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How to seperate your weapons – screwable props | weapons

In this tutorial we show you how to make screwable probs for an easier transport. At first a few tools: some big screwdriver, a cordless drill and a wood drill. The most important: screwed insert with matching threaded rod. Furthermore you need a puk saw, a jack saw and a wooden staff. Sanding paper and a rasp and clamps for the fixing. You can buy the screwed inserts in different sizes.
M6 and M8 are the inner diameter in mm. We decided to use the M6 screws. Screwed inserts have a male thread, so they can be screwed into wood. They also have an internal thread, so you can connect for example with a threaded rod. First make a mark where you want to disaggregate your weapon. After fixing the wooden staff with the clamps you can use the jack saw. Here you can see that it is nearly impossible to get a straight cut with a normal handsaw. We will fix this in the next step with the rasp. It is important that the wood drill is a bit smaller than the screwed insert, so the external thread can be embed into wood. Next you make two marks from both directions of the center to constitute the intersection point. Before you start drilling overzealous, it is advisable to carefully drill the middle of the wooden staff to check if the drilling is exact in the center. The hole should be at most as deep as the screwed insert. The thread piece should match about the length of two screwed inserts. The screwed insert have to be screwed in very precise, because their position affects the quality of the connection. You don´t want to have a crooked weapon. Finally all parts are screwed together. You can correct the mismatch with the rasp and some sandpaper.

29 thoughts on “How to seperate your weapons – screwable props | weapons

  1. Echt ein super Tutorial und auch sehr verständlich gemacht. So dass auch ich, eine Anfänger, es versteht. 
    DIe Mietzen <3 so kawaii! 😀 Meine hätten es schon längst von Tisch geschmissen und es durch Zimmer gejagt. XD

  2. A suggestion for quicker cleaner cuts is a Band saw if you have access to one. if not a porta-bandsaw would also work.

  3. When the two parts are screwed together is it possible that any sudden or big moves will make the scews get loose or you have to unscrew it by yourself by hand? Because I kinda like making fighting scenes on stage and I want to know if it's safe. Thank you 😀

  4. 1:44 сломал, на 1:45 уже другая палка) Перед распилом резьбы – шпильки, болты, укорочение винтов – одевайте гайку, восстановит при выкручивании резьбу на месте распила.

  5. Great tutorial. My sword can now fit into luggage with me.
    One issue, though, is that you're putting the inserts in backwards.
    The notch isn't a flathead screwdriver hole… it's meant to cut threads into the wood.

  6. Vielen Dank! Baue gerade meine erste Waffe überhaupt und hab ewig nach eine Lösung für sowas gesucht gesucht 🙌🏻

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