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How To See Muzzle Rise on Compact Firearms

Yeah, I’m eating with my hat on at the table,
big deal! There’s a certain amount of recoil with every firearm, so today we’re gonna test
about 7 or 8 firearms and try to, unscientifically, measure the recoil of each one of those. Stick
around! [music] Hey guys, it’s Kelly here from Armed
and Feminine and we’re gonna do a more unscientific testing today on trying to just visualize
with this video the amount of muzzle rise that each of these firearms has that we;’re
looking at because, of course, we know that muzzle rise can become a problem for us if
we can’t control it well enough so that we can get our next shot right back on target
where we need to be. So this handy-dandy little chart with zero will hopefully be level with
my shooting position. so, we’re gonna get started by starting with the Walther PK .380.

14 thoughts on “How To See Muzzle Rise on Compact Firearms

  1. I need to find an outdoor range close to me. Im going through withdrawal. Indoor ranges just aren't much fun.

  2. Very well done! We have enjoyed shooting a couple of the pistols that you featured here………. very interesting!

  3. I like your approach. It is what most of us would do if we had an outdoor range, access to various handguns, ammunition and the good health to physically perform the tests.

    It saves us money and we get test results that we could never have because of our inability to do the things you do for us. Thank you!

  4. Great video, with lots of good information, as always. I'm behind on watching your videos. It couldn't be helped; I've been very sick lately, so I have't been doing too much YT watching. Love your videos!

  5. Interestingly enough, I was recently thinking of demonstrating the same thing – the same way. I wanted to fabricate some sort of fancy-schmancy grid so I gave up. I saw a YT video that used this method a long time ago and the guy did it well. I might still try it – so if I do, I promise I'm not trying to steal your idea! Of course, my challenge is that I'm so manly and strong that no gun I shoot has any perceivable recoil. 🙂 Great job, as always!

  6. Good video.  Thanks for taking the time and effort to illustrate this.  Wish I would have found this video last month to show my daughter.  I owed her a belated gift of a carry gun.  Of the passle the LGS splayed out for her to check out, she chose the LC9s. The small grip and nice trigger appealed to her, but I noticed the relatively high bore on it.  It does rise a good bit.  I was trying to steer her to the G42 or 43, but the "lead a horse to water" thing.  🙂

  7. Right now I am having trouble getting the muzzle from not going all over the place, I am a relatively new there anyway I can get my hand steady so I am not pointing this at anyone or animals?

  8. I'm wondering about a recoil comparison between the following: LC380 with standard ammo vs LC9(s) with Critical Defense "Lite" ammo.

    I also wonder which makes the most economic sense. I was thinking, break-in/test an LC9s with standard ammo, then a box of CD Lite, then carry it with CD Lite. Or just pay more for ammo and stick with straight .380. Not sure the LC9(s) with standard ammo would be that comfortable to take to a range often.

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