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Alright gents, Karl here with tactical riflemen again we’ve been getting a bunch of comments asking About my duty belt on the war belt that I wear so they asked for another video explaining Why I keep the gear I do on my war belt So I’m gonna break it down for you real quick nice and easy That main reason for wearing a war belt [in] general Or what we used to call a duty belt is So I can take some of the kit off of my body armor and that takes a lot of that weight off of my shoulders It’s your body armors heavy Heavy enough with those plates front back side plate soft armor adding water on the back all the other gear the more weight you can take off of that and distribute to Your pelvic girdle that allows you to take that weight off [of] your shoulder, so anyway That’s why I try to run a lot of kit down here on my belt Well start at the..well we’ll start with the belt itself what this is is a belt [this] particular one is made by ats. I’ve got another one of them right here and it’s set up so you can run basically any Duty belt on the inside. It’s got [moly] attachments on the outside you can run. Whatever you want there are belts that have Kevlar inserts in them, basically works as soft armor but I Particularly like this brand friends of the family there, and I can’t say enough about their gear high quality [alright] So that’s your basic belt that runs underneath Alright, so first and [foremost] for me is my sidearm you notice. I run an Als holster This was clear alright, so I always run a gun light alright. I also run Goodd Tritium sights With a good bright orange dot on the front This particular Holster. It’s made by Als I swear by Als holsters friends don’t Let Friends Run Surper Holsters Please don’t ever come to a course with a surper holster the life you save may be your own Right this particular holster is long enough so that I can depend on which glock I’m running whether it’s a glock [17] lock [nineteen] or even up to a glock 34 35 It still stays in the holster very very well. With that I need to have Ammo for it [I] carry two magazines ammo for my glock you notice I keep a Velcro retention device over this one this magazine. I leave uncovered that’s for my speed reload, right? Why don’t I keep both of them open I appreciate you asking. I keep the other one covered So if I trip and bust my ass coming off the ramp of the helicopter or getting out of the humvee I don’t lose all my magazines, but this first magazine is set up for that speed reload all right after that medical gear right up front I have a Tourniquet right here where I can reach it [with] either hand very very important. I also keep what a identical tourniquet on the front of my body armor two tourniquets, why because Basically because you can never have enough tourniquets if you need one there’s a strong possibility you might have you might need [two] So that stays right up front now as far as a regular medical gear or personal blowout kit I keep mine on the back of my gear here This particular one it Velcro’s off So I then can put it bring it back in front of me and I can open it up and get into the medical gear and Lay it out in front of me use my combat gauze use everything else without having to keep reaching around my back into a pouch to get the stuff out [I] can reach out with either hand bring it out in front of me also carry extra medical gear in different pockets on my uniform but That basically covers medical gear from there you notice I carry one extra mag from my rifle. That again That’s on that same side where I do my speed reloads bring it up pop it into the into the rifle I also carry a dump pouch. It’s usually closed Velcro flap over it doesn’t take up very much space at all, but once you open it up That’s big enough to dump a lot of half-full magazines in back to the front I Got a flashbang grenade that I keep right here. I also keep a small knife. This is [a] small fixed blade knife Made by tops tops is a good brand knife. [I] really don’t care what brand knife you carry Just long as you keep it sharp. You can’t shave with a knife. It’s not worth carrying and Then I always run a multi-tool. [I] prefer the leatherman serge If you’re going to be running nothing, but a ar platform [a] leatherman [muts] another good choice It’s got your case over bolt extraction tool It’s got some good punches on it things like that Basically anything made by leatherman. I swear by their company. I’m one extra additional pouch where you can toss in handcuffs I’ve got another bang in here right now because we were using it earlier for [another] scenario we were running other than that guys that’s that’s the basic setup of the war belt Needs to be nice and comfortable This is [what] you’re going to run on the range 90% of the time not always going to want to wear that heavy body armor, but that said your muscle memory [for] doing those reloads Even with the rifle. It needs to be the same location where those magazines are going to be on your primary body armor alright So set up your war belt not to be used so much alone But set it up so that it Augments and Complements your body armor that you’re going to be carrying you have any other questions or comments about my war belt or anything else my gear, leave them below.

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