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How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : How to Break Down a Semi-Automatic Pistol for Cleaning

Hi! This is John with Expert Village. Now
that we’ve shot the weapon, next thing we’re going to do is take off our eyes and ears
and break down the gun ready for cleaning. After every time you fire the gun, you want
to clean the weapon. This segment is going to be specific to the HK 40 USP, but for all
semi automatic pistols, this is the basic components that come in your firearm. To do
your firearm, consult your owner’s manual for all the information needed for that. Now,
pick up the weapon, make sure to check it. Make sure it’s empty. Now, we’re going
to push this pin in here which is going to release the slide lock. Now the side’s able to come off very gently.
You have the bottom and place that to the side. Now we have the spring, the barrel comes
out, and we have the side itself. Those are basic components of the HK 40 USP compact.
And now the weapon’s ready for cleaning, reassembly, and be ready to fire again for
next time. This is John from Expert Village.

7 thoughts on “How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : How to Break Down a Semi-Automatic Pistol for Cleaning

  1. Whats of giving useless info?
    Whats the point of doing stupid videos?
    All the videos about handguns by expertvillage are the same story. for example taking 1.43 min to explain how to pull the trigger and explain it wrong. Come on.

  2. well that was pointless…

    the USP isn't the only gun in existence (as in all handguns are very different to break down), nor is it even that common with civilian ownership, as well as this video being piss poor in closely showing you how to dissemble it…

  3. If you happen to have a "squib load" and a round gets stuck about 3inches inside the barrel and you didn't notice the strange pop noise, you WILL NOT be able to use your finger to check. A visual check is the only safe way! Just don't point the gun at your face. You guys remember how Brandon Lee died!!

  4. @vik1 the slide was all the way back with no magazine in the mag well. there was no way the gun was going to go off with the slide pulled back.

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