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How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Firing a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Target Shooting

Hi! This is John with Expert Village. Now
in this segment, we’re going to put it all together. First off what we’re going to
show you is the practice rounds, the blue rounds that we showed you earlier. I’m going
to show you the exact operation of the gun, what happens when you fire the round and it
ejects. From here we’re going to take the firearm, check it, make sure it’s empty,
take the round, take the magazine, line it up, insert it to the bottom, make sure you
hear the click. Now we’re going to release the slide, which is right here. I’m going
to turn around so you can see this. Release the slide, goes forward, straighten out the
trigger, take the safety off. Weapon is now ready to fire. Take aim and you’re ready
to shoot. Now after you fire the gun what’s going to happen is magazine is going to come
back eject the round and load a new one, and this is what happens. It’s automatically
cocked ready for the next round. When that ejects, this is the last round, slide box
back, ready for the new magazine. I drop that one and now we’re ready to go live. Now
we can put on our ear protection, eye protection. The weapon, pull it side, and now we are ready
to fire. We are now ready to fire. Put the weapon on safe and here we go. Take the magazine
out, put down the weapon and that concludes are shoot. This is John from Expert Village.

88 thoughts on “How to Shoot a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Firing a Semi-Automatic Handgun : Target Shooting

  1. this video is for beginners and he's showing them how to do it. of course more expiernced people will do it differently.

  2. His grip looks funny for two reasons. 1 is that he is a lefty, so he releases the slide with his forefinger, which I actually haven't seen before. 2 is that is employs a 'tea cup' grip, which I thought had been dead since the early 90's.

  3. Ok first his posture is off. You want to lean INTO the gun not away from it. Second, the "teacup" grip IS outdated as cowbudda said. I use the "push/pull grip. Third, he seems to be leaning his head to aim. Bring the weapon to your point of aim, not your point of aim to the weapon.

  4. He wasn't even following his own "bone support" advice from another video during his live fire. You can see his support elbow not resting on his rib cage like it's supposed to according to his own "instruction".

    This guy is a fraud, and should be charged as such.

    I hope nobody takes his anti-advice to heart….

  5. What an idiot. Doesn't even know how to "lean into" the weapon. When he fires you can see that puny weapon controlling him as he rocks back and forth. His firearm terminology proves he is a lunatic. I've tried to find just ONE good vid of his but can't. Sucks balls.

  6. Pretty decent and easy to understand instructions for someone not used to pistols and shooting in general. Nice display of responsible gun handling.

  7. Oh my God! He DID point a loaded gun at the cameraman! I'd flip the hell out if this guy did this next to me at a range. I'd be like "DUDE WTF!!!"

  8. This guy is teaching the wrong things to do when handling a weapon.

    We have respect for firearms, that is why we are critical of his videos. Learning bad habits may get you injured or killed in the real world.

  9. Dummy rounds? Are you kidding?

    Either you've never went out shooting with someone actually mindful of proper respect and gun safety, or you're a candidate for the next Darwin Award.

    Either way you're ignorant as all fuck and should probably stop talking.

  10. 1. The slide was back
    2. In the beginning he even says we are going to be using blue practice rounds
    3. His finger is off the trigger

  11. 1. He muzzle sweeps the cameraman with a gun.
    2. All guns are always loaded.
    3. All guns are always loaded.
    4. All guns are always loaded.
    5. All guns are always loaded.
    6. All guns are always loaded.
    7. All guns are always loaded.
    8. All guns are always loaded.
    9. All guns are always loaded.
    10. All guns are always loaded.
    11. All guns are always loaded.
    12. All guns are always loaded.
    13. All guns are always loaded.
    14. All guns are always loaded.

  12. of course we know its deadly. if you have ever takin a firearms saftey course you would know hes doing some unsafe things in his videos. In this one he turns with the gun pointed towards his camera man.

  13. What a dick. People actually expect to learn from this shit? The cameraman crapped his pants more than once, this guy's grip makes a .22 feel like a Howitzer. WRONG, WRONG WRONG, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. This guy needs to be banned from 'teaching' firearms training. A true danger to society.

  14. Who taught you how to hold a pistol John, you should find that person and slap the hell outta him (or her, 'cause you do hold it like a girl)

  15. What is this? Seriously, what is this? Does expert village vett it's 'experts'? He's 'teacupping', not employing any kind of balanced stance of any of the popular schools of thought and his body language is horrible. He doesn't look comfortable at all. This is cutting edge pistol craft from 1983.

  16. your stance is terrible- leaning away , arms bent in way too far, and your recoil control just sucks

  17. you would think this guy would take this video off… He has to know he dont know jack about teaching people to shoot

  18. @Trekzbby
    Dudue you have no idea what you are talking about. He's teaching people how to shoot the wrong way. He doesn't know how to handle the gun in any nice or safe way. He fucking point the loaded weapon at the camera man, for fuck sake. So just keep your mouth shut, fuckstick! These other people who are commenting this video in a bad way obviously know more than you. This is coming from a person who actually shoot guns on a weekly basis. Dumbass

  19. come on, hold that usp like you deserve to hold it. should be called "herp-derp village".

    THUMBS DOWN on your grip technique.

  20. in johns defense…the "tea cup" method is an old method and is good if you are just trying to hit a target. definitely before the concept of "train the way you will shoot" came along for defensive and tactical handgun shooting. hell, i remember being taught to hold the wrist so you could turn the gun and fire…..

    but john….brush up on those 4 safety rules!! yeah the pistol was unloaded when you swept the camera but the concept is ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

  21. This guy has no idea what he is doing. I just started getting serious about shooting and I know better than that.

  22. 0:34
    if there's 1 thing you may NEVER do, then its turning around with the gun held up.
    always old is straight down when you have poeple around you

  23. Sheesh – you gotta be kidding. Rule #1: the gun is always loaded. This guy hasn't figured that out. At 0:18 he sweeps the cameraman (this won't be the last time) yeah, the gun's empty but see rule #1. At 0:44 he shows a grip that will get you laughed out of very range in the country. At 1:01 he cups the muzzle with his hand for Christ's sake. His finger is way too far into the trigger and recoil is crazy because of the stupid grip. He was probably too embarrassed to show the target. Give it up

  24. dude i would be so frieken scared i mean u just aimed a loaded gun at the camera man and any other spectator seriously the gun is always loaded no matter what im 13 but my dad owned a gun for 10 years so he knows alot and taught me what he knows

  25. this ass crack forgets to mention that on some pistol models you can pull the trigger to release the slide safely (if there is no manual release) or that some are even automatically released as soon as the magazine is in all the way /"

  26. I have been watching a few, does he ever ACTUALLY fire the weapon? I just wanna see how he "expertly" handles the recoil while gripping it like that……

  27. lol at 2:05 you can see the cartridge pass the camera after it ejects lol watch the left side just look at his ear protection just below it XD

  28. I don't believe it , that guy must be some kind of a doll or a robot , nobody can't be that stupid and handle gun like gay .

  29. even my twelve year old kid said " he has a wrong stance, thats not how you fire a gun." lmao… worst way to hold a weapon i ever seen.

  30. This guy is no Marine! Marines are not trained the way he is demonstrating. He is very unsafe and has a poor grip/hand position on the weapon. Please disregard this video as trash and garbage. You will get hurt if you do it this way.

  31. @xcaliber69 I agree. Shit I had better firearms trainers in basic and I'm in the Air Force. And IF this guy is a Marine, apparently his Gunny forgot to turtlefuck him for being a dumbass.

  32. John, you need help. Everything about what your teaching is wrong, everything is LOW QUALITY! Even the camera is as well. Your lying about the Marines as well because there is no way our great US of A would allow someone like you to get through the training with how you shoot/stand/grip/EVERYTHING. Low quality man…sad. -Adam

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