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How to Shoot A Handgun Correctly | The Gun Owner

Hey friend Allen Lee here with the gun owner journey and today I want to talk about the beginning courses of learning how to fire a handgun correctly now I’m a very big advocate for Finding out who has what you want and learning everything you can from them So when I first got my handgun I reached out to a few key people that I really knew knew their stuff about handguns May have been some great mentors along the way One guy he actually lives in my hometown I was able to go out with him the dad picked up my gun and actually do some shooting and he kind of did the Basics firearms training with me and a few weeks after I got my gun. I reached out to a local local gun shop and You know wanted to see if they had any, you know training courses or anything like that They recommended that I train with this NRA trainer so they went ahead and gave me this paper and this is exactly what we did for my first time training with them and Today I wanted to talk a little bit about that and how we went through that So the first one here and I’ll put I’ll put this up here as well this one we basically did a slow fire that was kind of just to kind of get a feel for You know how I shot just right out of the gate, you know, obviously so this gun here is fully unloaded So we just did a slow fire That’s you know Just I just did ten shots right down the range into target number three And then the next one which was a little interesting and a little bit hard for me was trigger Manipulation and basically what they wanted me to do was to pull the trigger you know slowly until I thought it wasn’t going to go off right and Basically try and get it So I pull it a little bit and then let it back down pull it a little bit Let it back down right almost to where it goes off So you kind of pull it so you kind of learn instinctively exactly where your gun is going to go off This was really hard for me to figure out with this gun. This is a Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD nine-millimeter so it has a little bit of a Stiff trigger on it, especially probably being new too So that was the second thing that we did basically You know reach out and pull it back and let go and then if it goes off, you know, it’s alright but it was basically the whole plan of the Learning experience was to learn exactly When and the trigger on this specific gun goes off so we did ten rounds of that into target number one and then we also Then we did basically You know five rounds without the trigger manipulation and five rounds with the trigger manipulation so you could kind of see the difference in your groupings and exactly where it was when you were thinking about your trigger and Throughout all of this, right? We were also thinking about our grip, right? So wanting to get a good grip on the gun, you know get a firm You know firm hold with that left hand and also making sure that you’re holding predominantly with your pinkie rather than these two fingers here because they told me which I which I didn’t know which These two fingers and your index finger, which is your trigger finger are all hooked to the same tendon This one is not which I thought was pretty interesting So if you get a good grip with this pinky and kind of have these not free-flowing, but you know less You know less connection, then you’ll have more manipulation with your triggers. So I thought that was a pretty interesting thing So throughout all of this we were focusing on that. So it’s funny because you start focusing on your trigger manipulation, right? And you start stop focusing on your fingers and your grip so, you know throughout the whole thing, you know She would be like, oh, don’t forget. Don’t forget a grip or you know different things So there are a lot of things to think about when you are going into shooting a firearm, but they’re all very important So that’s why I think that you should definitely get an inner trainer to coach you and train you throughout the way The next one that we did, let’s see. We did an exaggerated reset so Basically, what a reset is if you don’t know when you pull the trigger Obviously on this, you know, it’s unloaded so When it goes when it goes to click I don’t know if you can hear that That’s the recent so then it’s ready to pull again That’s the reset right there So basically what she wanted me to do was to figure out where that reset was and then on your next one Use your reset so you shoot one and then obviously it you know, obviously wreak ox let it back shoot again So basically you shoot 10 15 rounds without letting your hand off of the trigger so this was a kind of cool experience on how to kind of do more of a rapid shoot and kind of focus more on that trigger manipulation as well while you’re doing that as well because that helps you understand exactly where Where that gun goes off, so that was pretty helpful as well And then at the end of that we do all of that together, right? So we do, you know, we do every we just do our regular shootings But we do it with our trigger Manipulation with our grip we do it with our trigger reset and then we actually sign up for another course as well So I went back with her about two weeks later After that, and we did another We did another training and we and with that we went through reloads fast reloads how to clear malfunctions How to shoot from a holster and then the next one that we’re going is target transition so pretty sweet stuff I won’t really get into that because that’s not really beginners stuff that we’re talking about here in this video So when you are first starting out shooting a gun I would highly recommend reaching out to someone that you might know that might know a little bit about guns or Might know a whole lot about guns and also reach out to your local gun range and see if you can get hooked up with a NRA instructor and really, you know Learn how to fire a gun correctly because it’s more than just picking up a gun and shooting it I mean at the end of the day that is what makes it go. Boom Right, but there are a lot more things about how to be accurate how to make sure that you’re getting good Getting good groupings and things like that And also staying calm under pressure another thing that I really like that this gun range had which was really fun for my personality was It was an indoor gun range So they had their targets that would go out and they you could set it where it flips this way for two seconds And then it flips back for two seconds and then it flips the other way for two seconds So it was kind of cool because you would get ready And then when it would flip towards you you would fire two shots And then it would flip back and then and then it would come back and you do it that was super fun Especially when drawing from a holster. So right when it would flip around To you you draw from a holster shoot two shots and really try and get as accurate as you can Applying all of these principles that I just thought I just told you about so super interesting Thank you all so much for watching If you like this video subscribe to this channel like this video and leave me a comment in the comment section below With where you are, you know in guns. Are you kind of a newbie? Have you been doing it for a while? What are some things that you want to learn regards to guns? I would absolutely love to learn it This channel is all about learning and growing. So if you know it all you might be in the wrong place I’ll just kind of warn you now this video kind of just I mean this whole channel kind of just you know takes my journey and and shares it with you all so I Appreciate you all tuning in Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel like this video and leave me a comment in the comment section below I would absolutely love to connect with you. We also have a great Facebook group on On Facebook. It’s called the gun owner journey, and I will link that in the description below check that out Anyways, thank you all so much for tuning in and I hope you guys have a fantastic day

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  1. Excellent presentation. You know, fellow Americans, with roughly 1 million people attending NRA training courses annually, the NRA needs your support, just as all 2nd Amendment channels need your support on YouTube. Keep up the good work.

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