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How to setup your AR | Assault Rifle shooting tips | Tactical Rifleman

[alright] gents. I want to talk about how to set up the ar rifle you go to shot show there are thousands of Little Mom-and-Pop companies that are all turning out ar rifles and Every make model this that and the [other] and I see so many people to look at them and they want the receiver That’s engraved with this cool symbol on it, or they want it wrapped in Multi Cam Forget about all the pretty stuff all the G-Wiz little gadgets when you go to purchase that ar rifle the number one thing that you should be worried about is is it a reliable system Is this if I purchase this weapon system [is] it going to function reliably? Because at the end of the day doesn’t matter if you can drive a quarter of a minute angle shot route the moment of truth You need a gun that will go bang every time you pull the trigger so go to a reliable company that puts out Reliable products got a great track record [alright], and then you know you’re golden It’s going to be a reliable system after that the next thing I want you to look at is I want to look at the barrel you [want] an accurate barrel you just don’t want something cheap little pencil barrel That’s not gonna be able to take a lot of rounds going through It spend a little extra money get yourself a good accurized barrel. That’s it alright now once you get that gun You’re going to want to size your stock now all these weapons they have Adjustable stocks on the whole reason for adding the adjustable stock to the ar system Wasn’t for making it Shorter so that you could do Cqb with it. It was so you could shorten it for storage yes, it makes it a little easier for Getting in and out of vehicles [right] but for the most part for accurate shooting You size the stock to the crook in your elbow? All right I’ve got a 6-foot frame that’s where I need my stock to be. If I’m running a stock that’s too short I’m pulling it in too close if I’m running a stock that’s too long I can’t properly get my body on so just a rule of [thumb] It’s a little different for different people depending on your body makeup But for the most part size your stock to the crook in your arm. All right. That’s where you want The size that thing all right now next we want to look at is iron sights, all right Most people call them [backup] iron sights because you’re going to run an optic on it all right, so if they’re back [up] Karl Why am I? Mentioning iron sights before optics if I call them back up iron sights and here’s why I’m mentioning iron sights first because I believe iron sights are more important than your optics our optics batteries Go out optics glass break iron sights you spend good money on them You want to get good reliable ones that are micro adjustable So you’re not just using them to knock down that [five] meter plate [in] [a] three gun match You’re actually [using] them so that you can still engage with the weapon at the same max effective range that you can with your optics All right couple different brands when you want them to be adjustable all right some of them sit on top of the guns such as These on this [leroux] upper all right get the backup sights All right this one if my battery goes out on this particular eeotech I can still look straight through and I can still use those iron sights On this one here you’ll notice from the front that they are offset at a 45 degree angle the thought process of this is when I’m looking through my optic if my optic goes down Glass breaks battery turns off all I got to do is cant the gun and right now I’m looking straight through My iron sights right real big with the three gun circuit because they can run a higher magnification main glass for those longer Targets And then close in they can run by and they can use their iron sights That’s fine And dandy that will go with a lot of small iron sights spend a little extra money get some good Backup iron sights that will give you the same effective range as you have with the optics Alright now we’ve talked about iron sights you want to talk about optics if all you’re ever going to do is shoot close range in Inside your house short distance and all terrains different. I don’t know where you live Red dot sights you can’t beat them. I’m not going to recommend a particular brand some branches of the military Prefer Aim points over others green Berets for the Most part we run eotechs alright. I get a good one from a same thing you get a reliable site spend your money wisely Alright, just because you can get the cheap [knockoff] from China. That would maybe function on an Airsoft rifle It’s not going to handle the beating that your ar rifle should be able to take alright, red. Dot sights are awesome They have very little Parallax so basically no matter where you line that head up behind the gun so long as you can see that red dot That red that’s where that [bullets] going to go Great a zero magnification now the other option is if you also need more magnification You can get a variable power scope [alright] this one right here this particular scope is it’s a one made by horse vision And this is a one to seven scope you see I can quickly change Magnification on it from one power to seven now you notice I didn’t mention Three to nine power scopes, no I said one to five one to seven Reason for that is on your ar you want to be able to dial it down to a true one Magnification, so it’s basically when I put this on one power It’s the same as this red dot sight all right you need that for doing close quarters battle In and around your house closing targets we need to dial this down now the advantage of this scope while it has a lot more Parallax is once I’m in behind it Ninety seconds after the assault has started all the bad guys are down in the target and now we start doing sensitive site exploitation All the rest of the bad guys are outside the target often at distances two hundred to three sometimes four hundred meters [away] Guys a pulling security can now dial all the way over to seven power and now they have the magnification that they can now identify Friend or foe from a distance in additional this scope is made by horse vision It has a horse reticle in it So I know my [holdover] so I can engage out at that extended range [all] right So let’s say you are running a red dot scope that is zero magnification But on occasion you need to have that extra magnification instead of going out and buying another scope which you can buy is a 3x magnifier as a rail system on the bottom put it on the scope lock it down [and] now well you have it out of the way I can still use that red dot sight for close-in Targets And when I need the extended range all I do is I pull it [over] because it’s behind that objective lens It does not change the zero of my weapon at all weapon stays zero When I’m done needing it it rotates out of the way some of them have easy off some of them just rotate to the side Varies by Brand but again, it’ll add a good Additional capability to your weapon. Next thing for me if I’m using this gun at home other than to compete with next thing Important to me would be visible light source all right Just the weapon light and there are a hundred different brands out there again Go with a reputable brand that is going to provide you a durable like this particular one is made by surefire very very bright And push pad is on the opposite side of the gun. I fire It right-handed. That’s where my thumb mates Some guys will mount it at a 45, and they’ll use their thumb on the back push button. That’s fine I don’t care what kind of light you use so long as you set it up properly and you practice with it But gents other than that the only other additional equipment that you need it really depends on your mission if your mission requires that you You may have to transition from that rifle to a pistol Shy of you throwing the gun on the ground You’re going to need to have a sling on that weapon [look] at doing slings I see all the guys adding lasers, Ir illuminator silencers all that stuff is fine If it’s required for your missions lasers come in very very handy sometimes Ir illuminators come in very very handy if you running night-vision goggles on your helmet if you’re not running a [night-vision] [why] would you need IR illuminator on your rifle? [all] you’re doing is adding extra weight, and that’s going to slow you down in the gunfight Don’t just put it on there because it looks sexy there are applications for silencers you have you have that mission Requirement by all means put silencers on there. I put what I hate to see is Guys adding the G-Money grips and Bayonets and Bipods and all this other Gee-Whiz gadgets that they’re finding at all the gun shows all they’re doing is adding weight [to] their weapon right, so keep it simple [keep] it accurate and above all keep it reliable

100 thoughts on “How to setup your AR | Assault Rifle shooting tips | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Even on my rifle length uppers I have a collapsible stock rear end. Lots of layers when it's cold outside and the collapsible stock gets me back on the optics properly. Plus in and out of the truck with it makes it tuff when it's "musket length".

  2. Amen and THANK YOU for talking about Iron sights!!!
    People have gotten too dependant on the whiz bang optics. In the 80s Army when we qualified, it was with stock iron sights. This was shooting pop-up targets from 50-300 meters. And they were timed… Closer they were, the quicker they layed back down… Meaning you got a "miss". 40 for 40 expert here.

  3. Good info but these guys always recommend the high dollar stuff and pretend that nothing else compares
    Just look at the $20k he has sitting on that table in front of him
    Too funny

  4. Good video, thanks. I ended up taking off my bipod about a year ago, hardly ever used it. Also have a magnifier behind my red dot sight which I flip to the side, similar to the one on your rifle.

  5. Good info, I appreciate you sharing the experience. But if I can make a suggestion, take yourself a little bit less seriously. It's okay to convey all the same information without the overly self-important style of the video, that just comes off a little cringy. Not trying to insult your work, just hoping to help with some honest feedback.

  6. You can do everything he said without spending more than $1,000. Buy expensive stuff if it’ll be for show only. Expensive doesn’t always mean “best quality.” It’s all placebo effect. Just don’t buy it cheap and know what’s good or bad before you buy it. It’s like shoes, they’ll all protect you your feet from the ground but we pay more for the ones that are in style

  7. I appreciate how Tactical Rifleman is never a sales pitch, just a well thought out video packed with good information. Thank you.

  8. Love the music, sounds like a call of duty lobby lol. Good choice tho, gives off a tactical preparation vibe.

  9. I’m not going to cite my combat experience because that was 40 years ago and we had none of these cool toys. My nephew however did 2 tours in Afghanistan and 3 tours in Iraq. Looking back at photos, he had BUIS on the first tour, they disappeared in his second and stayed gone. Hearing this debate repeatedly, I asked, what about backups? In his 5 tours, he knew nobody that NEEDED them. Even the MK12 he carried in Afghanistan, no BUIS, BUT DID have an RMR on a 45 degree mount for close in.

  10. The Telescopic stock was to have a larger ranger of people in all different arm lengths an pull be able to use the gun effectively

  11. when we were getting to deploy, the Army gave me so much crap for my rifle… I talked with my brother who was infantry and he just laughed. Told me I'd never use any of that crap and to throw it away. The ONLY thing I put on my rifle but soon took off was my Surefire which I used as a handheld instead of the rifle mounted… because of the mission requirements.

  12. 4:30 my sweet wife got me a pos chinese knockoff as a gift and special sale price of $60 lol she didnt know and of course i need to use it, and so far holding up no problems. cant complain, YET!! great video guy

  13. 9:10 totally agree, guys too often wanting that coolguy sexy newest gen addons with all the trimmings and fixings, fully loaded plate all for what, dead weight just to be "that guy" with the sweetest setup firing system.
    ""Master what you have. When you can outperform your gear; then you upgrade.""
    I totally agree here too. I have a bottom line ruger ar556 runnin n gunnin with the rest of them and their $2-3k pretty 'cool guy' rifles. all i need is for it to go bang when i intend it to.

  14. I have an Oracle. Dpms makes good stuff but the stock is retarded and the gas block is crooked, has worked for about 3000 rounds so far though

  15. The only way I know my rifle is reliable,I complete it myself. I know the parts and function of it. Thank You for your Service and Great Information.

  16. I am absolutely disgusted that in the current atmosphere and liberal views you used the term assault rifle. Shame on you.

  17. Trust me your words didn't hurt my feelings, I don't have any. Your ignorance is astounding as
    this is not a case of comparing apples to apples. Assault is a verb, rifle is a noun. So unless you are actively assaulting something, then it is nothing more that just a rifle. Just like a bat or knife our any other weapon of choice to commit an assault. So you might could say you are comparing an apple with platypus. So maybe have a little respect for the weapons of choice you show such interest in and quit being part of the problem, lest you be assaulted by a weaponised unconstitutional gun law that becomes enacted by misusing words, by and upon, the ignorant.

  18. I was actually thinking what optics should I use. In my platoon guys are saying constantly: "why you want 3x scope? We will never engage enemy from 300 m! And even if, EOTech 1x will do its work!" I dont get it, cause my platoon is not in CQB or black tactic unit, so we WILL engage targets on 400-500 m.

  19. 3 rules to live by in the army
    1. Always look cool
    2. Never get lost
    3. If you get lost, refer back to rule 1
    Best advice I had every gotten from my infantry bat csm

    The other biggest one was you can never pack to many socks.

  20. Accurate barrel, no bs pencil barrel!
    Size ya stock, arrjustable stock! 👌🏼 shorthen for storage but great for us lady's! 💁🏽‍♀️
    Iron sights! Send $$ micro adjustable.

  21. A bayonet isn’t useful? What type of pampered green beret … this dude must have done paperwork his whole career saying bayonets are just extra weight. Too much time in command triad not enough in the field. Tell the marines from falluja bayonets arent useful or any of the Nam, Korea , or ww2 vets. Don’t put it on unless your going into cqb (they decrease accuracy while fixed to the barrel at longer ranges-effects at close range in cqb are negligible) but …recommend if your going into a house with no idea what’s in there. Fix bayonets.

  22. Hey Karl! I have a reality question for you. If shit hit the fan and every day was a survival situation, what weapon (AK, AR, ect.) would you want by your side? I respect your opinions.

  23. what he says is true , the important thing is that the gun goes bang when you pull the trigger , without fail , therefore the best choice is an AK

  24. how about the hybrid sights? I think they are better option than adjustable scope to 1x or extra magnifier as it would be quicker

  25. Well goddamn you can go out and buy me a 16" 5.56 mil spec or heavy barrel , but for now got to stick with my pencil, which I can put center mass at 300' down range with no problems just not as rapid.

  26. You are very right about the how to choose a “reliable AR15 “ rifle . One that shoots anytime and many hundreds of rounds without jamming . The AR design is extremely sensitive and not all AR guns are the same

  27. assault rifle is a made up term for the AR-15 armalite rifle 15th model i can assault you with a hammer is that called an assault hammer no (maybe)

  28. Great video! Can we in the gun community stop using the term "Assault Rifle" since the anti-gunners try to classify AR-15's and such as "Assault Rifles" to get them outlawed. I think when we use that term it adds credence to their attempts to create it as a legal classification.

  29. Never knew about that crook of the arm trick. Had been running my gun with the stock all the way in up until now (new to ARs, grew up on AKs). Cool tip, thanks.

  30. Johnny Reasonable inherits a Mini 14 from his grandfather as a very young man. He spends his meager earnings on ammunition, goes to the range and learns from the old timers, shoots whenever he can, calls his shots. challenges himself, learns from his mistakes, has his friends spot for him to help him shoot better. He carries a no frills rifle that most would deem vastly inferior to other choices, with no extras or add ons and simple iron sights; yet he knows himself and knows his rifle.

    Joey Bling spends big money on a fancy customized AR15 rig with all the bells and whistles. He spends his time hunting down various add ons, custom parts, things to add to his rails. He buys the very best of optics and mounts. Too bad he never hardly takes it to the range, and then only to show off his expensive rig to other people. He is too proud to call shots, doesn't shoot much anyway because he doens't have any money for ammunition after his accessories, shoots half assed and calls it good enough. He carries an high end rifle with every possible thing to fit the rails to maximize its potential; he does not know himself, does not hone himself, does not know his rifle.

    One man is dangerous and capable, the other far less so. The answer is a willing attitude to improve and overcome, not buying crutches and making excuses, blaming everything on equipment. I like the real, simple approach of these videos.

  31. One of the things I install in all of my AR builds is a bolt carrier group with sand cuts and NP3 plating. It allows my rifles and pistols to run with little to no lubrication. Because of the nickel Teflon matrix, these BCGs run in the desert and in sub zero environments. Without CLP to attract sand or freezing, my guns are hyper-reliable.

  32. Stop calling AR's (assault rifles) your allowing the left to dictate your language. In order too control how someone thinks, you must first influence there language.

  33. "Cheap Chinese knockoff EoTechs might function on your airsoft gun"

    Wrong. They break even if you use them on airsoft guns haha. Even if they don`t break they are constantly losing zero.

    Jokes aside, nice video, sir.

  34. I just need mine to perform I have a del-ton it's pretty stock gonna put a free float on it and a foregrip and flashlight and thats probley gonna be it

  35. I actually have my light on the bottom with the button just before my forward grip. This allows the Keymod bypod arms to attach on both sides and fold forward or backwards. I just bump the switch with my knuckle to turn on quick on and off, or click it on. I have a ACOG so eye relief is short so I do move the but stock in closer to get a good cheek weld and see the whole picture.

  36. Late comer here, but man I love this channel. No flashy BS & looking cool ( even though they do) , just straight to the point of how to get it done. Thank you for defending our great nation & risking your life to keep us free. Thank you as well for sharing your knowledge. God bless you from Kentucky.

  37. Assault rifle shooting tips ?? I didn’t know that the AR15 was an assault rifle. I thought an assault rifle was a select fire weapon. Keep on giving the anti gunners exactly what they want. Sorry but I cannot watch this video.

  38. For the average joe like myself, a rifle that’s made by a reputable American company that’s been around for at least 50 years will do the job! In the 3 to 5 hundred dollar range.

  39. A great video for any beginner to watch. I can admit that I made some of the same mistakes buying the gadgets when I first started because I thought it was cool.

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