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How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : How to Load a Semi-Auto Handgun Magazine : Target Shooting

Hi! This is John with Expert Village. The
next segment is going to be on loading the magazine. Each magazine, depending on what
kind of gun you get, has a certain amount of cartridges you can fit into the firearm.
This one carries 12. Some are 15, some are down to 10 depending on the size of rounds
you have. This one what we’re going to do is load these practice bullets just meant
for practicing. They’re blue so you know they’re safe, whereas the real ones you
have the cartridge and the bullet there. We don’t have a speed loader, but we’re going
to do this the old fashioned way. Take the magazine, hold it in your weak hand. This
is how I do it; this is how I teach to do it. Put a magazine here, push in, bullet is
loaded. We’re going to load about 5 of these. Now, after you load the first one, you can
push down with the rounds on the second one. Get yourself a starting point and push in
the next rounds. Once they’re in, slide them all the way back so they’re seated
against the back wall of the magazine. When they’re seated all the way, this helps with
fire and also prevents jams. Now, once you got them all loaded, they’re ready to go
in your pistol and you’re ready to fire. Now, if you’ve not shot rounds, to get them
out, the simplest way is to push them out. There is a spring in here so they will pop
out. Make sure to catch them or else they will go where you don’t want them to. Put
it down. That is how you load and unload the magazine and this is John from Expert Village.

26 thoughts on “How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : How to Load a Semi-Auto Handgun Magazine : Target Shooting

  1. If you have never loaded a magazine like that then you dont know. There is a lot of force on that spring. First time I took a glock out it was hard to load the entire clip. Give the man some props.

  2. i agree with repc12 if you need to know how to load a mag then you shouldn't own it wtf now i have seen it all, why don't you post a vid on how to have sex or how to fart.

  3. I'm new to handguns and although certain things may seem like common sense, it really helps to see stuff like this to help reenforce what I think I know or what I take for granted. You can always learn from others, even if it's the little things. One thing I liked is how he made a point to state how to make sure the ammo is seated all the way back, something I may not have thought about being a n00b. Anyway, quit hating and go shooting!

  4. Very in-effective way. He is struggling to get 3 rounds in. I would love to see him struggling with the last round of that mag.
    Mag in support hand, hold the round in your strong hand accross the top of follower, press the round down with both thumbs and turn it parallel to the mag, once down enough push the round in with strong hand thumb. Very easy.

  5. It's a great demo but my .25 clip will let me load the bullets in either direction. I've forgotten the right way to face the bullet in the clip. This video doesn't say, you just have to peer closely when he does it, and hope you're seeing what you think you're seeing. I hope I'm seeing that he puts the bullets in flat-end first, with the rounded end facing out.

  6. @elitedonk Safety first, we don't give drivers licenses to people who acquire a care, they need to show they know the rules and safety concerns before getting behind the wheel.

    Shouldn't that be the same for a firearm?

  7. everyone that keeps saying not to learn from expert village – well, they are right in general; this however is the first expert village vid ive seen that actually has an expert…

  8. Seriously people, DO NOT try to learn anything from this bozo. He exhibits MANY unsafe and ridiculous techniques that any minimally competent teenage instructor should know.

  9. @flippedoutkyrii Calif requires a safe handling demonstration with each handgun sale. Plus, you must possess a handgun safety certificate, which is about as hard to get as passing the written part of the DMV test. IE, easy, but you need to have some bonehead common sense and knowledge of some of the laws regarding guns and gun ownership. Some people object to this but I think it's ok.

    Seriously, though, cars are much more dangerous than guns. The statistics don't lie.

  10. @videotater Hell yeah, anyone who says guns kill more then cars are fools… or are watching too much MSNBC 😀

  11. @videotater if i was president. i would declare california a state in rebellion and invade with federal troops. and arrest each and every state employee judge police officer politician etc. send them to GITMO for an un defined amount of time are fill the positions with hand picked people of my choosing who understand the constitution of the united states of america. its bullshit that a handful of comunist infiltrators can rule 14% of my people in direct violation of the laws of the USA

  12. @flippedoutkyrii NO!!! that is an infringement to the 2nd amendment. read the "militia act of 1791" once you give the feds power to give or NOT to give a licence to operate a firearm. you just made it possible for them to legislate the 2nd amendment away. like the santa clause in futurama they will declare EVERYBODY "naughty" and simply WONT give anybody a licence. have you tried getting an FFL lately? before obama it was easy. i know a buddy who has waited a year and half and counting

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