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How to Shoot a Handgun (Pistol) in 6 Steps

How to shoot a gun in 6 steps or less Step one. Location. Find a safe and legal place to shoot your
gun like a nearby indoor range. Step two. Safety. Protect your ears and eyes by wearing shooting
ear muffs and safety glasses. You can even double up with ear plugs for
extra ear protection. Step three. Load the magazine. Insert bullets into the magazine by pushing
down and back until the bullet slides in, flat side first. You can use a speed loader to push if this
is too difficult. Step four. Load the gun. Making sure you are focused with no distractions,
insert the magazine into the gun. Remember to always have your gun pointing
down the firing lane. Keeping your finger off the trigger, chamber
a bullet by pulling back on the slide. If your gun has a safety, remove it when you
are ready to fire. Step five. Aim. Facing the target, square up your shoulders,
grip the gun with both hands, and line up the sights. Step six. Fire. Relax your shoulders, take a breath, and slowly
squeeze the trigger until the gun discharges. Repeat steps five and six until the magazine
is empty, then hit the release button to remove the magazine. Remember to be safe. Be responsible. And have fun!

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