was straight out of a bad 1940's movie
    and way to much finger on the trigger. He really should go to a Firearms school before he makes another video

  16. wow thats the worst grip ive ever seen in my life!!! and you dont use the middle knuckle of ur finger you use the pad!!!

  17. @TheEPICHEZ That's a great thing to tell a newbie. "Don't worry about accidentally blowing your toes off, as long as it shoots." Great advise. -_-

  18. i dont think this guy has ever actually fired a gun before. at least not a real one, maybe this is how it works when playing cops and robbers with cap guns in the back yard when you're 8 but both his grip and trigger technique will all but guarantee a missed shot. hopefully it wasn't a shot that your life depended on.

  19. Too much finger on the trigger, "Tea Cup" grip, out-dated 'Weaver' Stance, weapon is too small for his hand. THIS IS A ***BAD*** VIDEO!!! THE SO-CALLED "EXPERT" KNOWS NOTHING!!!

    'Expert Village' should be ashamed of themselves and remove this video, not only because they are putting peoples lives in danger, but also so they don't get sued!!!

  20. Nooo! horrible stance, his finger placement is all wrong, bag triiger squeeze, horrible grip. Expert Village your going to get someone killed or hurt take down this video

  21. His grip sucked. Teacupping is one of the worst things to do for accuracy. However, I believe he was holding it like that so we could see the trigger.

  22. This guy appears to have never handled a gun prior to shooting the video! He is so wrong on so many levels. Please disregard this video as nothing more than garbage,

  23. this is entirely wrong…literally everything about this, it looks like this guy learned how to fire a firearm from watching movies

  24. He's using a revolver grip on a semi auto. He's using the joint of his finger instead of the correct way of using the pad of your finger. There's so much wrong here it's unbelievable!!!

  25. Yes I agree the saucer cup grip is terrible. You need to get those two hands wrapped around. Also your using the joint for a SA pull that should only be for DA pull. Do NOT listen to this guy.

  26. I dont believe this guy is that stupid to have a grip such as that. I actually think he does it so he can show you how to work the trigger. It still looked bad though.

  27. u squeeze the trigger with the tip of your finger , otherwise u pull ur gun away from the target , this is completely wrong

  28. @sgtschmitty8013 I opened this video because i saw the cup and saucer grip… absolutely horrendous. This guy needs to get training before he starts trying to post up how-to videos…

  29. 90% of the expertvillage vids i've seen are complete crap… OBVIOUSLY not done by experts in their field… this one included…

  30. And he didn't know how to do that either, too much finger on the trigger.

    Then he used a teacup grip, and a horrible one at that.

  31. ppl out there dont listen to this guy. loof at his grip and finger placement on the trigger. Dont post videos if you have no experience. expert village screen your ppl first. wow!

  32. once again the irony of expert village makes us wanna scream… no matter what the "expert village'' video is about its NOT expert advice…

  33. To Ya'll haters read the title it says "handgun TARGET SHOOTING", NOT combat, self defense or practical shooting. Bullseye shooting is completely different from practical shooting.

  34. I ask this question to all experienced shooters. Do you try to time your trigger break, with perfect sight alignment? Or, do you just make a slow, steady pull, until the trigger breaks on its own? I experience "trigger freeze" sometimes, because I can't commit, to either method. Any advice?

  35. it doesn't deserve 1.2k dislikes; pulling the trigger fast moves your shot to the left or right (depending on which hand); i had a problem with this for a wile

  36. Hey "Expert" Villiage People (lol). Take this down because you're teaching people how to MISUSE firearms… Too much trigger finger AND that grip is preposterous… I've flagged this video too, btw.

  37. You seriously need to go back to basic safety training. This entire video was shot while the "expert" swept the muzzle passed the cameraman and was never pointed down range! 2 of the 4 major rules broken in 1:44 !

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