How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Shooting Range Rules : Target Practice

Hello! My name is John. I’m here with you
on behalf of Expert Village talking about beginner target shooting and range safety
rules. This first segment is about safety rules and there are seven of them. Safety
rules prevent accidental discharges or misfires or injuries to you or your friends. Now, because
of the importance of this, we have written down these seven rules in our range book and
I’m going to ready those to you. The first rule is keep the weapon unloaded until you’re
ready to fire. Second rule; keep your fingers straighten off the trigger until you’re
ready to fire. Again, preventing any kind of discharge or accidents. The third rule;
keep the weapon on safe until you intend to fire. Fourth rule; always have your pistol
holstered or rifle pointed down towards the ground or if it’s a down range, keep it
pointed down range. The sixth rule; never handle a firearm under the influence of drugs
or alcohol. Seventh rule; always have ear and eye protection when shooting. If you don’t
have any ears or eyes, these are available at any local range store for rent.

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